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Car Style - The Nissan 370Z

Nissan's 370Z continues where the 350Z left off. Here is a fact about me- I'm not really a Nissan person. Having said this, the new Z has plenty of boldness and muscle while also looking quite stylish. It has a certain amount of character somewhat devoid in the 350Z. The 370Z makes the 350Z look like a plain jane sports car. This is a blog entry concerning how I think about the 370Z style-wise.

--- Car Style: The Nissan 370Z ---
Meet the latest Z car:

^ from: - the Nissan 370Z in Monterey Blue.

Overall Opinions.
The Nissan 370Z is a Japanese car with American meanness. It has a serious fastback design for such a peppy and powerful sports coupe. I think this car pays better homage to the 240Z (one of my all-time favorite sports cars) than the 350Z did. Evidence of this is in its overall style on the sides. When I think of the 240Z, I think of that fastback design along with graceful style. The 240Z is much more elegant in its design, while the 370Z is a V6-powered athlete ready to rule the road at a moment's notice. How much horsepower? How does 332hp sound? The end result is a car that I think looks much more impressive than the 350Z.

I've talked a lot of the exterior style. I didn't like the 370Z too much in looks but I began to appreciate just how beastly this car is. It has an unusual headlight cluster kind of like boomerangs. The front air intake on the 370Z has this fierce design. The extra little body pieces makes it look like a ferocious beast with its mouth opened, ready to devour any prey that comes its way. The front hood/bonnet has some aggression to it, adding to the aggressive character up front.

The sides, as I have mentioned, looks a lot more like the legendary 240Z than the 350Z. The fender flares adds some muscle to its overall image. You just cannot say that the 370Z lacks character in any sense. The roof design tens to be a derivative of the Nissan GT-R. I usually don't really like when tail lights are somehow lengthened to be on the sides of the car, but it doesn't look all that bad here. I do have some concern about a 6'0" guy like myself having ample head room the way the 370Z and GT-R have with their respective roof designs.

The rear of the car is sharp, but it also has an air of elegance. The rear spoiler adds to the somewhat swoopy profile and gives it a GT car style. The same boomerang-like designs to the headlights also applies to the tail light clusters at the rear. A pair of mufflers help give the car that vicious roar as you hammer down the gears. Everything looks both elegant and aggressive (if you can ever combine the two).

Nissan spared no expense to make a comfortable and inviting interior. The steering wheel looks wonderful and is shaped nicely. The gauges in the instrument panel look lovely and clean. The oil gauges and such are part of the center console. At least to me, those extra gauges doesn't take away from the overall style inside. A lovely center console houses various element like the radio, and navigation system. The shifter is pretty nice looking whether automatic or manual. The dashboard itself boasts both style and sportiness with little compromise either way. The seats for this coupe are stylish and seem very comfortable. This beast has a beastly heart, but its interior is elegant to go along with its beastliness.

I found out that the gauge cluster adjusts with the steering column for easy viewing (source: Nissan USA's official website for the 370Z). That's a very cool and useful element of this car.

The Nissan 370Z is a great-looking sports coupe. Maybe one of the fiercest-looking modern Japanese sports cars in existance. Here is a car that perfers the open road or race track than stuck in traffic in Los Angeles. Those of you into drifting will probably have a home with a car like this. It's a no-crap kind of car in design and in performance. Maybe not blow-a-Corvette-out-of-the-water, but certainly a great-looking car. And even for someone not really into Nissan all that much, this is a lovely car. I think this car looks great in blue (Monterey Blue, red (Solid Red), or silver (Brilliant Silver).

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