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TrackMania Nations

TrackMania Nations is Nadeo's answer to the now-defunct A1 GP. It was strictly made for multiplayer as it was a game to be played for the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC). The action all takes place in an environment simply known as Stadium. The car you use is the Best of all... this game is FREE! So if you want to experience TrackMania without having to pay, this blog entry will discuss this freeware TrackMania title. Later in the blog entry, I'll tell you about TrackMania Nations Forever, an enhanced version of this classic title.

TrackMania Nations
^ from: - TrackMania Nations.

--- TrackMania Nations Review and Information ---

Think of TrackMania Nations as the World Cup of TrackMania. There are a lot of nations represented in this game (about 70). Here are some of the many nationalities represented in this game: Australia, Belgium, Poland, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Indonesia, Estonia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Sweden, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Along with the various cars representing various nations are a pack of hymns. Most of these hymns are basically remixes of national anthems from other countries. There are about 53 hymns of these national anthems ranging in alphabetical order from Australia to Venezuela. Here is a short list of national anthems featured in TrackMania Nations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands,

Everything you love about the TrackMania series is exemplified in this game. Enjoy painting your car and of course, creating your own tracks to share with others. This game has it all. The only problem I have with it is that I wish it had better support for 3D cars other than any nVidia card. I can't even do a single Benchmark test for the game without my PC crashing and rebooting. And unless you want to race in other environments, you're better off getting TrackMania United Forever, which includes the Stadium environment and the stadium car.

--- In Case You're Wondering... ---

There are 69 nations represented in TrackMania Nations. Of these 69, 51 of them have national anthem hymns. Here are all the nations represented in TrackMania Nations. If you see "--- hymn included ---" by the name of the represented country, it means that the nation in question has its National Anthem hymn included. These hymns are these small remixes of the actual National Anthem for that country. So here are all the nations represented in this game:

(NOTE: All countries are included in the order their cars come in alphabetically)

• Algeria
• Angola
• Argentina
• Australia --- hymn included ---
• Austria --- hymn included ---
• Bangladesh
• Belarus --- hymn included ---
• Belgium --- hymn included ---
• Bolivia
• Bosnia and Herzegovina --- hymn included ---
• Brazil --- hymn included ---
• Bahrain
• Bulgaria --- hymn included ---
• Cameroon
• Canada --- hymn included ---
• Democratic Republic of the Congo
• China --- hymn included ---
• Ivory Coast (or Cote d'Ivoire)
• Cameroon
• Columbia
• Croatia --- hymn included ---
• Cyprus --- hymn included ---
• Czech Republic --- hymn included ---
• Denmark --- hymn included ---
• Ecuador
• Egypt --- hymn included ---
• Estonia
• Finland --- hymn included ---
• France --- hymn included ---
• Germany --- hymn included ---
• United Kingdom --- hymn included ---
• Greece --- hymn included ---
• Guatemala
• Hungary --- hymn included ---
• Indonesia --- hymn included ---
• India --- hymn included ---
• Ireland
• Iran --- hymn included ---
• Israel --- hymn included ---
• Italy --- hymn included ---
• Japan --- hymn included ---
• Kazakhstan
• Korea Republic --- hymn included ---
• Saudi Arabia
• Kuwait
• Laos
• Latvia
• Lebanon --- hymn included ---
• Lithuania --- hymn included ---
• Luxembourg
• Morocco
• Malaysia
• Macedonia
• Malaysia --- hymn included ---
• Mexico --- hymn included ---
• Mongolia --- hymn included ---
• Morocco --- hymn included ---
• Netherlands --- hymn included ---
• Nigeria
• Norway --- hymn included ---
• New Zealand --- hymn included ---
• Oman
• Pakistan
• Panama
• Philippines
• Poland --- hymn included ---
• Portugal --- hymn included ---
• Qatar
• Romania
• South Africa --- hymn included ---
• Russia --- hymn included (not the Russian Federation anthem) ---
• Senegal
• Slovenia
• Serbia
• Switzerland
• Slovakia
• Sweden --- hymn included ---
• Switzerland
• Thailand --- hymn included ---
• Tunisia --- hymn included ---
• Turkey --- hymn included ---
• Ukraine
• Uruguay
• United States --- hymn included ---
• Uzbekistan
• Venezuela --- hymn included ---
• Vietnam

These locations are featured, but do not have any featured cars for these countries:
• CARICOM (Caribbean Community)
• Martinque
• Singapore
• United Arab Emirates

That is the complete list of countries represented. If your country isn't represented in TrackMania Nations, you can always make your own nation's TrackMania Nations car.

--- Want to Race TrackMania Nations? ---

To learn more about TrackMania Nations and to download this game, visit either of these two sites based on your language preference. But first, please see if your PC meets these system requirements (source: TM Wiki):

Minimum Requirements (TM Nations):
System: Pentium III 500 MHz or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Sound: DirectX 9b 16 bit compatible
Hard Drive Space: 900 MB
Other: -

Recommended Requirements (TM Nations):
System: Pentium IV 2 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 64 MB
Sound: DirectX 9b 16 bit compatible
Hard Drive Space: 900 MB
Other: Internet access

If your PC meets these requirements, then please visit any of the two sites below to download TrackMania Nations:

TrackMania Nations official homepage (ENGLISH)
TrackMania Nations official homepage (FRENCH)

Forget TrackMania Nations... Want to Race TrackMania Nations Forever?

If you're too good for TrackMania Nations and want to try TrackMania Nations Forever? Visit this link and click on the image to "TrackMania Nations Forever" for an enhanced TM Nations experience! TrackMania Nations Forever includes all of the items and materials from TM Nations, but also includes more tiles and more stunts for your pleasure! The system requirements for TrackMania Nations Forever are as follows (source: TM Wiki):

Minimum Requirements (TM Nations Forever):
System: Pentium IV 1.6 GHz / AthlonXP 1600+
RAM: 256 MB (512 MB with Vista)
Video Memory: 16 MB
Sound: DirectX 9c 16 bit compatible
Hard Drive Space: 750 MB
Other: -

Start your TM Nations Forever experience by clicking on the link below, if your PC meets these Minimum Requirements:

TrackMania Downloads (includes TM Nations Forever) (remember to click on the TrackMania Nations Forever graphic to download TM Nations Forever. The download for TM Nations Forever 503 MB in size.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your TrackMania experience, whether with TM Nations or TM Nations Forever! :D

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