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Palazzo Pants and Wide-Leg Pants

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(UPDATED: April 19, 2014)

Palazzo pants are pants with a skirt-like feel. The illusion of a skirt is provided by a comfortable pair of pants with very dramatically-draped legs. There are palazzo pants of various kinds, ranging from a stylish pair of lounge palazzo pants. For many whom have been bored with skinny pants, a move towards more wide-leg styles is a welcome change. Some of the most beautiful palazzo pants offer skirt-like legs to provide the feeling of wearing two skirts on each leg. That is the same thing I have said about gaucho pants in a past blog post. If you are ready to enjoy wide-leg comfort with a pair of wide-leg pants or palazzo pants, this blog post is for you.

Be sure to click on the widget at the end of this blog entry to find a pair of palazzo pants through Amazon. All the images from Amazon can be clicked on for you to check out the pants in further detail (and even buy them).

Many are easily turned on with skinny pants and jeans. Some, however, prefer flare legs and wide legs. What do palazzo pants have to offer that skinny and slim jeans/pants don't? Here is a video sample (while paired with some huge platform shoes). Take note of how gloriously the pants flare out:

FUN FACT: Did you know that "palazzo" is Italian for "palace?" The namesake in relation to these pants relate to how spacious the legs are for these pants.


APR 19 2014 - added more material and made several edits

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SECTION ADDED: 3/12/2010

--- Palazzo Pants in General ---

Palazzo pants can be thought of as long skirts that you can comfortably and confidently wear as pants. You might have seen in my blog entry about gaucho pants (or culotte skirts) that these pants are like wearing two skirts, one on each leg. Palazzo pants are longer than the aforementioned gaucho pants. Some designers and retailers use "cropped palazzo pants" to mean gaucho pants. Are these pants still in style? Maybe they aren't trendy much anymore, but they are still enjoyable. Palazzo pants are every bit as timeless as mary janes. I often get tired of super-skinny stuff that something like palazzo pants is a welcome change. At least for the sake of being different, if you can work palazzo pants, wear them proudly!

A great thing about FEEDJIT is that I get to see what some people post in searches. This, in turn, helps me to make my blogs better by answering questions never asked or mentioned in blog entries. I want you to be able to visit my blog and be able to have your questions answered. Of course... if there's something that you may not be sure of, PLEASE COMMENT! Ask sensible questions, and I hope to answer them if I can supplement answers for you.

Someone searched what kind of footwear is appropriate with black palazzo pants when someone hit my blog. I think it would depend on the palazzo pants we're discussing. Casual palazzo pants can be worn with almost any kind of shoes, sandals, or boots. Formal palazzo pants almost have to be worn with dressy shoes and sandals. As an example, I was with my family on Black Friday shopping last year. One woman I saw wear these casual palazzo pants with those Vans-like slip-on sneakers.

Now what do I mean when I say "casual" and "formal" palazzo pants? Here are a few examples:

Casual/Jersey Palazzo Pants Example:

Rachel Pally palazzo pants frontRachel Pally palazzo pants rear
^ both pictures from - lounge-type jersey palazzo pants from Rachel Pally. Take note of the silky, skirt-like legs of these pants provided by the jersey fabric. These also make a booty look good (because of the silky fabric)! :)

Young Fabulous and Broke palazzo pants frontYoung Fabulous and Broke palazzo pants rear
^ both images from - wide-leg pants from Young Fabulous & Broke. The pants have flowy legs with a drawstring design.

Rachel Pally sailor pants
^ from: - Rachel Pally Sailor Pants. These beautiful high-waisted palazzo pants even ended up being one of Oprah's "Favorite Things." They were also seen as stylish alternatives to sweatpants.

Jersey fabric is pretty versatile for what it is. These palazzo pants can be worn with anything from basic flip-flop/thong sandals to the most classy and sexy shoes. You may even wear a pair of sneakers with these. Palazzo pants like these can be stylish for casual and formal wear. Now if you do try out formal functions, I recommend you get some more proper palazzo pants. At least a bit more classy palazzo pants.

Formal Palazzo Pants Example.

eDressme Palazzo Pants
^ from: (click on graphic to learn more about it and/or buy a similar pair of pants) - a young woman wearing palazzo pants with a sequin tube top. These pants resemble a full skirt until you realize they are pants.

(These specific pants are no longer offered on, but you can check out a similar pair from the same site here: Wide-leg palazzo pants on

This is a pair of skirt-like palazzo pants that can actually be purchased by clicking on the graphic above. I've always loved the illusion of pants that look like skirts for some reason. So if you're thinking of sneakers or flip-flop/thong sandals, forget about them. Well... unless your feet get tired and want to wear something a bit more comfortable for your feet. But otherwise, avoid casual shoes. I chose this specific pair of palazzo pants (I had another picture previously) because I love the volume and flare of the pant legs. I swear- you could literally try to fill in the open space to make it look like a proper skirt. With the way the pants are designed, you could PROBABLY wear these for things other than for formal occasions, but I wouldn't really recommend it.

Dancing Palazzo Pants.

Dancing palazzo pants
^ from: - palazzo pants for dancers have very full legs and appear skirt-like when standing still.

girls palazzo pants
^ from: - palazzo pants for girls.

Palazzo pants meant to be worn for dancers have voluminous legs and appear completely skirt-like. They are far beyond any real functional palazzo pants. You sometimes don't notice they are pants until a dancer kicks one leg up. Not only do dancers wear these, members of the church and female members of orchestras sometimes wear palazzo pants.

