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Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program

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The OUYA has no real exclusive mascot or exclusive experiences. If there was one such game though, it might be "Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Project" by developer Fayju. This physics game with a farting frog is sure to try to get you to cause havoc in the city while also trying to enjoy acting a fool. So what do I think about this game? Take a look at this blog post of mine.

Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program

"Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program" is a physics-based game where you take a frog all around this city performing stunts and collecting items. The game was released to the OUYA in June 2014. The frog you control has these ragdoll physics and get all kinds of air. You gain a good amount of points depending on how well you are able to control this frog. Use things like cannons, trampolines, and things like that to try to reach the UFO to get to the Moon.

My description of this game is fairly vague because I am trying to offer my intro and thoughts on this game without playing it. It actually has been a while playing it, so I am going fairly on what I remember from my last play of this game long ago. I do have enough experience to offer a fairly decent review of this game. So...

Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program: Final Thoughts

Amazing Frog Swindon Space Program
^ from: (YouTube) - How amazing is Amazing Frog? Find out in my review.

I am sorry- "Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program" is pathetic. As much as I try to give things a chance and try to get engaged with games, I just can't do it with this game. People who already hate the OUYA or have hated the OUYA consider this only another mark as to the the OUYA being such a disappointment. Even having a farting frog trying to be the first frog to go into space just is an overall poor experience. Don't go thinking a game is cool just because of some of the concepts featured in this game. It lacks any fun factor or appeal. People even complained about how poor the graphics look. The game just doesn't have anything reassuring or will make you come back for more. If you are an OUYA hater, then the only reason to care about this game is to remember it being perhaps the only real OUYA exclusive that has defined the system and its appeal. I didn't like this game. Maybe you will, though.

Video Preview.

This video is a look at this Amazing Frog:

Want to Play?

Want to try out Amazing Frog? Get this now for the OUYA if you don't have it already: "Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program for OUYA.

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