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Fictional Character - Buttercup Bonnet

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Though she did not qualify as a tournament finalist for an all-female fighting tournament, Buttercup Bonnet has a secret agenda important to her. Buttercup knows something the eight finalists may not know- a dejected tournament snub has vowed to attack the eight finalists by hiring other tournament snubs to beat them into submission. So this young fighter decided to align herself with the mastermind behind this evil plot. Thing is, that mastermind doesn't know that Buttercup is a decoy.

NOTE: This blog entry may be updated at any time with pictures or edits to enhance this entry.

--- Basic Details ---
Name: Buttercup Bonnet
Full Name: Buttercup Daisy Bonnet
Nickname: "B-Cup" is most popular; some call her Daisy
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Current City: St. Louis, Missouri, USA; but is living in Los Angeles, California, USA for the tournament
Born: September 19, 1984
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Body Type: slim and slender
Heritage: 100% American, but with some Scottish and Dutch heritage
Occupation: beautician, also a vigilante

--- About This Character ---
Buttercup is not afraid or skeptical of her name. She feels her name is as feminine and pure as any other flower names (like Madison, Allison, etc.). The young lady believes in standing up for what she believes in. There are moments when she can be very impervious to any threat or challenge set before her. But then, there are also moments where she is timid and shy. Buttercup has two sides to her- one is not afraid to fight, and the other is where she is timid and shy. Like Candy Love, Buttercup sometimes doesn't realize how powerful she really is.

Buttercup was born as Buttercup Daisy Bonnet, the youngest daughter to a mother who was an award-winning gardener. Her sister is Heather Bonnet, who is two years older than her. A beautiful day to Buttercup is when she can enjoy playing with flowers. She's always been one to enjoy purity and peace. At her very core, she is passionate and caring.

Buttercup played sports in her youth. She mostly played softball and basketball. Her favorite sport was bowling. Her father, Daniel Bonnet, won a handful of bowling opens in his native Philadelphia. Buttercup decided to incorporate a little bowling into her wardrobe. She even wore actual bowling shoes as part of her outfits at times! Buttercup actually won herself some bowling honors playing as a high school student.

Buttercup chose to enroll in beauty school rather than meet her aspirations of graduating from the University of Missouri. She felt like beauty was important to her. There seemed to be a hidden energy to transforming someone's looks in her mind. So with this in mind, Buttercup was able to successfully earn her degree to start a career as a beautician. She started out at one salon in her native St. Louis. Each day was enjoyable when someone's hair was styled by her. For good luck, she makes sure to have some buttercup flowers in one or more of her pockets to her clothes.

Buttercup would develop a change in personality one day in St. Louis. The salon she worked for was robbed as various items were stolen. She made the bold decision to pursue the robbers and bring them to justice. One of the robbers was a porn addict. In a bold move, Buttercup came up with her own sting operation. This is where she developed a much better appreciation for her body than ever before. She decided to use seduction to take down the robbers. The boldest move she attempted was in going braless. It was pretty bold considering that Buttercup was wearing a satin button-down blouse. She then buttoned down her blouse to about mid-waist, proudly exposing her cleavage in an attempt to seduce the robbers to submission. The robbers were definitely turned on by the beautiful lady. Then later... Buttercup was able to take down both robbers and report them to police. She even recovered the stolen items and became a heroine. She even got a big time gift- Buttercup was granted her own salon after one salon in St. Louis went out of business.

This is where Buttercup decided to become more of a vigilante. Vigilante justice felt good. She would devote some time to try to take care of any other matters affecting her community. This even includes curbing high school violence from her former high school. Feeling like she's mastered a good set of moves, she thought about joining an all-female fighting tournament. She made it all the way out to the American finals in New York City, but was dejected that she was not among the eight finalists at tournament's end. But rather than hate the world she lives in and the life she lives, Buttercup just wanted to return to her salon in St. Louis. That is... until one other snubbed finalist was secretly trying to recruit other non-finalists to attack the real tournament finalists. Buttercup felt like she made the worst decision of her life when she joined the dark faction set to sabotage the tournament. She lied about her age, saying she was 19 when she was really 24. From there, Buttercup was recruited as an enforcer to the dark mastermind's faction.

Buttercup got up close and personal to the plan put into play by this dark mastermind. She learned almost everything she needed to know. With this knowledge, she moved to Los Angeles (where the tournament rounds would be held) taking the laptop she got for Christmas to investigate on this dark plan.

--- Style of Buttercup Bonnet ---
An aspect of this fighting game concept is fashion. It's a convergence of personalities and styles in one package.

Primary Look.
Buttercup felt so confident in her looks when stunning robbers that she decided to sport the look as her primary outfit. The only difference is that she wears high-waist slacks rather than the tan-colored jeans she wore when she tricked the salon robbers. Her blouse is a button-down dark green satin blouse. This blouse is opened up to expose as much of her cleavage and chest without overdoing it. She wears a black bra underneath to feel comfortable even when fighting. The blouse is tucked into a pair of khaki-colored high-waist slacks. The high-waist pants have a sexy pair of flap pockets at the back. And rather than wear pumps, she wears some sleek retro oxford sneakers as sleek as her favorite bowling shoes.

Secondary Looks and Variations.
The only variation to her primary look is going braless. An alternative look is styled much like her primary look, only it's more casual. She wears a button-down burgundy shirt with elbow-length cuffed sleeves. Her shirt is unbuttoned and opened up largely. But rather than wearing a bra, she wears a basic white T-shirt underneath. Those shirts are tucked into a pair of medium blue high-waist bootcut jeans. She wears a pair of brown industrial-type oxford shoes (similar to Doc Martens) to complete the casual look.

--- The Tournament ---
Since my character is a fighter from my MUGEN project, this pertains to her history as a fighter.

Buttercup Bonnet is rated as someone who is undeniably sneaky. She can be cunning, but there's no denying she is talented as a fighter.

Buttercup's main goal is to warn the other tournament finalists that someone is out to try to beat them. Buttercup, herself, even fights against the finalists until she finally confesses her secret that she's a decoy. She wants to keep everything a secret because she doesn't want to betray the faction mastermind until the tournament concludes.

Extra Notes
* Her name is NOT based on Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls, nor was any aspect of her an inspiration to create her. This was solely (initially) based

* The garden to Buttercup's house was created by her mother. Since the garden work was complete, Buttercup's garden has won Garden of the Month every month for the past five months.

* Buttercup sometimes brags about bowling above 200 consistently. She used to commonly bowl above 200 and once bowled an all-time high of 270. But recently, she finishes bowling scores between 165 and 180. I almost based these bowling scores on my performance playing bowling in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Again, I may update these blog entries with pictures. Any of my art work can be found on my Myspace page. Thanks for reading!

This blog entry finishes off the eight finalists of the tournament. Finally, the final character is the mastermind behind the evil faction will be in my next post.
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