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Disruptor for the PlayStation 1 is a first-person shooter. While many people at the time of Disruptor's 1996 release were awaiting "Duke Nukem 3D," "Disruptor" was to be something to hopefully tide over fans awaiting DN3D for the PS1. Did Universal Interactive Studios and Insomniac Games succeed? Find out right now, as I am here to offer my review of "Disruptor" in this blog post on "John's Blog Space!"


Disruptor PS1
^ from: - Armed with various guns and Psionics, "Disruptor" will test your instincts and reflexes as you try to save the universe.

Released in 1996 by Universal Interactive Studios and Insomniac Games, Disruptor is a first-person shooter sort of in the vein of Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM. This game, however, has a look and feel much different from either game. It is only a "clone" of either game only in the sense it is a first-person shooter. Where Disruptor differs as a first-person shooter of its time from some of its competitors is that all of the walls are not 90° walls. You have sloped floors, ceilings, and structures unlike in Wolfenstein 3D or DOOM. Disruptor was mostly seen as a game to challenge the likes of the upcoming Duke Nukem 3D for the PlayStation 1. It was only released for the PlayStation 1.

The story of Disruptor involves you going around United Earth in the 22nd Century. Terrorists have dared threaten the livelihood of United Earth and various other locations. You are armed with guns and Psionics to try to avert the various threats everywhere. You are one of the Lightstormers trying to bring peace to the universe. Will you prevail in protecting space?

I first learned of Disruptor when I had a demo disc for the PlayStation 1 that included this game in the disc. One time long ago, I bought Disruptor from a secondhand game store. I started playing it again primarily to review it for this blog.

Weapons and Items.

Disruptor features a handful of guns ranging from your standard pistol to various rifles and other items. There are even one-time use items that deal loads of damage, such as the Plasma Lance. A lot of the weapons are pretty straightforward in their usage. Find ammo packs to go with various guns. In addition to various regular guns, what gives Disruptor a unique feel is the use of Psionics. Think of Psionics as magic attacks and secondary attacks. Psionic attacks are handy to use for when you don't want to continually expend ammunition from your guns. You will earn more Psionics as you progress further in the game. Take advantage of these more powerful Psionic attacks to give yourself the edge in battle. Some levels even have you using or starting with Psionics.

In later levels, you start with some extra health in later levels the further you progress in the game. Your maximum health will be increased so you can take a little more of a beating than you normally would. Be sure to take advantage of this extra health to try to clear some of the later levels.


Each of the 14 (or so) levels in Disruptor have you go from the Starting point to the Finish teleporter. Starting with the third level, reaching far enough will allow you to reach checkpoints. Getting to these checkpoints will allow you to restart from a certain point if you are killed during the course of the mission. But be careful- if you die three or more times, you will have to restart the entire mission from the beginning. So make sure to stay alive for as long as you can. You can also review the video prior to each level in these situations.

If you are killed during a mission, you can restart the mission or restart from a checkpoint to get a hint during the loading screen to help you try to clear the level. Use these hints to try to get through each level better.

You can review the objectives to each level or look around the level by accessing the map feature (press Select). This can be very helpful in trying to keep track of where you are. It is certainly helpful in the later, larger levels.


Not many of the enemies are anything spectacular. You will be facing a variety of enemies ranging from mechanical foes to organic enemies. Learn their different attack patterns and adjust to take them down. You may need to use a combination of gun play and Psionic weaponry to clear each mission.


• You can save your progress upon the completion of each mission. However, you can use certain passwords to get ahead in the game. Keep track of these passwords if you don't have a PS1 Memory Card or if you are not using the PS1 system on the PS3.

• Some weapons may have certain traits or features. It is recommended you use Phase guns (like the Phase Rifle) against organic enemies. If you find High Frequency Cells, this is a temporary amount of ammo for Phase weapons which increase the rate of fire. Hold down the shoot button with the AM Blaster to charge it up, then release to fire a charged shot. You will, however, use up two units of AM ammo, so don't do this often especially if you are low on AM ammunition. You can carry only one of the one-time use items. So for example, you can't have two Plasma Lances. If you have a one-time use item and you see another of it, use the one you have and then pick up the other one.

• Look for Health Boosts to recover your energy. In some levels, there are Full Health boosts that refill your entire health. These are taller canisters that will refill all of your health.

• Use the Drain Psionic to build up your Psionic energy by firing the spheres at enemies, then collect the drained energy to gain some extra Psionic energy. Later in the game, there is a more powerful Psionic that can be used both as a powerful attack and as a way to acquire vast amounts of Psionic energy. However, (that Psionic) requires much more energy than Drain.

• Look for secret areas with different paths. Some of these secrets will let you access more powerful weapons early. You also help your ability to kill all the enemies in each level as well as being able to discover every bit of a level.

Now for my review of Disruptor.

Disruptor - Final Thoughts

Disruptor is a very good game for what it is. It won't frustrate you too much, but the game is devoid of any serious character. What character it does have severely pales in comparison to many other games. The acting is laughable in the full motion videos- and not in a good way. Some of the in-game action can be pretty intense. While the game is violent, it isn't intensely violent. Disruptor is none too exciting or memorable. But at the same time, it is a fairly good game that will still be worth your time until you eventually feel semi-bored with the game as a whole. Disruptor isn't the best PlayStation 1 first-person shooter, but it isn't the absolute worst. It is just a middle-of-the-pack first-person shooter for your PlayStation 1.

Video Preview.

This video is a preview of this game I just reviewed. Maybe it will help you a bit more as to whether or not you want to get this game:

^ "Disruptor (PSX) - Map 01 (The Gauntlet)"

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