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Car Style - The 2009 Ford F-150

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Now time to add my first truck to my little discussions. "Car" style is a general term. Of course... cars and trucks are two different animals. This is time to talk about a truck as part of my car style discussion.

Can you believe one of the best-selling CARS... is a truck? That's the case when you're talking about the Ford F-150. Come out here to Texas, and you'll see we love our trucks. You don't even have to own a ranch or farmland to own a truck. The best-looking F-150 to me is the tenth generation (1997-2004), especially with the SVT Lightning. Maybe modest in looks in this day, it's still plenty awesome for a truck.

Now fast forward to the latest Ford F-150. The latest F-150 features bold styling cues and a "don't mess with me" design. The chrome details make this truck sport some sweet style. Many people have disliked the Gilette razor blade-style grill design. This truck boasts a bold front grill along with chrome accents on the front bumper, the running boards, and the outline of tail lights. The headlights of a machine are the eyes of a car or a truck. The latest F-150's eyes are as bold as an eagle.

The interior is also business-oriented as well, delivering its boldness inside. If I had one, it would probably be in black/silver or even almond/brown. It's pretty bold and stylish inside.

If you love this F-150, then you'll probably love the Raptor. The Ford F-150 Raptor is more of a proper off-road machine than a tow-everything truck. I actually like the SVT Raptor as much as I do the latest F-150.

So I go from Chevy to Ford for this blog entry, not to mention going from car to truck. It's a pretty cool-looking truck.

UPDATE: 3/27/2010
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