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Road Atlanta

John Marine | 1/25/2010 05:38:00 PM |
In existance since 1970, Road Atlanta is one of the finest road racing courses in the United States. The course can be found about 40 miles north of Atlanta in the city of Braselton, GA, USA. This track has hosted all kinds of racing events ranging from sportscar racing to motorcycle racing and even drifting. In fact, this was the track where Rhys Millen was going sideways in the most exciting Hyundai ever, the Hyundai Genesis. I remember watching that commercial during last year's Super Bowl.

Here is the 2.55 mile road course in question:

^ from:

Road Atlanta is one of my personal favorite racing tracks in the United States. My favorite part is the Esses, which make for great photo-taking opportunities as the cars weave left and right through the Esses. Facing the long backstretch followed by the two-turn complex afterwards is a great challenge. After Turn 11, it almost looks like you're falling off the face of the Earth going under the bridge.

Your fantastic voyage begins at the action-packed Turn 1. Turn 2 is a little kink followed into Turns 3 and 4. Next is the Esses. Can you go side-to-side properly in preparation for Turn 5? Turns 6 and 7 can both be pretty tricky. After that, prepare to blast down the backstretch at 150 to 170 mph even with two little kinks. But be ready because Turns 10a and 10b can be brutal. After 10b, go up another hill to go under the bridge. Camera angles make it look like you're flying off the face of the Earth. The final corner looks like one you can blast through or just let off the throttle a bit to take it properly. Moderate braking will do in my view.

Here is an old video sample of this wonderful racing facility. Maybe you'll love this track too:

^ video from October 20, 2006

I have SO much respect for this track. I hated that Petit Le Mans 2009 was a rainy mess to where it had to be cut short. You still got to love a great track like this. It's one of the most competitive tracks in the United States.
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