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My MUGEN Project

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My previous blog entry concerned fictional characters I came up with. This blog entry confirms something I've tried to conceptualize, but never came into fruition. I'll leave a few details undisclosed. If you haven't read my blog entry about what M.U.G.E.N. (not the tuning group of Honda), read my blog entry on MUGEN.

--- A Brief Introduction ---
Back in 2008, I got my Associate's in the Arts. I then began to wonder if I had made my own characters for MUGEN. There's something you need to know about me... I am always dreaming and always wanting to make those dreams come true. So let me introduce you to something I've had planned for one of the most popular freeware PC games ever. This is exclusive stuff right here!

REMINDER: Some details are still undisclosed.

--- My Primary Project ---
Here is the story of a project I had lined up (and still try to line up)...

In the Summer of 2008, a new reality TV show was set to debut on TV. A former kickboxing champion wanted to start a brand-new reality show. His ideas? He thinks reality TV is all played out. Everything from really fake people to calling in to vote people off were concepts he didn't believe in. This kickboxing champion, however, also loves reality shows involving beautiful women. So in one of the weirdest and most unusual concepts on TV, Tommy Kenny Owens (yes, "T.K.O") decided to come up with a fighting tournament that would bring together eight ladies from around the world no younger than 18 and no older than 30 in a Street Fighter-esque fighting tournament. The only way to earn immunity- WIN! This is a knockout tournament where eight compete. After the first series, one unlucky contestant will be knocked out of the tournament. The winner of the tournament will acheive what the producers call, "unworldly fame."

The tournament winner wins:
* her own mansion just outside of downtown San Francisco
* $1,500,000 USD in cash
* her own six-figure luxury car
* a hot Italian supercar painted in her favorite color

Someone's life will be changed forever once this tournament is complete. Hundreds of contenders the world over have been reduced to eight. The chosen eight finalists will compete in a specially-built fighting arena Studio City, California, USA for the Grand Prize.

There is a hidden backstory to this tournament. Many of the finalist snubs from preliminaries decided to head back home and make ready for next season's tournament next year. However, an up-and-coming Internet model who was not selected to compete in the tournament convinced some of the snubbed finalists to form a faction to battle against the chosen finalists. One of the finalist snubs was a young girl from St. Louis, Missouri, USA to be her special enforcer. What the Internet model doesn't know is... she's actually a decoy. This faction of dejected finalists were unofficially known as the "Jealous Girls." What is the mission of the Jealous Girls? Simple- sneak up and attack the finalists when no fighting is going on. Who are the ones in this faction? Many of the girls are college students, some are street thugs, some are married, a few are pregnant... in other words- being snubbed from a fighting tournament is worth putting your life on the line to send a message to a television program. Basically, they head out into public and try to surround each finalist, basically making the finalists have to fight to defend themselves. This brings out a "me against the world" situation.

The ladies in the tournament can't be too concerned with the jealous girls. All they have to do is worry about the tournament. There's also a rumor circulating that the leader of this faction will personally meet the eventual champion and challenger her to a fight. The enforcer of the faction leader may show her true colors and set her up.

It's a girl's world, after all! :)

The contestants in this unique tournament have a few requirements- you have to be a proven fighter, and most of all... have fun. All contestants have to enter these preliminary tournaments in various cities. Hundreds of contenders will be whitteled down to just eight. The contestants will all go in one-on-one matches with a maximum of three rounds. You are NOT eliminated if you lose your match. Instead, you are eliminated if you either lose the most matches in one string of matches or if you don't show enough grit and determination to win. After each series, one young lady would be sent home while the rest keep competing to stay alive in the tournament for the Grand Prize.

The fights are all about traditional fighting. No back alley brawls, no underground fight clubs, no lethal weapons... it's just fist-to-fist, kick-to-kick combat. Also, there is nothing in the way of fireballs, magical attacks, Fatality moves, floating in the air... none of that.

The Characters.
Each of the eight characters represent several different countries. None of them represent any specific style of fighting, though a few of them specialize in a certain style. Future "Fictional Characters" blog entries will discuss further details of each character. But for the meanwhile, here is a brief look at the eight tournament finalists and two of the outsiders. Here is a brief description of each character (separated by asterisks):

NOTE: Since this concept was brought about in 2008, their ages are as of 2008.

* FINALIST 1: a 21-year old born in Manhattan, New York is seen as an absolute girly-girl. Her personality is sweet and friendly. This girl has had to fight for herself against other girls (even a few rowdy boys) in her youth. She's lived in Los Angeles before in her teen years, but has since moved back to New York City for her high school and college years. She's set to graduate with her Bachelor's Degree from St. John's University in Queens.

* FINALIST 2: a 22-year old go-go dancer from Houston, Texas, USA. She is very sassy and stylish. Her upbringing was crazy. She's was a gymnastics star in high school, mostly specializing in twirling gymnastic ribbons. She's mostly American, but she's also 25% Japanese from her Japanese-American mother. The go-go dancer graduated not long ago from the University of Houston.

