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eBooks and eBook Readers... Helping or Hurting the Book Industry?

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This blog entry concerns the rise of eBooks and eBook Readers. Are eBooks helping or hurting the book industry? Something tells me that traditional libraries and book stores may get phased out in this age of eBooks. I believe you know what this device is below, to set the mood:
^ from: - Would you rather read a newspaper (or a book) from a newspaper, or would you rather download a newspaper to read on an eBook reader, such as the Amazon Kindle?

Why tote around books when you can read them electronically? Why have a reading device when there's nothing like reading a book the old-fashioned way? This leads me to wonder if the next industry to fold could be the book and library industry. For a lot of people, this industry is alive and well... as long as you go to Barnes & Noble or Borders or some other place. Most of you know that I am not much of a book reader. The one thing I'm fearing is that more people will want to go away from traditional reading material and favor physical reading material more than any electronic material (or at least, material made available for eBook readers). It may be that eBooks are really popular, but there's still nothing like reading a traditional book or newspaper.

It's probably better since you can easily go back to where you left off at with an eBook reader rather than with a traditional bookmark. I don't think I'd want to pay hundreds of dollars and then download whatever it is I want to read. I'm pretty old school here. So because of this, I don't think I'd want an eBook reader just to keep up with most of today's postmodern times.

But, that's just me. Remember that I am not any kind of bookworm. A lot of you kind of come to my blog to search for books. So in response to this, I've set up a blog entry on my alternative blog where you can shop for or buy some books on Amazon. Please visit the graphic below to go to my secondary blog and the blog post relevant to this blog entry here:

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Some people search for books on Amazon. If you want to find some books or eBooks on Amazon, I can help you. Look at the widgets that I have set up. Feel free to use them. You can search for a specific book using this widget below. I'm not going to show you any specific books, so it's up to you to find any books that interest you. Type in the name of a book, an author, or anything like that to find a book on Amazon to look for. Go ahead... try it:

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