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Love at First Sight?

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Is there a such concept as love at first sight? For some people, there is. This concept primarily says that there is instant loving connection between two people. It means you connect with someone right away with no regrets or second thoughts. It means you see someone and can instantly think about a lifetime of love and prosperity and happiness. I think there are a lot of us who would love to experience this connection with anyone we deem attractive and appealing and want to be with.

love at first sight
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Love at first sight doesn't happen all the time, though. For some people, it takes a good amount of prospective lovers to finally "get it right." Not everyone in love is going to find someone as a school or college sweetheart and still be together to this day. Some probably just have terrible luck meeting others and trying to stay in a loving relationship. In these cases, love at first sight is there... at least, in theory.

There was a saying I've once read or heard- it takes seconds to say "I love you, and a lifetime to prove it." I personally believe in trying to get to know as much as you can about someone before considering wanting to be with that person or not. Love is a process where it begins with a connection and is maintained with fidelity and support on both ends. I have NEVER been on any date with anyone, so it's not like I'm speaking from experience. What I'm doing here is speaking in an opinionated stance. I don't believe in love at first sight because I think it takes seconds or minutes to connect with someone, then a long time to show your love and stay committed to the one you love. Not everyone connects on the first try. It takes time to develop love and also to maintain it. You can quickly love someone in mere moments, but what about the long term? Do you really know who the other person is inside and out? Can you get together and stay together in perhaps a lifetime of love? Love, like parenting, is a lifelong process. You can quickly fall in love with someone, but I am talking about long-term love. Real love is not about right now... it's about right now and into the future. You are free to quote me on the previous sentence if you liked it! ;-)

I used "between two people" primarily to discuss romance between two people. Love at first sight relates both to heterosexual and homosexual or bisexual partners. You can't love someone for a lifetime if you just meet someone for a few seconds to a few minutes. Love, like a championship-winning sports team, takes time to develop to become a winning team. No one instantly connects and stays connected for a lifetime of love.

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