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You are a liability if people highly regard you, but only so much. You are a liability if you are loved, but viciously hated on if you do something wrong. You are a liability if you feel you can never impress or make those you love actually love you back. When you feel like you're hiking a huge mountain with no conceivable way to reach the summit, you are a liablity. The key word in liability is "ability." You have ability, but you're a liability because someone regards you less than you actually are. I know about being a liability. From the high school I eventually graduated from, I was seen as a possible liability. But when you are a liability (or feel like you are), it only motivates you to prove people wrong. I'd be lying if I told you that I graduated atop my 15-Senior class because I didn't. I was Most Improved Student, but dead last among my Seniors. It wasn't because I didn't try hard enough; it was because I felt like I had only myself to get me through my toughest battles.

Liabilities Among Friends/Peers.
Being a liability among friends means that people regard you only so far. You are believed in, but not believed in enough to execute whatever is asked of you from friends. Same goes for peers. Among peers, you're expected to fail no matter how much stock anyone puts into seeing you succeed at a task.

Liabilities Among Family.
Being a liability among your family is worse. This is where your own family doesn't believe in you enough to show any kind of support. Or at least, believe in you until you do something silly or unforgivable. By this point, you become underappreciated. It's almost as if you're expected to fail. Either that, or someone waits for the right moment to talk you down like a puppy trapped in a corner ready to be hit with a rolled up newspaper by the puppy's owner. When a family member or members treat you like a liability or are just overly frustrated with you, you feel like you've betrayed his/her/their trust and feel you need to do something to win back and reassure unconditional love. In some sad situations, you don't know how to do it. It defines a situation that has defined most of my life- more questions, fewer answers.

One way I try to make myself feel better about life is to help others feel happier about themselves. I learn from past experiences to help people feel better. I don't want anyone to be anyone's liability. When you feel like you do everything you can to show love and respect, and if all you get in return is hate, there is a problem. It can be tough to win most peoples' support. I know what being a liability to someone is like, and it is not fun. So how do you win someone's love back that you feel you've lost? It varies from person to person. If you have such low expectations and low trust in someone doing something right, then we're going to feel like liabilities. Being a liability in someone's eyes is basically like being a slave. You are seen like an insignificant nobody that is incapable of success or amounting much to anything in life.

There have been people I've tried to help feel better about life because I know full well about being a liability. Some people ask why am I too nice to most people. That's because there's too much negative in the world. You have people who say "I love you" constantly to people, but when something bad happens, it brings out the vicious and uncaring side of people. It also questions whether there is a breakdown in a loving bond. Can a bond be repaired quickly, or will it just lead to extended trouble in the future?

Life is tough to feel like a liability all or most of the time. If you feel like you are a much better person than what most people make you out to be, you are a liability. In a perfect world, everyone is respected and loved equally. Too bad we don't live in a perfect world. Too bad we aren't perfect. Someone always has to regard people to be only so great. Either that, or don't regard someone to be great all the time. It's why my YouTube channel gets only so few views and subscribers (even though I'm nearing 300 as of this post). It's why my blog only gets so many friends and subscribers. It's why only so many people join my Facebook fan club. There is just this cap on how good I can actually be as I am almost entirely devoting my time to enhancing my online material. And in times like these, I'm glad I have the support of friends and supporters. Otherwise, I would never amount to anything even on the Internet as much as I may never amount to anything away from the Internet. I may be my own liability, but I still keep going even if people only expect so much out of me. I just wait for the opportunity to shine in a way even doubters didn't think was possible in me.

Hopefully my blog entry has given you some positive influence in life. You may be viewed and treated like a liability, but it doesn't mean you have to BE one. You just need something to help you to be better than what most people make you out to be. Thank you for reading my blog entry! I wish you love and peace.
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