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Go-Go Dancing

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(UPDATED: August 18, 2017)

Dance to the beat! You're the star of the show along with your other partners. Go-go dancing (or gogo dancing) is all about dancing to the beat of the music and energizing the crowd around you. Whether on platforms, trapped in cages, or whatever... a go-go dancer's goal is to entertain the crowd with lots of exciting moves. Go-go dancers even go with interesting clothing choices.

Before I Begin...

NOTE 1: This blog entry may somewhat be unsuitable to some audiences. It may even be a bit not safe for work. Read at your own discretion.

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AUG 18 2017 - made several more edits

Go-Go Dancing at a Glance

I've always known go-go dancing for one thing- ladies wearing hot outfits and dancing to the music, entertaining all in attendance. I've first started looking at pictures of go-go dancers in action from a few websites. The DJ usually plays a hot song either modern or classic. Go-go dancing today consists of mostly appealing young women in scantily clad outfits dancing to some of the hottest music from today and yesterday.

If you want a sample of today's go-go dancing, check out this video below to get a feel for go-go dancing:

^ (not safe for work!)

^ (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) Go-Go Candy Girls - note the one-piece suits and the dancers in sneakers.

But if you want to see some old-school go-go dancing, I have two videos for you. Check out this first video featuring lots of '60s go-go dancers here. The second video is a go-go dancing piece within the credits of "Bikini Beach." Who's the lady go-go dancing? Candy Johnson:

^ Candy Johnson in the closing of "Bikini Beach"

Go-Go Dancing: Footwear.

Because of so many people looking for go-go dancing boots, what I will do here is offer more go-go dancing boots, including a Search Widget to where you can find your own go-go dancing boots. I thank EVERYONE who have visited my blog.

One of the most basic fashion pieces for go-go dancers are boots. The basic go-go boot is simple and sleek and has a 3-inch tall heel. Here is an example below:

classic go-go boots
^ from: - white classic go-go boots.

Note the simple, yet elegant design of these boots. Nothing extremely fancy, just simple and elegant design. These have become quite fashionable even back in the earliest years of go-go dancing. You even see these worn by cheerleaders at sporting events. Not all go-go dancers wear boots. Some, like go-go dancers here in Houston, wear these Converse-like sneaker boots. Some just wear athletic sneakers.

And for those looking to elevate themselves (almost literally), there are two kinds of boots that have become popular with go-go dancers the past few years...

The most popular alternative go-go dancing boots are these 5-inch tall platform boots, the Stack boots from Demonia:

^ (UNISEX ITEM) In so many colors, in so many styles, and for both males and females, the Demonia by Pleaser Stack-301 boots have been the go-go dancing boots of choice by many of today's go-go dancers. They are also popular among men, though they are for at clubs and other entertainment events. These wildly popular boots are available in various styles. There are regular leather, patent leather, and glitter styles. I've mostly seen females wear these, but there are some men with their own Demonia Stack boots. Sizes for these boots range from 4 D(M) US to 13 D(M) US. If you're a female reading this blog entry and want to get your own pair of these men's-size boots, it's recommended you go two sizes down for your women's shoe size. So if you wear (for example) a women's size 8, order a men's size 6.

Now that you've seen the Demonia boots I've discussed, watch this YouTube video as someone demonstrate these boots and how they feel when worn:

^ "Pink platform boots"

These boots have been the most popular go-go dancing boots of the past few years. It's quite common you'll see a modern go-go dancer wear these boots. I've read that these are quite comfortable to dance and walk in. Of course, I'm not a go-go dancer myself, so I can't comment. Their popularity has lead to these boots coming in a variety of colors and material styles, ranging from glittery boots to patent leather. An interesting element of the above boots is that these are unisex boots- meaning that these are head-turning for both femmes AND males. A few times, I've seen some males wear these boots. One of the contenders on Speed Channel's "Bullrun: One Helluva Ride" reality show featured one driver wearing these boots in red. These boots are still crazy popular for what I know. I was even inspired by these boots to create a fictional character. The massive boots and sexy charm to these thereof have gotten me to make a fictional character. This is an old picture of mine featuring a fictitious go-go dancer I made initially designed to be in a fighting game. Her name is Candy Love:

Candy Love go-go dancer
^ a fictional character I've created for a fighting game project named Candy Love, a go-go dancer. To read more about my fictional character, check out Fictional Character - Candy Love

A note about my character is that I've been trying to make my own character for the very popular fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N. That's a rather old picture. I've re-imagined her a bit recently. The other pair of popular alternative go-go dancing boots are these Camel boots from Demonia:

^ These are the Camel boots from Demonia by Pleaser. The chunky high heel measures five inches off the ground. They come in white, two different black colors, and tan suede. Sizes range from 6 B(M) US to 12 B(M) US. These are more like Winter-type boots to feel hot in even while it's bitter cold. And since they're so furry, probably not a bad idea to tuck these into your favorite jeans or pants.

