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Fictional Character - Candy Love

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Candy "Candysweet" Love is one of the fictional character from my MUGEN project I discussed in my MUGEN project. She is one of eight different finalists in an all-female fighting tournament. She is a girl who defines herself by three S-words: sassy, spicy, and sweet. She loves dancing and listening to hot music. Most unusual about her is the way she was born. Sometimes, she can't even believe how she was born.

Here is an old drawing of my character (that I still want to make a newer version of):

^ I've re-imagined Candy Love. Candy is actually a brunette. My intent was on making a girl that's really American, but with 25% Japanese descent.

NOTE: The following is a conceptual image of my fictional character using Meez. This image will be used as a placeholder until I create a proper updated image to share online.

^ Candy "Candysweet" Love (conceptual image), a fictional MUGEN character idea of mine

--- Basic Details ---
Name: Candy Love
Full Name: Candy Constance Love
Nickname: Candysweet, as in Candy "Candysweet" Love
Birthplace: Houston, Texas, USA
Born: February 14, 1986
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Body Type: Average, athletic build
Heritage: 75% American, 25% Japanese
Occupation: Go-Go Dancer

Thinks of Herself As: three "S" words- sassy, spicy, and sweet.

--- About This Character ---
Candy is a young go-go dancer who is part of a go-go dancing team and also a fighter in an all-female fighting tournament. She is the daughter of a native Texan and a Japanese-American mother. She would like to learn more Japanese because of her Japanese-American roots. Over time, Candy would grow a fondness of gymanstics, especially gymnastic ribbons. Candy defines herself by three S's- sassy, spicy, and sweet. Sassy since she's such a stylish diva with diva charm. She can be spicy sometimes as she can be angry with others and unintentionally sarcastic. But overall, she's sweet and fairly easy to get along with. One thing she hates is when people assume she's a stripper just because of being named Candy Love. If anything, she embraces the name Candy because she's sweet and indulgent. That's even though many people immediately think being named Candy denotes an exotic dancer. It's more of personality traits to her rather than presuming anything nasty about her. Her favorite music is anything with a great beat- hip-hop, certain pop songs, electronic dance music, and more.

Candy Love has one of the strangest upbringings. The short story- she was born in a candy store at a mall, on Valentine's Day. The long story... her mother, Helen Hitomiyo-Love (born Himiko Hitomiyo), was set to give birth to her baby girl some time in the middle of February. Helen and her husband, Terry Love, spent Valentine's Day at a popular mall in Houston, Texas. Helen wanted to visit a candy store at the mall. It was at this point that Helen was ready to deliver a bundle of joy. Some of the shoppers in the candy store had to leave as EMT's rushed to aid Helen in labor. Finally, baby Candy was born. Helen actually wanted to name her "Candace," but thought "Candy" was better even as people argued that "Candy" isn't a good name to name a child. The baby girl born on Valentine's Day in a candy shop was taken to a nearby hospital for further support.

Childhood and Teenage Years.
As Candy was introduced to the world by her loving parents (albeit in unusual fashion), she beared the same brown eyes of her father along with the lovely hair of her mother. She was always seen as a little girl that dared to dream. She enjoyed dancing and singing in her early years. She even sang a sweet song for her aunt, who passed away when Candy was three years old. It wasn't until her middle school years where Candy would check out gymnastic competition. As a 6th Grader, Candy saw one young girl twirl a gymanstic ribbon beautifully. She would train endlessly to be the best gymnast in the Houston area while also making sure to keep good grades in school. Her first attempt in gymanstic ribbon was great, but not great enough to win her any honors. She didn't achieve fame until her high school years. When Candy wanted to become a better gymnast, her mother made a special silver and red sequined outfit. Her mother also made something unusual- a gymnastic ribbon adorned with lots of sequins and studs on the ribbon part. So when the lights were turned off and the spotlight shone on Candy, it would seem like she was twirling a ribbon of stars in her routines. The fans were blown away by her performance that she became a champion on her way to graduation from high school.

