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Gran Turismo 5 Has Arrived!

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See? This game would be released despite the delays. GT5 wouldn't become the Duke Nukem Forever of racing games. You lived through it all. You had your own preoccupations regarding Gran Turismo 5. You've read through all the different previews and news bits regarding Gran Turismo 5. You probably even feared that with all the delays, that this game would never come. Well, IT'S HERE! You can stop playing "Gran Turismo 5: Prologue" or practicing "Gran Turismo 5" on kiosks at stores because GT5 has released proper worldwide! I am posting just to get you people excited. So get excited, Gran Turismo fans!

^ from: (and taken from my "Car Style" blog post about the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG)
No more waiting... it's here! Get it NOW if you're a GT fan and have a PlayStation 3!

Brief Thoughts on GT5's Arrival.

I can say that I'm very excited to finally have my own chance to anticipate playing Gran Turismo 5. For a guy who is still very behind with PlayStation 3 games (remember that I don't have a PS3), GT5 is SURELY a game I want to play the heck out of. Why so? Because I'm a Gran Turismo fan. I've done all these speculation videos on all kinds of aspects of GT5. I've posted blog entries speculating on Gran Turismo 5. Speculation no more- the game will be released proper to stores elsewhere around the world as of the date of this blog post.

You Got to BELIEVE!

Some people have just stopped believing like waiting on Gran Turismo 5 is inexcusable or that we can't live without GT5. With all due respect, Gran Turismo 5 is just a game. And yes, it took over five or six years to make Gran Turismo 5. I am not going to complain about the long wait unless Gran Turismo 5 is completely lame (which I sincerely doubt it will be). We all still come back and enjoy the game though, right? Something like Gran Turismo games make us forget all about delays and long development of making the game... and just play the game like it was meant to be played!

Doubtful of GT5 Being Great?

We also have our own doubts about certain features of the game. I don't think things will be anything seriously disappointing unless you just have sky-high expectations. Issues of Standard vs. Premium will be a key issue as well as that of the Course Maker. Every game will have shortcomings. Question is, will Gran Turismo 5's shortcomings (and there are shortcomings) be enough to draw away most fans or lead to frustration among most fans? Will people basically think that five or six years of development went for nothing (or not enough)? These, and other questions, will be answered when we all have a chance to review Gran Turismo 5 for ourselves.

If You Have Read and Responded to my GT5 Material...

Thank you! You helped me in the speculative process. We can only speculate about what GT5 MAY have to offer. However, we REALLY know when GT5 shows up in stores ready to be bought and played. DO NOT trust the big media reviewers. Look to them for insight on the game, but the best reviewer isn't some company or some show- it's YOU. YOU are the best reviewer of all games. Pay no mind to what the mainstream wants to tell you about each game; trust your own ideas and judgments on games. Make your own judgments rather than trust a company or show to tell you what THEY think about a game YOU are/will be playing.

Gran Turismo 5 American Commercial.

Here's the TV spot for Gran Turismo 5 if you haven't seen it already:

^ courtesy of: PlayStation on YouTube

Gran Turismo 5 is here, players! Get Gran Turismo 5 on Amazon right now (¡ahora mismo!)! Only one question: Standard or Collector?
...or... ?
(first image: Standard Edition; second image: Collector Edition)

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So get excited, GT fans... GRAN TURISMO 5 HAS ARRIVED! Now if only I had a PlayStation 3... :(

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John B. Marine said...

The collectors edition does look fantastic - the pricing does put me off a bit though.

John B. Marine said...

Well, that's all Amazon's price. It is NOT my own. I'm just providing that thing through Amazon here in my blog. Thanks for reading!

John B. Marine said...

i think kids like us would like it but it can effect our think games devs are exiding at the prospect of investing 10-30 per games to sell.

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