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Car Style - The 2009 Dodge Challenger

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Chevy, Ford... now Dodge. All in an effort to try to make a new segment for my blog. So what is this all about? The new Dodge Challenger. That's what.

I am not seriously about muscle cars, but I have always loved the Challenger. The 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A is one of my all-time favorite renditions of this car. This new Challenger is the latest variation of the Challenger. Released in 2008, this Challenger was created in the recent revival and reimagination of the muscle car. Those who have been disappointed with the revival of the Dodge Charger (the Charger LX) compared to the beastly Charger of the late 1970s would be pleasantly pleased with the new Challenger's style.

I had the chance to see a few Challengers on the road including at the Houston Auto Show both this year and last year. What I love most is the old school cool of cars like this. It's modern retro done right. It is a modern car with old school style and power.

--- Style Report ---
This car looks fantastic. The base model is beautiful, or as I perceive beautiful. Maybe not Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione beautiful, but muscle car beautiful. Its character is bold and outgoing. This is no Sunday driver, no grocery getter, no watered-down performance car. Its styling is evidence of this. The miniscule grill matched with the headlights gives it that old school charm from the 1970s Challengers. Dodge could have given it some ultra-modern look, but decided to go with the old style of the classic car, which I like. The rear of the car is retro as well. You may even get a lip spoiler at the rear as well. The taillight design is old school cool as well.

The interior won't please anyone fond of Mercedes-Benz or Aston Martin. But then again, who cares? The instrument panel and gauges are all business. It feels pretty good on the inside behind the steering wheel.

Other Variations.
* The Challenger SE features a little lip spoiler design under the fog lights, allowing you to be your own Sam Posey. Then again, if you wanted to be your own Sam Posey, you'd want a lime green Challenger SE.

* I've seen a few Challenger R/T models before. Maybe the loveliest one I've seen had this aqua blue color (I think it's called B5 Blue). Not many differences looks-wise.

* The Challenger SRT-8 has the lights and grill moved further back, allowing the front of the car's hood to protrude over it. The stripe design at the front adds some character and personality to a car that has no character imbalance whatsoever.

So if you're looking for a great-looking car that exudes character and charm, your rocketship is built by Dodge and is called the Challenger. It's every bit as cool as the version in (especially) the early 1970s. Feel free to love this car from bumper to bumper. Remember, big cars need loving too! :)

UPDATE: 3/27/2010
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