During the Summer she graduated from high school, she wanted to focus more on dancing. So she decided to look at go-go dancing. Candy was impressed by popular go-go dancers that she seen in Internet pictures and in Internet video. She wanted to learn more about go-go dancing. A friend of hers who helped her to become a better dancer was a Houston native named Heather Chavez. Heather was part of a go-go dancing team started by an eccentric promoter called the "Sweet Eats." In fact, the (born in 1987)-year old Heather is often nicknamed as "Honey Heather" for her honey-like skin. Candy wanted to audition for this go-go dancing group, and with little money, she did not fail to impress. She joined this group eventually with two other girls. The other two girls were named Suzanne and Cherise. Suzanne is nicknamed "Sugar" and is the oldest of the four, born in Sweden in 1982. Cherise is affectionately known as "Cocoa" for her chocolate brown skin. She is of Jamaican decent, born in 1989 in Kingston, Jamaica.

Go-Go Dancing.
As Candy became more active, her father made a special room for her to work out and make her stronger. It consisted of lots of workout equipment and even a little stage to help her prepare for go-go dancing. She would commit to exercising and staying fit to help maintain her lovely looks. Her level of fitness was incredible. She had a sculpted and seductive midsection, some strong arms, and strong legs. Candy was now starting to look sweeter than ever with good moves to compliment her style. Her next move was to purchase some go-go dancing clothes to help her become one of Houston's hottest go-go dancers. One such aspect that made Sweet Eats better than any other go-go dancing promotion was that this group brings West Coast-style go-go dancing to Houston. Part of this included a popular pair of five-inch tall platform boots that are surprisingly very comfortable to wear and dance in. Candy wasn't very happy seeing dancers wearing Converse-like sneaker boots to dance in. Instead, she sported a pair of five-inch tall go-go dancing boots were worn by Candy and her girls. On her first night, Candy sported her lovely five-inch tall platform boots, some fishnet stockings, a pair of dancer hot shorts, and a cropped dancer halter top. She became overly confident in her looks and her performance that she decided to order more outfits. All the while, Candy was still commited to education. She knew that she couldn't party and dance too hard because she wants her degree from the University of Houston. So there was a cap as to how far she could extend her popularity as a dancer.

A Dark Secret.
Candy is generally a sweet person. There is a secret that she think will haunt and devastate her if the secret is told. "Honey" Heather is one of her go-go dancing partners. The two have become close as friends. But the fact is that Heather has a boyfriend. Problem is... Candy started looking at Heather in loving interest. She loves Heather just by looking at how beautiful Heather is and what she means to Candy. She doesn't want anyone to know that she secretly enjoys the company of women as much as she highly enjoys the company of men. The reason why is because she wants to be known for her fighting talent, not the fact that Candy has loving affection for Heather.

--- Style of Candy Love ---
An aspect of this fighting game concept is fashion. It's a convergence of personalities and styles in one package. She doesn't want tattoos or piercings.

Primary Look.
Her primary fighting look is her favorite go-go dancing outfit. She wears a pair of strawberry pink platform boots, white fishnet stockings, a strawberry pink pair of hot shorts, a cropped strawberry pink dancing halter top, a white fishnet dancing shrug, some red open MMA gloves, and has her chocolate brown whip as her melee weapon.

Secondary Looks.
One of her alternate looks is a anughty schoolgirl outfit. The boots are the same as her regular boots, only this look has a two-tone design meant to resemble tall socks with mary janes. A short novelty schoolgirl skirt is worn over her hot shorts. Rather than a bikini top, she wears a cropped knotted blouse. She even wears a pair of nerdy novelty glasses for an extra touch.

Sometimes, she wears a pair of custom-made open-heel, peep-toe platform boots along with flared legwarmers along with some of her outfits.

Away from fighting, one of her favorite looks is a playful outfit with dressy appeal. is a chocolate brown pinstripe cropped bolero, a red satin camisole with white lace trim, some chocolate brown pinstripe wide-leg cropped trousers that extend down to mid-calf, and either some knee-high boots or pointed-toe pumps in either red or chocolate brown.

