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Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

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Mexico's best race track is none other than Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. This track is based in massive Mexico City, Mexico and was created in 1962. It boasts 2.774 miles and 17-turns of asphalt road. It even features a baseball stadium inside of the Peraltada (Turn 14). This track served previously as the home of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico. It's even seen rounds featured with the Rolex Sportscar Series, the former Champ Car World Series, and A1 Grand Prix. Today's Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez has seen racing from all kinds of series, including the NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Mexico.

Take a look at this course's layout:

^ (from:

The track is, for the most part, flat. It is quite bumpy with very little in the way of elevation changes. This track's layout is perfect to me with stock car racing. It is also pretty technical. In fact, this track is almost like a Mexican version of Monza as a high-speed playground. Only that this course doesn't have as many seriously technical corners like at Monza.

I'm going to go by the NASCAR course. The long front stretch is sure to give your engine a workout at high revs. There may be a temporary chicane to help slow the cars down for certain series that race there. The first three corners are a right-left-right complex. It begins with a sharp right followed by a moderately easy Turns 2 and 3. A blast down Recta Trasera leads to a smooth left at Ese del Lago (Turn 4) followed by a sharp right for Turn 5.

Next after that is the second half of the course, which is mostly a workout for your car and muscles. The track goes from a high-speed playground to a technical purgatory among Turns 6 through 13. It all begins at the right hairpin at Turn 6. Turns 7 and 8 are about the same radius in left-right fashion. Turn 9 is a left-hand corner that leads into a little link at Turn 10 followed by a hard left turn at Turn 11. That's preceded by a smooth right-hand corner at Turn 12, and after Turn 13, you move on to the flat oval portion of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. The Champ Car configuration features a three-turn complex leading to the final corner, but most other configurations just have the smooth right-hand oval corners at Peraltada en route to the finish line.

Here is a video taking multiple laps around the course and the configuration I've mentioned:

And this is a bonus video, highlights of the 1990 F1 Grand Prix of Mexico:

For more information on this track, please visit the following site:
Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Official Site (Spanish only)

This track is pretty tough. In no way easy, but not boring either. I was actually pretty surprised when [what is now known as] NASCAR Nationwide Series raced at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. A lot of the "good old boys" say that NASCAR has no business racing in Mexico. But if you're talking about pure challenge, el Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodriguez is a fun road course that really suits stock cars quite well.

Awesome course.
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