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Fictional Character - Carmel Henderson

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Carmel Henderson is the antagonist of my MUGEN project. She was to become a finalist for an all-female fighting tournament. However, the judges thought she was too classless of an individual. She didn't fight with honor or class. Still, the judges liked her overall fighting style. Part of this tournament is all about being yourself. When she felt like she was bound to go to Los Angeles to compete to become Grand Champion, Carmel was NOT invited to L.A. Feeling her dreams were absolutely crushed, she was somehow able to rally other dejected tournament hopefuls and create a faction. This massive faction is hellbent on making the eight finalists' lives Hell as well as try to sabotage the tournament.

NOTE: This blog entry may be updated at any time with pictures or edits to enhance this entry.

--- Basic Details ---
Name: Carmel Henderson
Full Name: Carmel Allison Henderson
Nickname: -none-
Birthplace: Washington, D.C., USA
Current City: New York City, NY, USA; but is living in Los Angeles, California, USA for the tournament
Born: June 10, 1989
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Body Type: slim and slender
Heritage: 100% American, but with some British heritage
Occupation: Internet model

--- About This Character ---
At one point, Carmel was one of the hottest teen models. She learned to develop her fighting skills by getting into a number of fights against peers in school. Graduating from her high school in 2008, she knows she's at the legal age to compete in an all-female fighting tournament.

Carmel was born Carmel Allison Henderson in Washington, D.C., USA. She's had such a baby face all of her life. Carmel always loved modeling and taking part in beauty pageants. She always aspired to become one of the world's most fantastic supermodels.

In her childhood, Carmel always considered herself "the most beautifulest girl in the world." She would show up to elementary school wearing cute outfits and cute dresses. Carmel was consistently one of the smartest students in her class. At age 11, Carmel took up martial arts to give herself things to do in bettering herself as a person and to have something to do away from school and modeling. She never got promoted up the belt ranks with martial arts.

It wasn't until Carmel's high school years that she really loved the level of confidence she had in herself and in her body. She started wearing shorter skirts and baring more of her belly. She even wore some low-rise jeans at the mall to try to woo away happily taken boys. After she graduated in 2008 from high school in Washington, D.C.; she wanted to move to New York City to concentrate on a modeling career. Carmel had the opportunity most people have in New York City- to be the best out of millions of people. She would attend New York Yankees baseball games and New York Knicks basketball games. One day at a Knicks game, she saw an advertisement for a brand-new all-female fighting tournament with qualifying matches at Madison Square Garden. Carmel became excited at the possibility to compete in the tournament to become the superstar she's always wanted to be.

This otherwise sweet teenager developed an attitude change being around certain snoody people in New York City who heckled her. Carmel started wearing fashion trends and looks that most people hated, just so she can annoy her peers to no end. She carried this personality into the tournament and did pretty well in her qualifying matches. Carmel's biggest challenge in the Semi-Final qualifying matches was against a native New Yorker named Abbie "A.J." Garcia. When the two headed out onto the stage set up inside Madison Square Garden, Carmel beat A.J. in their qualifying fight. The judges were willing to give good marks to Carmel... until she did the unthinkable. Being a sore loser, Carmel was somehow able to disconnect the bra A.J. was wearing from underneath her shirt. Carmel then knocked A.J. down hard to the ground and ripped off the T-shirt she was wearing. Carmel was then dancing over A.J. as she could only look up at Carmel's denim mini skirt, sheer leggings, and neon green panties. After a while, someone gave A.J. another T-shirt to wear as she was able to re-attach her bra while down on the floor.

The judges convened as they decided on which eight finalists would go on to Los Angeles to fight for the honor of Grand Champion and achieve "unworldly fame." The judges voted in A.J. Garcia despite her losing to Carmel. As Carmel found out she wasn't invited to the tournament, that attitude change went from bad girl to villainess. Carmel found a bunch of other dejected semi-finalists and assembled a faction. These were girls within that age range of 18 and 30 who were supremely jealous of the eight tournament finalists vowed to annoy the eight finalists. This group, often referred to as the "Jealous Girls" all went out to L.A. as this fighting tournament was started. Anytime the faction sees any of the finalists, a number of them will try to blindside the finalists as many of these Jealous Girls would try and mob and attack each finalist. Out of instinct, these finalists understandably try to fight for their lives. None of these jealous young ladies carried lethal weapons. All they do is try to fight hand-to-hand against the finalists. They'll even show up in public places waiting to attack them. Carmel, meanwhile, hides in the shadows.

