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Car Style - The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

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One of my all-time favorite sports cars is the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. The SLS AMG is a modern gullwing car. The lineage and the difference? Both are gullwing cars, and both are beautiful. I have slowly fell in love with the SLS AMG as this car the more I've seen it in media. Even as a virtual version of the car will be the the car for Gran Turismo 5. Shown here:

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--- Car Style: The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ---
Before you can appreciate this car's beauty, you must be introduced to the 300SL gullwing, here:

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Now on to the modern gullwinged beauty.

A huge part of this car's appeal is that of a modern 300SL. The SLS AMG is a modern take on the beautiful 300SL. Evidence of this can be found in a lot of the car's front design. A big front grill bearing the silver arrow badge of Mercedes-Benz flanks the front of this lovely car. The 300SL has big, circular headlights; however, the SLS AMG comes with smaller headlights as part of a headlight cluster including some LED running lights. Under the headlights are two extra openings on either side of the front bumper. The car even includes some extra openings at the bottom part of the front splitter. The hood of this car boasts some aggressive vents near the windshield, a bit like the love-or-hate Mercedes SLR McLaren (which I thought was a beautiful car).

From the sides, the 300SL lineage continues. Big gills on the sides of the SLS AMG are clear marks of heritage and homage to the 300SL. Only that these gills are more modern. Some bold fenders accentuate the sides of this car. The side mirrors are part of the gullwing dooes. When the gullwing doors swing up, the mirrors swing up with the doors. The roof of the is styled nicely and a bit aggressively.

While I think the front and sides are very lovely, the rear is rather mediocre. The elements I least like about this car are the two mufflers. The two mufflers have parallelogram-shaped mufflers. Otherwise, the rear of the car is scuplted nicely and has nice taillight clusters. The trunk/boot and rear windshield are styled nicely and smoothly.

From the inside, you can see what this car's interior beauty is like. Expect nothing less from Mercedes-Benz. The sterring wheel is beautifully styled. The steering wheel has a flat bottom to it, giving it kind of a racing wheel look. There are lots of metallic accents on the gauges, air conditioning vents, and on a lot of the controls around the shifter. A very modern instrument panel features a nice set of gauges. The tachometer suggests this car redlines at about 7250 rpm to a maximum of about 9000 rpm. Between the two gauges is a digital readout showing what gear you're in, your current speed, oil temperature, water temperature, the ambient air temperature, and more. Above this digital display is a light-up tachometer similar to what you may see in Formula 1 race cars or some Le Mans prototypes. This is such a sporty car. However, many sports car purists will be disappointed that this car only comes in automatic.

Even still, Mercedes-Benz created a beautiful modern car with lots of 300SL lineage. It's a modern re-imagination of the 300SL. Its design pays homage to the classic 300SL with completely modern styling cues of today's Mercedes-Benz. Pure sports car fans will be disappointed that this car only comes in automatic, but it is still one the most beautiful cars of this generation. Even one Kazunori Yamauchi (if you've never heard of him, he's a really big deal) was in love driving and even racing this car. So much so, that it will be the feature car on the box for Gran Turismo 5. So there's my "Car Style" on the beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. If I could re-style this car, I'd give this car better design at the rear. It's just not as stylish at the rear as it is up front and on the sides. Oh, and if you want Gran Turismo 5, check this out:

UPDATE: 3/28/2010
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