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Pixel Arrow

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Pixel Arrow from @HomeWorldArts continues the pixelated medieval fantasy adventure from Pixel Sword and Pixel Staff. As the name of the game implies, you assume the role of an archer in a dangerous realm. Things will be much different this time around. You may not have the platforming goodness featured in Pixel Sword, and you won't have the kind of run-and-gun in "Pixel Staff." What you WILL have is a different kind of experience that involves archery. Can you get through this realm of evil and defeat the major boss? I'll offer my thoughts on this game based on my experience playing it.

This game is only available for Android devices as of this post. So I will base my review of this game based on my Android experience.

Pixel Arrow

This is my look at Pixel Arrow from HomeWorld Arts.

Pixel Arrow HomeWorld Arts
^ from: (Google Play) - "Pixel Arrow" is the third chapter of the Pixel series of medieval fantasy games.

Pixel Arrow challenges you to enter a realm armed with your bow and arrows. You will enter what seems to be an underground mine laden with monsters ranging from spiders to various other beasts. It continues the simple platformer model set forth by the previous titles but applies it to a new style of play. Unlike the previous two games, "Pixel Arrow" comes with a map you can access at any time. So use this feature to plan your moves to try to get through this world and defeat the major boss. A lot of the different enemies from the previous two games appear again in Pixel Arrow, but a handful of newer monsters and beasts occupy the dungeon of Pixel Arrow. Among some of the newer enemies are larger spiders and bats.

If you have played Pixel Sword and/or Pixel Staff, Pixel Arrow will be MUCH different. For one, you must try to deal damage using your bow and arrow. Most archery style games mean the action could bring action to an absolute slow down. Actually, Pixel Arrow isn't overly intense in trying to add in archery mechanics. You can fire off arrows as quickly as magic from "Pixel Staff." Press the attack button to fire off an arrow as you are facing enemies. If you hold down the attack button, though, you will be able to fire arrows at an angle. Most enemies directly above you can be defeated when you fire your arrows upward. This is more like 60° or 70° angles at the maximum aim angle. This can be useful for taking down enemies above you or perched on ceilings, such as spiders.

Without spoiling the game, you can gain access to bomb arrows, which add a new element of strategy because there are blocks you can destroy to access new locations. These bomb arrows also can (obviously) deal greater damage to enemies than any standard arrows. But unlike regular arrows, you do not have an infinite supply of bomb arrows. You can find chests that will allow you to carry more bomb arrows. From my own game playing experience, having these bomb arrows are almost kind of like having those missiles you can use in the Metroid games.

I was playing "Pixel Arrow" once and noted the player was not on the screen. This was as I loaded up the game from some of the saved progress so far in my playing. I went to the menu to access the "Reset Character" feature. It came in very handy because I was contemplating starting a new game. So cheers to HomeWorld Arts for coming up with this nifty feature to prevent me from starting an entirely new game. The only negative to this is that you will have to make your way through the world again from the starting position. If you're already fully powered and have certain extra perks, this is really no big deal.

Final Thoughts.

Other than a few faults playing this game on my Android tablet, the game plays smoothly and offers strategy different from "Pixel Sword" and "Pixel Staff." The game remains as fun as the other titles. It offers a degree of strategy while not heavily relying on it or slowing the pace of the game to a crawl. The archery mechanics are very simple. If the game were more advanced in its mechanics, it probably could have instituted a system where you could freely move around while also using the touchscreen or touchpad to properly aim at targets. Or if it were implemented proper in Flash or PC/Mac, you could use your keyboard for moving and your mouse for aiming. This system in "Pixel Arrow," though, is simple enough for almost anyone to use without feeling like they are playing an overly complex game. Pixel Arrow is no doubt the toughest title yet from the Pixel series from HomeWorld Arts. This game is much larger and much more challenging than the previous Pixel Sword and Pixel Staff games. So if you want a more-than-decent challenge in platforming and action, "Pixel Arrow" has you covered.

Pixel Arrow is free, but if you want to go further than what the unpaid version allows, you will need to purchase the game. I recommend the purchase of this title. Just be sure to try it out first to see if you like it.

For More Information...

This game is (as I know) only available for Android. So go get it on Google Play at Pixel Arrow (Google Play). Learn more about HomeWorld Arts and see all the games offered by HomeWorld Arts (including "Pixel Arrow") by visiting

I am hopeful you got to enjoy this post and found my review helpful. I do what I can. Meanwhile, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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