--- The Tournament ---
Since my character is a fighter from my MUGEN project, this pertains to her history as a fighter.

One night, a crazy stunt was lined up that would shoot Candy's level of stardom over the top. A boxing match was set up between Candy and some of her friends. The catch? The girls had to fight in their go-go outfits... including their five-inch tall boots. Candy won her match against one of her girl friends. Candy would later take on a go-go dancing girl that was a former amateur wrestler. This former amateur wrestler was making fun of her name and her boots. What Candy did was inconceivable- she ended up doing things like delivering a super kick to her as well as German suplexing her. The video of her beating a wrestler became a viral video hit online.

After she had that wild night, Candy looked at a whip she saw in the room that her father helped build. Consistent with her name, this leather whip was colored chocolate brown. Candy wanted to give gymnastics another try. This time, she wanted to make a strange parallel between gymnastic ribbons and go-go dancing. So Candy decided to incorporate her whip into her fighting routines. She somehow convinced a maker of alternative footwear to make a special pair of five-inch tall platform boots as comfortable as her dancing-specific boots, but a bit more athletic. She also went ahead and bought some open gloves similar to what mixed martial artists wear. She challenged herself to go as far as she could sporting her unusual five-inch tall platform boots and fighting in them. This uniqueness will challenge Candy's limits as a fighter.

In the tournament qualification matches, Candy would meet a young New York City girl named A.J. Garcia. She learned all about A.J. from the tournament's website. Candy immediately bonded with A.J., and the two would become great friends when both were declared finalists. Candy and Abbie hold hands and hug each other as best friends. They are cute together. But in the back of her mind, Candy knows she will one day fight against her new best friend in the tournament. She hopes winning the fighting tournament won't result in breaking ties with her best friend.

Her motivation to win this tournament is that she's sick and tired of Houston not winning any sporting championships in a long while. She feels she's bearing all of Houston on her back in this tournament to represent Houston all the way to a championship.

The sassy, spicy, sweet diva is a truly unique character and one of the more colorful characters in the tournament. Candy is so timid at times that she can't believe how powerful she really is. Imagine a go-go dancer in her massive platform boots that packs a whip and can deliver some good punches. She's all out to win!

Extra Notes
* My primary inspiration for Candy Love was go-go dancer/actress/DJ/host Teemaree. This was primarily for Teemaree's wonderful physique. She was also one of the first go-go dancers I've admired.

* Since Candy is Japanese-American, she was also semi-inspired by the beautiful Arika Sato. As I did a random search for Japanese-American girls, I came across Arika Sato and have since enjoyed her media work.

* Candy was initially conceived as a blonde. But I've since changed her up to be a brunette. I even considered her as a brunette that dyed her hair blonde.

* I didn't get to include fishnet stockings or her fishnet shrug until I conceptualized future concepts of her.

* She was initially supposed to be 5'3", but I changed her height so that her height (including in her boots) is as tall as my height- 6'0".

* The pink boots she wears when go-go dancing are similar to these boots, only in patent leather:
Pleaser Men's Stack-301 Platform Boots,Black PU,13 M US (this is an Amazon link. Click to learn more and buy, though I'm not promoting these)

These boots have been the most commonly-worn boots the past few years by go-go dancers. Believe it or not... these boots are unisex though they look awesome on girl dancers.

* One of the primary points of making this character is to show that just because she's named Candy doesn't mean she's a stripper or anything. Candy, in this case, is about being sweet and genuine. It's also about being sexy without overdoing it.

* Her go-go dancing partners have different and distinctive outfits. "Honey" Heather is the only girl in the go-go dancing team who wears glittery boots. She wears the same color outfit as Candy, but she doesn't wear fishnet stockings or fishnet shrugs. "Sugar" Suzanna is the only one who wears lace-up boots. She is also the tallest and oldest of the girls. "Cocoa" Cherise is the youngest and shortest of the four. Fans of Cocoa love her Jamaican accent.

Thanks for reading! More of my characters will be unveiled in the future.
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