* FINALIST 3: a 28-year old dancing instructor born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is the only finalist who is married and is a mother. She was heckled a lot as a teenager, mostly for her weight. It wasn't until she married a former player of the Brazilian national football (as in soccer team) who helped her to lose weight. After giving birth to the couple's daughter in 2001, this lady lost lots of weight. And since 2003, she's both beautiful and sexy. She's tried her hand at boxing and at capoeira. There is one deterrent about her. She once caught a young twenty-something looking at her husband with loving interest, and she viciously attacked her to the point of injury. She's gotten out of control to where she will attack ANY woman who looks at her husband with loving interest. Her husband thinks she's way out of control and may consider divorce until she changes her ways.

* FINALIST 4: a 19-year old college student born in Paris, France. She lives in New York City to study fashion design at New York University. As much as she loves fashion, she values giving back to charity and commiting benevolent acts even more. She used to be well-versed in yoga and tai chi. She was very fortunate to make the tournament when others doubted her ability. She has a serious deterrent- life hasn't gone well for her lately. Her grades have been slumping, her grandmother passed away, and she's severely depressed. Worst of all, she feels she needs to win this tournament because if she doesn't win the tournament (or at least finish strong)... there's a dark rumor that she'll commit suicide.

* FINALIST 5: a 24-year old born in Anaheim, California, USA. She is a vocalist and guitarist of an all-girl rock band. There is also a special shop she's opened in Anaheim (and in other points around the Los Angeles area) devoted to rock music. Unlike the other girls, she's a total tomboy. This girl absolutely hates anything that isn't real rock music (even soft rock). Rumor has it that she's flirting with a drummer of a Los Angeles college band. But, she says she's happily single.

* FINALIST 6: an 18 year old from Tokyo, Japan. She loves sports and plays softball. She is most famous for winning a softball tournament pitting multiple teenage softball teams in Tokyo on a game-winning Grand Slam. A week after she and her team won the softball tournament, her best friend (who was the pitcher for her team) was killed in a car crash. Because the two loved cats, she named her pet kitten after her. But this girl senses that the pitcher's spirit was within the cat. She has an emotional connection to her cat, as if her spirit was brought from the heavens and embodied her cute cat. She registered for the fighting tournament on her birthday, which was also the first day that applications and tryouts were handed out for finalists to compete in the tournament. Now that she's made the tournament, she faces a great challenge- she's 5'0" and needs an equalizer. So she fights with her blue softball bat to give her a reach advantage! She would love to play college softball at a major American university. Since her American home is Cincinnati, Ohio; she's considering playing softball at THE Ohio State University.

* FINALIST 7: a 22-year old born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This finalist is a hip-hop and R&B singer as well as a hip-hop dancer. She even likes dancing to aggressive hip-hop dance routines. She's earned her fitness from playing basketball back in her high school years. She moved to Birmingham, Alabama later in her life, and went up the road to graduate from Alabama A&M in Normal, AL. She's in the tournament to win for a very special fan of hers- her mother. Her mother is a singing legend in Atlanta and Detroit, and she's battling breast cancer. Her mother was taken to San Francisco to help her in her fight against breast cancer. This finalist will devote her winnings in prize money to finance her mother's fight against breast cancer.

* FINALIST 8: a 23-year old party girl born in Ibiza, Ibiza Town, Spain. She loves beach lifestyle and nightlife. She lives in two places in North America. She has a home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; and an American home in San Diego, California, USA. People say she has an attitude problem, but she's cool when you get to know her. Though born in 1986, she prefers '70s culture. So she leaves home wearing some of her favorite bell bottom jeans and an aggressive pair of lace-up platform shoes. Either that, or her flip-flops depending on her mood and the weather. Her favorite beverage is a good margarita or a martini. She doesn't live dangerously, but she loves the beach and nightclub lifestyles.

Now on to the two outsiders:

* OUTSIDER 1: Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, this 24-year old young lady lied about her age to a young aspiring Internet model. She lied about her age to fit in with this model. She loves flowers, especially one that bears her first name. This girl knows something the eight finalists aren't aware of- the Internet model is scheming a plot to attack them at any inopportune moment. Rather than tell them straight up, she comes in pretending to be an enemy. She is actually very sweet and sometimes timid. She used to be a championship bowler. That's why she loves wearing bowling-like shoes.

* OUTSIDER 2: deemed as the absolute villain, this aspiring Internet model is only 18 years of age. The tournament judges thought the Washington, D.C. native lacked class and compassion for her opponents. The model wears and does things that most other girls dislike. Her attitude is so out of control that she's been ousted rightfully from the tournament. As many hopefuls returned home or even thought about competing in next year's tournament, she was able to recruit some of the tournament hopefuls that saw their dreams get crushed. With her faction, she intends on challenging the eventual champion to a one-on-one fight when she least expects it. She has enforcers other than the St. Louis girl she recruited. Her "Jealous Girls" will also be there to make sure the Internet model is protected.

The reason why I haven't come along with a proper model for my characters is because I have no knowledge of making my own characters. I even don't want to use other characters to use as bases for creating my characters. So I've actually tried to challenge myself here. In addition to the characters I mentioned here, I've even conceptualized two other tournaments featuring more characters.

I'll share more of these characters in future blog entries, maybe even with some pictures. It was a crazy concept I had lined up. I feel I need to make more material people will want to come back to and keep reading and enjoying. So this is what I might do more of here. Thanks for reading!
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