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Airbrushed Fashion

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(UPDATED: March 30, 2012)

A plain garment doesn't have to remain plain. Airbrushing your own designs can be a creative way to dress up any average garment. You usually see airbrushed T-shirts and tank tops. The majority of airbrushed fashions are mostly for the hip-hop or urban set. Airbrushed graphics can include things like peoples' names, certain messages, or nicely-designed graphics. Let's take a look at airbrushed fashion.


MAR 30 2012 - updated entire post and made several edits

--- Why Airbrushed? ---

Airbrushing allows for vivid colors and great levels of expression. I remember one time back in college (at Houston Community College-Southeast; represent!), there was an airbrush artist making airbrushed T-shirts for people. What I like most is the color detail. The colors are very vivid and expressive with various color gradients used to design certain airbrushed tops. Really creative airbrush artists are able to make all kinds of vivid designs with a simple T-shirt or tank top or whatever.

It's about the color for me, especially with white tops. White T-shirts and tank tops essentially serve as an easel for airbrush artists to work their airbrushed masterpiece.

--- How Do You Airbrush Clothes? ---

If you want to learn how to airbrush your own clothes, please check out the following resources I've provided:
^ Learn all you need to know about how to airbrush on anything (including shirts). (Official) and (YouTube)
^ More of a hip-hop inspired site, learn all there is to know about making your own airbrushed garments. There are other airbrushed resources as well here.

--- Airbrushed Examples ---

Time to go around the Internet and find some airbrushed clothing. Here is one example to set the mood:

airbrushed T-shirt graphic
^ from: - A design like the item above showcases the kind of color gradients that can be accomplished with an airbrushed garment.

Barack Obama airbrushed sneakers with Barack Obama
^ from: - These used to be a pair of Nike sneakers. Now, these are Nike sneakers with airbrushed designs of President Barack Obama.

Airbrushed Clothes for Males.

Here is an example of airbrushed fashion for males...

white airbrushed T-shirt
^ from: - This is a more minimalistic and monochromatic design for guys.

[~~~ picture coming soon? ~~~]
^ from: ???

Airbrushed Clothing for Females.

Now on to some airbrushed material for the fairer sex.

girly airbrushed shirt
^ from: - Girly airbrush designs on a shirt.

[~~~ picture coming soon? ~~~]
^ from: ???

This blog post will have a Jump Break because the rest of it features Amazon items. Enjoyed your read so far and not reading the full post? Then just click on "Read More" to continue your experience reading this post.

--- Get Started Airbrushing Clothes! ---

NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

This section comes in two different flavors (tasty!). The first section involves already-made airbrushed garments, and the other involves making your own airbrushed garments using airbrushed supplies and blank clothes. Pick a side!

--- Airbrushing Clothes: Already-Made ---

If you're not good at airbrushing clothes, here are some already-airbrushed garments:

^ I am not much of a mafia person, but here's some Scarface love for you with this Men's Scarface T-shirt. Sizes range from Large to 2X Large. Note the airbrushed detail relevant to this blog entry.

^ You rule! Royally! Sizes range from Small to X-Large and made for Women's sizes.

^ Sizes range from Small to X-Large for this "Irish Princess" airbrushed T-shirt. Expect some kisses to come your way, especially if you believe in "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" ;)

^ You're a grown woman, but still a baby girl? This shirt comes in Small to X-Large for women.

^ This trucker cap features a unicorn on the left side.

^ Women who love Mickey Mouse will find something to love about this Mickey Mouse T-shirt. Sizes range from Small to X-Large.

--- Airbrushing Clothes: Do It Yourself ---

Do you prefer airbrushing items yourself? I can help you here! Check these items out:

Airbrush and Airbrush Supplies.

Now that you've seen airbrushed garments, want to get started airbrushing your clothes? I can help you get started. Please use my Search Widget here to find any airbrushing supplies you want. Have a look:

Blank Garments.

You'll need some blank T-shirts and stuff. Here are a few blank garments:

Packs of white shirts (be warned that a majority of searches are for men's shirts):

Good luck! If you read my blog entry and want to show me some airbrushed designs on clothes, feel free to share them with me. I need to get my readers more involved with my material. Maybe having people share stuff with me will help. So do you have some airbrushed clothes that either you designed or that you bought from a store? If so, share some of those with me.

Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate your support!

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