Here is a similar pair of boots from the same maker:

^ Demonia's Cubby boots have less of a platform than the Camel boots, and it also has a significantly lower heel. A few colors are available for these in sizes ranging from 6 B(M) US to 11 B(M) US.

Think of these boots as the lace-up alternative to the platform boots I mentioned earlier. They would be overkill to wear on cold days. I do see these boots in go-go dancing pictures. These are boots you also see worn by some models at import car events. But unlike the previous boots, these are not unisex.

If you would like to purchase go-go boots (or even go-go dancing boots) from Amazon, here is a widget I've provided for you to find go-go dancing boots you'll be most happy with. These even include go-go boots for girls. If you see something you like, click on it to learn more about the item and to find out what sizes and colors are available:

Go-Go Dancing: Outfits

NOTE 1: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

NOTE 2: This section may feature some material not suitable for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.

The most common outfits are usually scantily clad. Most go-go dancers go with swimwear or with or dancer outfits like dancing shorts or dancer-type tops. Some others even go with skirted bottoms or mini skirts. Part of the go-go dancing appeal is to wear clothing that is as hot as the music playing. I've usually seen (especially female go-go dancers) wear all sorts of items layered to try to add extra appeal to their outfits.

Go-Go Dancing: Accessories.

Boot covers are common among most go-go dancers. These boot covers are usually furry and are at times worn with go-go boots. There are also leg warmers worn by go-go dancers at times. Arm warmers are also worn by some go-go dancers. Adding to leg appeal would be fishnet stockings. A nice pair of fishnet stockings along with a hot pair of boots. Plenty of big ribbons are also big attention-getters as well.

As with any fashion piece, accessories can mean a great deal. I look at this as looking your hottest while dancing with hot moves to hot music. That also means wearing a lot of things to add to your overall appearance to be eye-catching even as you're dancing to the beat. Be one with the music and groove your booty off! :)

If you're interested in getting some go-go dancing accessories, please use my Search widget to find some extra items to help build your go-go dancing costume courtesy of Amazon.

Furry Boot Covers.

Some leg warmers have something to help fasten the boot covers to your boots. Here's one you can purchase along with a few others:

More furry boot covers:

Other Kinds of Go-Go Dancing

Go-go dancing can be very fun. What I'm discussing in this section is where you may see all kinds of go-go dancing. I have included links to videos you can find on YouTube to help give you a sample of what other kinds of belly dancing there is. Feel free to open these links in a new window or tab (depending on your browser). All of these videos are on YouTube and are mostly provided to educate you more on go-go dancing.

Regular Go-Go Dancing.

You regularly see ladies in scantily clad, attention-getting outfits dancing to pulsating music. If you want some go-go dancing, feel free to seeing Helen Su and Natalia Marie in action

Go-Go Dancing... Boys?

I've said go-go dancers (rather than go-go dancing girls) often. There are also some guys who do go-go dancing. They wear some of their own appealing outfits. These can range from trunks to almost whatever. This video here is an example of go-go dancing boys.

Go-Go Dancing Ladyboys.

I only hear of ladyboy go-go dancing in Thailand (commonly in Bangkok). This is where male-to-female transgendered dancers entertain the audience with their eccentric moves on go-go platforms. This is a sample of go-go dancing ladyboys.

Go-Go Dancing Considerations

There is a misconception people make that go-go dancers are strippers. In fact, go-go dancer stripping is STRONGLY discouraged. The penalties for doing such can be devastating. You can lose contract deals and promotions. Go-go dancers are primarily provided at events to dance in front of many people. Their outfits may be appealing, but I repeat- stripping is STRONGLY discouraged. You could face a lot of trouble for stripping as a go-go dancer with your promoter or whatever club you're dancing in.

UPDATED 4/25/2010: I found some videos that may help you if you're wanting to become a go-go dancer. I am only offering these as context and not as saying that I've actually seen these:

^ This is a workout video for you go-go dancers to be.

^ This is the video where the very first YouTube video is from. Go-Go Dance, by Katie Krause, teaches you the ins and outs of being a go-go dancer. So if you liked the first YouTube video in this blog entry, feel free to purchase this video by clicking on the graphic above.

Popular Go-Go Dancers

I'm most familiar with go-go dancing by import models. So that will be the majority of what you'll see in this section. You can look around online to learn more about these ladies I'm going to feature. But, this is just to get you to know about some of the go-go dancers out there.

(UPDATED: January 26, 2011 - click on the headings to visit their official websites (if available)!)


