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Your Greatest Talent

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(UPDATED: June 13, 2019)

What is your true talent? Sometimes, as much as we try to be great at everything, there are just certain things we do better than others. Your greatest talent may be something you aren't great at or totally enjoy. Or maybe your greatest talent is something you are good at, but certain aspects of that talent are not your strongest points. So what do you consider your greatest talent?

As a blogger, I have gotten used to typing stuff up. I often pre-type material before posting on online forums. Part of typing up stuff ahead of time has helped me to develop a sense of having a somewhat good feel of typing. This eventually developed my blogging skills. When I went from blogging on Myspace from time-to-time to eventually blogging on Blogger/Blogspot, I not only kept trying to develop blog posts, I also had to learn HTML to help enhance my posts. So over time, the importance of building blog posts and doing everything possible to make them presentable became a talent of mine in trying to excel in my craft.


JUN 13 2019 - a link to an article added; changes made to the look of post

Honest Truths About My Talent.

Now get ready for some honest truths. Even though I post blog entries, I do NOT consider myself a great writer or a great reader. I almost never was.

One writing assignment I did in college was only so great because my brother tutored me on it. I don't even consider myself a writer. Most of what I type up is all done in my head and haphazardly makes it into TXT files on my PC. All that remains is editing my mixed bag of thoughts into blog posts. I keep going with blog posts because I love finding new material to try to discuss in my blogs. I always say that all of my online works are focused on "anything and everything." I mean that. And in trying to help my cause, I always try to look for material to discuss and discuss them in ways I can be proud of. I tend to try to find fun and purpose in all I create blog posts on. If there are words I misspell before I make a blog post, I often times use a browser's Spell Check feature to proofread certain words. I also make sure to check for correctly-spelled words that may not be properly spelled or used properly. If I find a mistake, I not only correct that misspelled word, but I also edit my TXT file to reflect that change, then copy-and-paste everything again. I can always improve, especially when it comes to more formal writing. Really, the reason why I love being independent in my work is because I know I can blame myself for my performance instead of potentially disappointing some client or some other person. Even if I considered being a guest blogger for some other blog, I want to feel like I'm responsible for myself doing well instead of trying to meet the demands and standards of someone else.

What about reading? I am admittedly not a good reader. I don't have good reading comprehension all the time. I probably should read more books and newspapers than websites. I don't have the passion to read certain books as much as I would watching certain sports events or playing certain video/computer games. Had this been YouTube or Reddit or something, someone would probably attribute my lack of reading skill on my ethnicity. Most of my reading isn't entirely bad. I do try to read certain magazines. I usually could look up [U]Road and Track Magazine[/U] to look at cars. I often also flip through the pages of [U]Teen Vogue[/U] and [U]Seventeen[/U] to keep tabs on some of the latest fashion trends, especially among the Junior and Young Adult set. Even still, I don't usually have the unconditional (I guess you can call it) love of reading to make myself better as a reader and as a writer.

Did you notice certain words I used in the previous paragraphs? I used words like "haphazardly" and "desecrate." How can I be not good at reading and writing but use words like those in my text? In a weird sense, I actually learned to enhance my vocabulary watching pro wrestling. Yep- certain words I got to learn was mostly due to listening to WWE announcers. Learning such words has helped me to expand my vocabulary in ways. There are still certain words I try to learn. I have the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app on my Android devices. Certain words I try to remember are favorited with a few more I am trying to learn or remember the meaning to. But usually, I use dictionary resources online as I am typing blog posts up.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: Someone reached out to me about dictionary mobile apps. If you want to know about some of these dictionary apps reviewed by this individual, please take a look at this: 10 Free Dictionary Apps for Android (2019) -- Widen Your Vocabulary.

Talent Skills Perfected.

If there is one thing I admit in writing or reading, I admit being poetic- something else I don't consider myself being great at. I playfully try to rhyme at times, sometimes unintentionally. I usually like using alliteration when I can also. Here are some literary examples of mine. When complimenting some fashion bloggers and fashion posts, I mention how lovely one's smile and hairstyle are if I find their smile and their hair to be styled well. On the alliteration front, I sometimes enjoy trying to chain together words to compliment certain individuals in one sentence. It can be easy if someone's name begins with certain letters, as I can say something like "Amanda awesomeness," "Brenda beauty," or "Laura loveliness."

Being sincere while also being playfully literary is also something I've been fond of. I am careful building words to express whatever thoughts I want to express. Focusing on certain details is what I try to focus on. Some details are obvious, and some others are a bit hidden; and I am not going to notice every detail in preparing reactions or comments. Here is another fashion example. If a fashion post consists of a female wearing some sort of beautiful floral garment- like a floral maxi dress or a floral romper/playsuit, I often like to say she "beautifully blossoms" or "blossoms with beauty." It is to stay consistent with a floral theme. If there is an outfit or style influenced by sweets, or maybe the person has a "sweet" name (like Candy, Candace/Candice, Honey, Carmel, etc.) I like to compliment by trying to stay with a theme of sweets or candy.

I am honestly more old-fashioned and "boring" than fancy. However, I do like being fancy and creative at times.

I guess you can say typing has become my talent. Even with things I admit I am not great at, I still tend to enjoy what I do. I blog. I type up stuff to be posted on forums. I sometimes just type stuff up for the heck of it. I am thankful for a Spell Checker in browsers as I blog. Because after all, I could misspell any word... including misspelling "misspell." Regardless, I develop such material as a talent.

Bonus Content!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let's chat if you want to discuss this topic:

What do you consider your greatest talent? How well are you in different aspects of this talent? Is there something you wish you can improve upon this talent?

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