Carmel's greatest asset to her faction was an enforcer named Buttercup Bonnet. Despite her cutesy name, Buttercup is a sly and slick fighter. She sometimes uses seduction tactics to distract her enemies. With Buttercup at Carmel's side, Carmel has the ultimate weapon against the eight tournament finalists. There are sometimes moments where she questions the loyalties of Buttercup because she sometimes acts among herself.

In addition to adding Buttercup as her enforcer, she's also found four different young women to serve as her highest henchwomen in helping sabotage the tournament. These four women are like Carmel's Secret Service for if Carmel is attacked or in an intense battle. Carmel sometimes randomly calls in members of her faction to give Carmel the edge in battle. These girls would throw something hard at the tournament finalists or even be used as human shields to defend Carmel from getting hurt.

--- Style of Carmel Henderson ---
An aspect of this fighting game concept is fashion. It's a convergence of personalities and styles in one package.

Primary Look.
Carmel has no basic primary look. Instead, her look is based on what she wears on the night of the tournament final, which is also her birthday. She wears a strapless royal blue mini dress with a pleated bottom. Her footwear is a pair of gold metallic tall, strappy gladiator-type sandals.

Secondary Looks and Variations.
There is no secondary look for Carmel except for her makeup being ruined and her hair a mess.

--- The Tournament ---
Since my character is a fighter from my MUGEN project, this pertains to her history as a fighter.

Carmel Henderson's plans were to make it to Los Angeles to win the tournament and expand upon her supermodel career. As a fighter, Carmel demonstrates some great moves and is very athletic. She gets the most unnecessary of edges as she is able to use members of her faction to either help her out when in a pinch or when trying to gain any unfair advantage. She claims she doesn't need the help of her faction girls, but sometimes used them in conjunction with her original fighting abilities.

In the storyline for this character, Carmel challenges (the tournament winner) to a battle whereas nicely-dressed young ladies in formal and semi-formal attire attack the tournament champion. After Carmel is beaten in the ring, Carmel runs outside to the front doors of the ballroom where the tournament final is held. That tournament winner must fight Carmel outside of that ballroom. As Carmel sees her enforcer, Buttercup, Buttercup immediately turns her back on Carmel and decides to soften up Carmel a bit for the tournament winner to finish the job. The seven eliminated finalists are in the crowd of people to cheer on the tournament winner. It is here where Carmel fights hand-to-hand and gets serious. Her only help is her four primary henchwomen only for Super attacks.

And that's the villainess and mastermind behind foiling the tournament!

Extra Notes
* I initially had Carmel as a blonde. Then, I changed her to a brunette. Part of me still has her as a blonde. Her true hairstyle is uncertain.

* I almost wanted to name her "Caramel," but chose Carmel. I actually envisioned the possibilities of a battle between Carmel and Candy Love. Think of caramel vs. candy. Would make one "sweet" fight!

* Carmel would have been the second-youngest tournament fighter if she was in the tournament. She was born a month after Suzie LeMarie.

* In the daytime in casual clothes, Carmel's faction of girls also wear casual clothes. At nighttime, member's of Carmel's faction all dress up in nightclub or formal clothes. The ones called the "Jealous Girls" by the tournament finalists all wear clothes based on fashion styles I dislike. Some of those were fashion styles I forgave sometime later.

* If I made this character for MUGEN, if you chose Carmel as your character, your final boss would be A.J. Garcia. An alternative story to my MUGEN project was that members of Carmel Henderson's faction viciously beaten A.J. Garcia to where A.J. would not be in any condition to fight in the tournament. Carmel was selected as an alternate. She didn't claim responsibility for incapacitating A.J. Garcia. Carmel would fight all the way to become champion without needing help from her faction. But when Carmel was set to celebrate, A.J. appears on stage and challenges her to a fight. Alternately, fighting as Carmel would mean your final boss could be... the boss version of Carmel Henderson.

Again, I may update these blog entries with pictures. Any of my art work can be found on my Myspace page. Thanks for reading!

This blog entry finishes off the eight finalists of the tournament and the two outsiders. There is actually a sequel to this MUGEN project as another tournament with more fighters will come along! More Fictional Character blog entries will follow with more info on each of the characters in the second tournament!
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