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Car Style - The Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Sedan

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The cars: The Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Sedan

Hyundai has come a long way. The challenge for Hyundai to make a car with exciting looks and exciting character. That car was called the Genesis. Prior to the Genesis, the most exciting Hyundai was the Tiburon. How do I feel about the style of this car? Well actually, I'm going to do two separate ones in this blog entry. I'll cover the sedan first, followed by the coupe.

--- Car Style: The Hyundai Genesis (Sedan) ---

Exterior (Sedan).
"What kind of car is that?" Many thought it was some Lexus. Many others thought it was a Mercedes-Benz. Some may even think it looks like a Mercedes-Benz. But what is it REALLY? It's the Hyundai Genesis. Up front, the Genesis sedan looks at least $15K USD more expensive than it really is. The headlights are styled beautifully, and the front grill design looks very fierce. Minuscule fog lights are on the front bumper with a much less aggressive opening on the front bumper. From the sides, the car is cleanly-styled. Nothing vanilla about this car design-wise. The rear profile features two mufflers and some Lexus-like tail lights. But as a whole, the car looks great from bumper to bumper.

Interior (Sedan).
Inside, the car doesn't have as lovely of character inside to match the outside of the car. To me, the center console is a bit boring for a luxury-type car. The gauges and the steering wheel are styled nicely compared to the center console. The mix of darker colors and wood trim adds a nice touch overall. Of course, if you want super-luxurious, get a BMW or a Benz. There's a nice unit used to select between various radio options, the phone, the GPS map, and things like that. The seats are pretty nice as well. To me, I think the dashboard could have been styled a bit better and a bit more luxurious.

But as a whole, the Genesis sedan is a beautiful car. It may just be the most beautiful Hyundai ever to me. It's a car with amazing style and graceful charm. If you see one on the road, it's okay to turn your head and marvel at its loveliness.

--- Car Style: The Hyundai Genesis (Coupe) ---

If you care to think of the Genesis sedan as a grandfather or as an older brother, the Genesis coupe must either be the spunky little brother. Personally, I don't really like the Genesis coupe's style as much as the sedan. I certainly don't hate it. There were even Super Bowl commercials featuring the Genesis getting sideways at Road Atlanta. The Genesis coupe definitely has earned the title of "Most Exciting Hyundai Ever." That's especialy considering the 3.8 liter/litre, 306hp, normally-aspirated V6 engine. The car was born to stymie all who come before it. Maybe this car was born to show that not all drift-ready cars come from Japan. In fact, this is one Korean car not afraid to win the respect of fans of Japanese drift cars.

Exterior (Coupe).
The Genesis Coupe features exciting and sharp styling. The headlights are kind of like a boomerang the way they are designed. The forward design of this car's front proudly has the front grill protrude up front aside from the headlights. Tall front fog lights adds to the sharp style as well as the horizontal grill parts accentuate the opening on the front bumper. The style from the sides offer excitement and aggression. It all flows nicely with exciting styling. It is like a razor blade on wheels, only this car isn't recommended to remove your 5 o'clock shadow or (for you ladies) make your legs goddess-smooth. The rear windshield is angled nicely and adds to the swoopy looks at the rear. The tail lights are sharply designed, and the twin rear mufflers look mean as this car's 306hp engine howls loudly through them.

Interior (coupe).
Unlike the luxurious character of the sedan's interior, the Genesis features sporty and stylish interior designs. The steering wheel is very sporty, and the gauges really look the part as a performance car. The center console looks very nice. I feel a bit uncomfortable with the air conditioning vents, though. The problem I've had a bit with the sedan's interior was that it didn't look as inviting for a luxurious car. The coupe's interior (which seats four) is very sporty and well-appointed.

You want a sporty Asian car that doesn't come from Japan? The Genesis coupe is your Korean fighter against the best drift-happy Japanese cars.

--- Overall... ---
So here's how I feel overall. I like the Genesis sedan more looks-wise on the outside, but the Genesis coupe looks-wise for the inside. If I had my way, I'd get a Genesis sedan for its luxurious exterior character, then want to have the sporty interior of the Genesis coupe's interior. At least the coupe has a more inviting interior for the car's character than the sedan. Either way, you're not going to be disappointed with the Hyundai Genesis.

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