^ from: - Teemaree in a calendar shoot back in February 2007. She is a go-go dancer who also is an actress, DJ, and model among other talents.

Teemaree is possibly the first whom I've seen go-go dancing in pictures. Teemaree does more than just go-go dancing. Her media work is an expansive profile consisting of DJ'ing, modeling, and acting. Her work is very diverse. Her go-go dancing involvement is very special. In fact, she was the host of what was dubbed as the first-ever go-go dancing reality TV show called "Sweat, Boots, and Booty Shorts." Here is a sample of this online-only program:

Or to just see Teemaree go-go dance the night away, check this out:

^ WARNING: neither video not safe for work!

Amanda Jordan, (also known as "Lady Denali").

Amanda Jordan was born in Utah, but she hails from Eagle River, Alaska... but she's very hot as a go-go dancer. The beautiful Alaskan also does belly dancing. She is multi-faceted in all of her work. When I first learned about her, she was part of a go-go dancing group called the Arctic Angels. Now, she's with Hell's Belles. She's still immensely beautiful, both in looks and in her moves.

Pam Rodriguez (links to her business).

Pam Rodriguez boasts one of the most delicious bodies of any model, almost like a classic Coca-Cola bottle. She is half-Puerto Rican and half-Guatemalan. I don't usually know her for go-go dancing, but she does do a great deal of go-go dancing.

Flo Jalin.

Very popular in the import car scene and among go-go dancers is the beautiful Flo Jalin.

Helen Su.

Helen Su is a very beautiful young lady, but she's also very hot sporting some platform boots and go-go dancing. The native of Denver, Colorado, USA is one with the music while wearing some high platform boots and dressed hot. She is one of my personal favorite go-go dancers for her sweet moves and lovely looks.

Sasha Singleton.

Sasha Singleton may just be the most popular go-go dancer among the import car scene. Her style is beautiful along with some hot moves.

Thuy Li.

Thuy Li is a very hot go-go dancer. Her and Sasha Singleton are often times together go-go dancing to crowds.

Sunisa Kim.

I first learned of Sunisa Kim when I saw a magazine release party for a magazine release party. She's beautiful with some nice moves.

Jenny Chu (Facebook link).

Jenny Chu, who I often call "Jenny Cute," is a model I best know for being the girl on "Street Fury" along with Big-C. Jenny Chu does some go-go dancing. She's one of a few that perfectly balances cute and sexy without much compromise either way.

Jeri Lee (Facebook link).

Jeri Lee has beautiful looks, a beautiful voice, and beautiful moves. She shows you how to go-go dance in this YouTube video. Watch between 2:51 and 3:45 to get schooled proper on go-go dancing. :) Enjoy:

Tila Nguyen (better known as Tila Tequila).

Personally, I respect Tila Tequila for the fact that there aren't as many Asian superstars in American pop culture. She was born in beautiful Singapore and raised here in Houston. She's someone who has been awesome in go-go dancing, though I don't know too much about her as a go-go dancer. I do know that she's a very hot model. As I said previously, there aren't as many Asian superstars. She's definitely one of the most popular. A site listed at the end of this blog entry shows you where I came up with including Tila Tequila in this blog entry.

There are MANY more go-go dancers than the ones I mentioned. But at least now, you have a little insight on go-go dancing. But there's one more thing I need to mention...

The Future of Go-Go Dancing?

One reason I came up with this blog entry is because I never heard too much about go-go dancing lately. It makes me wonder if the appeal of go-go dancing has died down, or is it still going strong... just that you don't hear about it as much? I still think there's nothing like go-go dancing. I think wearing those massive boots while dancing gives go-go dancing that daring character. Go-go dancing is a lovely style of dance to those who can go-go dance as best as they can.

Go-Go Dancing Resources

So... do you want to be a go-go dancer? Are you interested in learning more about go-go dancing? Here are some links you can visit:

Go-Go Dancing Resources:

Go-Go Dancing for Dummies

Go-Go Dancing Groups and Agencies:

Eye Candy Go Go on Myspace (Seattle area)
Seattle GoGo on (Seattle area)

the Actionettes! ('60s style go-go dancing group) (London, England, U.K.)

Go-Go Dancing: Event Promotions and Others:

~~~ no resources available... ~~~

I will try to add more resources to help better assist my readers. You spent your time reading my blog and this blog post, so I need to return the favor any way I can.

That's all for this blog entry. Thank you for reading my blog entry on go-go dancing! Please comment if you like my work and don't forget to subscribe! Don't forget also to do some shopping on Amazon with items that I've posted, especially if you are looking for your own go-go dancing gear or other things.

Take care and thanks for making this blog entry popular! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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