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Car Style - The 8th Generation Honda Accord (Sedan and Coupe)

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Before the current Accord was released in North America in 2008, the 7th Generation Accord was a machine with elegant style. Some may say bland, but I tend to find beauty in bland. I especially loved the Accord Coupe, even if its tail lights were a bit reminiscent of a Mercedes-Benz (think of the 2003 Honda Accord). There was a concept for the 2008 Accord, which gave the Accord a more aggressive stance overall. But when the 2008 Honda Accord was released to the United States, I was actually disappointed. I'll tell you why in this blog entry.

--- Car Style: the 2008 Honda Accord (8th Generation) ---
The car I'll be referring to is below (my own picture):

^ the 2008 Honda Accord Sedan.

The Honda Accord adds some boldness at the front and at the back. The front headlights are boxy with crystal-like headlights. The front grill proudly protrudes the Honda badge in full chrome. There's nothing wrong with the sides of the Accord sedan as it's styled cleanly. The rear of the car has some nice tail lights with a nicely-angled rear trunk/boot lid.

What went wrong? To me, I applaud Honda trying to go with an aggressively-styled Accord, but it could have been designed much better, especially the coupe. I wouldn't have elongated the headlights on either front side of the coupe. The angled rear of the car and along the rear windshield isn't very pleasing to me. Honda could have kept the tail lights of the car, but make the rear a bit more like the 6th and 7th generation Accords. Just don't make it all angled and disproportionate.

The interior of the car isn't as ugly as its exterior. The instrument panel is a bit unorthodox, but still pretty stylish and inviting.

What would I have liked better? I would have preferred a bolder and sharper front and rear to match the toughness up front and rear. If you ever find pictures of the 8th generation Honda Accord sold in Japan and Europe, it's styled MUCH better than the North American car. Even the Accord Tourer looks worlds better than the Accord Crosstour we get here in the States.

All in all, if the car was designed better, it would really be something beautiful. But a lot of recent Hondas have looked terrible. I need only mention the latest CR-V. What the hell was Honda thinking/drinking/smoking thinking this latest CR-V is beautiful? It may be part of a strategy some car companies employ- make a car look so completely ugly that nobody will want to buy it unless they just want a machine that remains a great-performing machine. It's like the reason why some people don't want to subscribe to my YouTube channel- somehow too ugly (to some people) to even be marketable on YouTube.

But those are my views on the design of the latest Accord. You're invited to offer your own opinions.

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