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Fictional Character - Marisol Castillo

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Life is one big party to Marisol Castillo, and she's always the woman of the hour. Born in a place famous for its eccentric nightlife, the Spaniard is all about the beach lifestyle as well as the trance lifestyle. She's a mix of a party girl, a beach girl, and a '70s girl (though she was born in the '80s. Looking to become the most fabulous diva in the world, she's had to put up with lots of jealous girls. She says that her attitude problem is from dealing with lots of haters. Marisol is a fictional character from my MUGEN project I discussed in my MUGEN project.

NOTE: The following is a conceptual image of my fictional character using Meez. This image will be used as a placeholder until I create a proper image to share online.

^ Marisol Castillo (conceptual image), a fictional MUGEN character idea of mine

--- Basic Details ---
Name: Marisol Castillo
Full Name: Marisol Xochitl Castillo
Nickname: Wild Child
Birthplace: Ibiza Town, Ibiza, Spain
Current City: Ibiza Town, Ibiza, Spain; and has two houses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; and Laguna Beach, California, USA
Born: November 3, 1985
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Body Type: Athletic build
Heritage: 100% Spanish
Occupation: -none-

Thinks About Herself As: friendly, fun-loving, cool... only as long as you're not on her bad side.

--- About This Character ---
Marisol loves the beach lifestyle. So much so that she'll find any excuse to head out the door wearing her bikini top on a warm, sunny day under a cropped denim vest. Through working out often, she's able to maintain her sexy figure. She's the kind of girl who would prefer a margarita or a martini over a fruit smoothie. While she doesn't live dangerously, she's not your average party girl.

Marisol was born Marisol Xochitl Castillo. The middle name came from her grandmother, Xochitl Castillo. Both of her parents are Spanish. Marisol was born in Ibiza, which is best known for its wild nightlife and pulsating electronica music. The family would move to Valencia, Spain when Ibiza got to be a bit too much to raise a family in Ibiza Town. Marisol was very cute as a little girl. She won a talent contest by dancing beautifully to Spanish folk music. Marisol even had interest in making guitar music playing beautiful Spanish folk music.

As Marisol became a teenager, her life started to change dramatically. She would become too involved in the beach lifestyle even to the point of consuming alcoholic beverages. She once almost had alcohol poisoning. A defiant and rebellious Marisol felt like she was above everyone- including her parents. She was kicked out of their Valencia house as she moved back to her home in Ibiza Town. Then later, Marisol would start going to the clubs in Ibiza to hang out with other teens loving the trance sessions at Ibiza.

Marisol started to get a different attitude when she started to come into contact with girls who was jealous of her personality.

Marisol started to become fond of '70s culture in addition to the beach and dance music cultures. She's always had a hairstyle similar to a curly afro. She started making her hair curly and cute. The sides of Marisol's head were covered with very cute locks of her curly afro. She then got herself some huge Onassis sunglasses (like those made famous by Jackie-O). These sunglasses have multiple little rhinestones on the top and bottom of the lenses. There are also some extra rhinestones on the sides of the glasses. But since the sides are covered by Marisol's cute curly bob, only so few get to see Marisol's pretty hazel eyes.

The next style change was to find some bell bottoms and some funky platform shoes. Marisol found a cute pair of khaki bell bottom jeans with a very wide (but not massive) flare. She then needed some funky platform shoes to complete her '70s-inspired fashion. So she was able to find a pair of rugged, casual platform oxford shoes. She's now a '70s diva who is the perfect marriage of retro and modern. She proudly bears her lovely body.

Ready to show off her new style, Marisol returned to some of the nightclubs where she was heckled. Some girls wanted to fight her outside of the club. That's when Marisol started developing some fighting skills. Some of the girls that have made fun of Marisol got beaten to where they ran away from her. Marisol's wild ways made her feel like she shouldn't be in Ibiza. So she moved to two homes in two different places. Marisol began to live in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is where she took her '70s diva style to the streets of Cabo San Lucas. She was quite a head-turner as her wardrobe consisted of a cropped denim vest, one of her strapless bikini tops, her khaki bell bottoms, and her funky platform shoes. Not truly satisfied living in Mexico, she moved to San Diego, California, USA. That was followed up by moving to her current American home in Laguna Beach, California, USA.

With a fighting tournament that has started auditioning, Marisol decided to infuse her personality into fighting. She was great enough as a fighter to move on to New York City for the final qualifiers. At first, she hated every girl who looked at her strange. The wild child from Ibiza began to ease up and actually was liked for being different than all other girls. She was very tough. So tough, that she was invited as a finalist in this tournament.

--- Style of Marisol Castillo ---
An aspect of this fighting game concept is fashion. It's a convergence of personalities and styles in one package.

Primary Look.
Marisol's style is a convergence of beach girl, party girl, and '70s girl in one. She wears a cropped denim jean vest and wears either a purple strapless bikini top or a triangle bikini top underneath. She wears a matching string-tie bikini bottom with the string ties worn over her khaki bell bottom jeans. And of course, she wears her platform sneakers. Marisol wears her huge sunglasses, but takes them off when fighting. She feels her hottest when she can tower over her opposition.

Secondary Looks and Variations.
There aren't too many variations of her look. Only other variation would be changing up the sneakers with platform flip-flop sandals.

--- The Tournament ---
Since my character is a fighter from my MUGEN project, this pertains to her history as a fighter.

Marisol was touted as being a brawling-type fighter. She is not really old school fighting, but she delivers on punches and kicks quite well. Not even her platforms can slow her down. Marisol isn't quick, but she's as equal as Lydia, only Lydia is much more of an athletic specimen than Marisol.

Marisol wants to win the tournament to basically live a new life away from Ibiza. It isn't that she hates Ibiza or not that she dislikes the trance sessions in Ibiza, it's just that she just needs time in the United States to be free and live a different life. She does hope to return to Ibiza to enjoy nightlife again and to basically become a new person. She's well-respected by almost all tournament finalists and only uses her attitude problem when girls screw with her.

Extra Notes
* When I came up with my MUGEN project, she was initially not going to be a character. I had a Chinese character lined up as the character to take the place of Marisol initially. This Chinese friend would just be a friend of Tomomi Tsuchiya who would come by to hang out and have fun.

* Marisol's hair was semi-inspired by a Spanish Facebook and YouTube friend of mine. It was to be an afro, but mi amiga desde España has prompted me to change her hairstyle to something similar to my friend's hair.

* Marisol also exhibits '90s fashion, where bootcut pant and jean legs, belly-exposing, and platform shoe wearing were the rage. Because I've been so fond of late '90s style, she is really a mix of '70s retro and the daring late '90s styles.

Again, I may update these blog entries with pictures. Any of my art work can be found on my Myspace page. Thanks for reading!

This blog entry finishes off the eight finalists of the tournament. Future entries in the "Fictional Characters" category will consist of the two outsiders that play a big role in my storyline. One of them is a vigilante while the other is plotting to sabotage the tournament with her faction of jealous tournament snubs.
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