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Amazon Kindle eReader - Base Model

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The cheapest gateway to Amazon Kindle is with the base Amazon Kindle eReader. This bare bones eReader is the easiest path to downloading and buying Kindle books. It lacks features from the Paperwhite and Voyage eReaders. Despite what the base Kindle eReader gives up, it remains a more than capable device to get into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem. I decided to offer a review of this device after using this for a short period of time. These are my thoughts on the base Amazon Kindle eReader, based on the seventh generation model.

NOTE: Because there is no real fancy name for it, I will refer to it as the "base Kindle eReader." The device I am mentioning is an eReader, not any of the Kindle Fire tablets. Keep note of this as I discuss as much as possible about this Kindle eReader.

Amazon Kindle: Base Model eReader

Kindle entry level eReader
^ from: - This is the base model Kindle eReader.

As the base model of the eReader range of Kindle tablets, it is the basic entry way into the Amazon ecosystem among the three e-ink e-Readers. The base model Kindle eReader is normally priced at about $79.99 US Dollars. The other two models are the much more popular Paperwhite at about $119.99 US Dollars and the top-level Voyage at about $199.99 US Dollars. The base Kindle eReader In addition, this model can be had with special offers. These "special offers" are simply advertisements that appear on the screen as you are on the main page or from the lock screen. To get rid of them, you will have to pay about $20 US Dollars to remove the ads. So this device can come to almost $100 USD; and for that much, you almost can get the Kindle Paperwhite instead.

This Amazon Kindle eReader I will review is the seventh generation of the device. It features a six-inch touch screen and WiFi connectivity. The amount of memory you get is 4 gigabytes of memory, but you mostly get 3 gigabytes of memory. You can not knock this device for its memory. Unless eBooks you load onto it are intensive with graphics and other media, this is really more than enough for the most basic of eBooks. The memory can not be expanded, unfortunately. Battery life is told to last for about four weeks for this device.

This is the very first eReader of any kind I have owned. The main reason why I bought the entry-level Kindle eReader is just for basic functionality and testing of eBook layouts. There are only a few differences between the layout of eBooks in Amazon's proprietary MOBI and AZW3 formats and the universally accepted EPUB format. Besides the MOBI format, the Kindle devices can easily pick up PDF format eBooks just as much as any eBook reader or any applications that can read eBooks. Kindle devices do NOT read the EPUB format. So if you want to read or load this device with eBooks, make sure they are in the MOBI format. The preferred program to convert from one eBook format to another is the popular Calibre program. You can download Calibre by going to

Using the Kindle eReader.

When you use this Kindle eReader for the first time, you will first be given options to set the default language. You later will be asked to configure the WiFi options so you can access the Amazon Kindle store. A host of other offers and options are available to you before you eventually get to use the Kindle proper. As you go along, you will get a number of quick tutorials before you finally can use your device. Once all is settled, you are ready to read on your Kindle eReader.

I was surprised early that this was a touch screen device. I thought the device had physical buttons to turn pages, but that was an older version of the base Kindle eReader. You can either press either side of the screen to turn pages. Press on the right side of the screen to turn forward a page, and press the left side to go back a page. Or if you prefer, you can swipe pages in either direction to turn pages. Press and hold a certain word in text to quickly get a definition of that word. Other options include the ability to get a Wikipedia definition of that term (if available) or get a translation of that word to another language. You can even highlight multiple words in a sentence or multiple sentences for more options.

Some of the various eBooks I used and utilized came out pretty well. Considering this is an e-ink device (as opposed to a full-color device), you do not get full-color displays. You are perhaps better off getting a full-color device to read eBooks if you do not fancy this eReader. While the preferred format is EPUB, Amazon does not utilize the EPUB format. Any non-MOBI eBooks will need to be converted to the MOBI format. Be sure to download and use Calibre to convert from any format to MOBI to be able to use that eBook on your Kindle eReader or any other Kindle. Once you save an eBook in MOBI format, you can then go ahead and upload the converted MOBI eBook to your Kindle eReader either from your computer or through e-Mail. It will only recognize MOBI or AZW3 material. Worst of all, the biggest drawback to the base Kindle eReader is the fact it has no backlighting. So if you intend on reading in low light situations with this device, get a book lamp.

Now on for a review of the base Kindle eReader.

Amazon Kindle: Base Model eReader - Review

At its most basic, the base model Kindle eReader does what it is supposed to do with little or no distraction from any other material. You are better off getting a proper tablet PC if you want to play games or do other things while reading eBooks. This eReader otherwise is more than enough to satisfy your viewing needs. For the eBook author considering uploading to Amazon, this is the cheapest way to test your eBooks before releasing it online. The workflow may be strange and lengthy, but you can still get your eBook testing done with a quality device like this one.

There are two major drawbacks to this Kindle eReader. First off, this device will NOT read EPUB eBooks. You will need to convert eBooks to MOBI format to read them on your Kindle. If you are going to read with this Kindle eReader, make sure you have good lighting because there is no backlight to this device. The fact there is no expandable memory can be a negative especially if you are an eBook author looking to test eBook layouts. You will need to connect this eReader to your PC/Mac for those purposes. The fact this device is WiFi only can be another negative. Also, this device only comes with the Kindle eReader and a USB to micro USB cable. Accessories like a power adapter or covers will cost you extra. However, if you already have a USB to micro USB charging cable, you can still charge the device just fine without needing a dedicated power adapter.

Even if you are willing to live with these negatives and want something to simply get into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem, this is the cheapest and most rewarding way to do so. You honestly do not need all kinds of features and all kinds of perks to enjoy this device. This Kindle eReader does not need to do everything at once in a pretty manner. It was simply made to read eBooks and connect you to Amazon's amazing library of Kindle eBooks. For those purposes, this is a cheaply-priced gateway into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem. You can do better with the Paperwhite, the Voyage, or the Kindle Fire series. You could probably also do better by getting the Kindle app for mobile devices and the Kindle program for PC/Mac. But if you want a basic eReader that connects you to Amazon Kindle, you can not go wrong at all even with this entry-level device.

Speaking of eBooks... (Bonus Section!)

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Amazon Kindle eReader Online

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