(ADDED: May 26, 2011; EDITED August 9, 2011) Thanks to a loyal reader, one other blogger has discussed what to wear with palazzo pants. For hints on what to wear with palazzo pants, have a look at "What to wear with Palazzo trousers" on Thinking Fashion – UK Fashion Blog, High Street Clothing Guide for another answer to "what to wear with palazzo pants?" from the same blog.

I don't provide the best advice or the best blog posts. I need the help of the blogosphere (on Blogger/Blogspot and non-Blogger/non-Blogspot blogs. I value all of my loyal readers!

--- Of Palazzo Pants and Footwear ---

(section added: 5/17/2010)
This is a question that is usually asked when I see who visits my blog via FEEDJIT. Footwear depends on the kind of palazzo pants you're wearing. I'll provide some examples to show you what I'm talking about.

Footwear with Jersey, Modal, or Spandex Palazzo Pants.

jersey palazzo pants
^ from: - Palazzo pants of jersey, modal, or spandex varieties can be worn with almost any kind of sandals, boots, pumps, or sneakers.

Those are what I consider as "casual" palazzo pants since they could be worn with almost any kind of shoes. Only as long as the shoes are extremely furry shoes that are better off being tucked into jeans, almost any kind of footwear is fine. For those who keep hating on gaucho pants and palazzo pants like the ones above, one of the advantages to these pants is that they are extremely versatile. You can go from flip-flops to platform peep-toe pumps and look great either way. Feel like wearing sneakers with these immensely comfortable pants? What's stopping you? The versatility of jersey garments make them great to wear for almost any occasion and with almost any kind of shoes, sandals, or boots. Even a pair of sneakers or skimmer sneakers go very well with jersey-knit palazzo pants. They can just be that versatile.

Footwear with Formal Palazzo Pants.

While you may wear almost any kind of shoes with the palazzo pants from the previous section, palazzo pants with sneakers or flip-flops would be a very bad idea with more dressy palazzo pants. Dress to the occasion- dressy pumps and dressy sandals are just fine.

And so, those are recommendable shoes for palazzo pants.

--- Palazzo Pants and Wide-Leg Pants Around the Blogosphere ---

(SECTION ADDED: May 17, 2011; EDITED May 29, 2013) It's time to take some inspiration from other bloggers on wide-leg pants. Because wide-leg pants also include jumpsuits, I may even include some palazzo jumpsuits as part of my inspirational look at these pants. More may be added based on blogs I come across. The majority of them are all Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

"Reds" (missingavenue) « red palazzo pants.
"Yellow Pants" (missingavenue) « yellow palazzo pants.
"Pleats and Pants" (Word[Ad]dict) « pleated palazzo pants.
"cool down daddy" (La Vagabond Dame) « wide-leg pants with a cropped top.
"bringing the wide leg pants back." (Maytedoll) « khaki wide-leg pants.
"Pink for valentines dinner." (Maytedoll) « black wide-leg pants.


Do you have a fashion blog and a relevant blog post to this topic? Contact me! I may include your blog post if I like it. You'll be doing me a favor as well as doing a service for my reading audience, so feel free to help out!

Thank you for reading this blog entry on palazzo pants. You can now shop for palazzo pants online by using these items listed below:

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Happy shopping! :)

--- My Inspiration for This Post ---

My inspiration for this blog entry was when I saw pictures of a beautiful young lady who went by the name of Mistress Flara. Mistress Flara loved palazzo pants and the beauty of these skirt-like pants. Key elements of her style consisted of very tall platform shoes, and sometimes a big floppy hat. Her pictures were even a bit daring as she would smoke a cigarette in some of her pictures. Mistress Flara combined the beauty of palazzo pants while giving a daring twist to make sensual photos. Unfortunately, her site was sadly abandoned years ago. However, in honor of Mistress Flara, one such person known only as the Palazzo Diva proudly wears palazzo pants while also sporting some massive platform shoes. If you'd like to see the Palazzo Diva's website, click on this link (WARNING: not safe for work!).

(Added: Dec. 23, 2010) I mentioned Mistress Flara earlier. She has a YouTube channel along with a set of videos of her in palazzo pants. Here is a sample of this beautiful lady sporting some palazzo pants below. Watch as she walks in her palazzo pants as they swish around her legs, providing a luscious and feminine experience walking by. This is the grand appeal of palazzo pants- the feeling of wearing two long skirts on each leg and joined together to make a pair of skirt-like pants. Coupled with the top she's wearing, it looks more like a long dress or a palazzo jumpsuit rather than a top and some palazzo pants. It looks more like a long formal dress than a beautiful palazzo pant outfit. Just beautiful.

Unfortunately, either she removed her videos or YouTube deleted them. You can see some videos of these wide-leg pants swish around by checking out bellflares74 on YouTube!

--- What I Would Tell Webmistress/Mistress Flara (if she was reading this post)... ---

Hello and welcome to John's Blog Space! You are as much beautiful now as you were when I first seen your pictures years ago. You've been the sole inspiration behind me offering this blog post to my readers worldwide. Keep up the great work with your videos and in all other aspects of life!

Palazzo pants can be lovely, stylish, comfortable, dramatic... describe these any way you please. At least you have my ideas about these pants. If you enjoyed my blog post on palazzo pants, here are some palazzo pants I've found on that you can check out and maybe buy if you're interested. Thank you for reading! :)

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