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Fictional Character - Keisha "Crazy Legs" Kirkpatrick

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Keisha Kirkpatrick loves music and dancing. She loves hip-hop dances and even loves singing R&B. Keisha is a true "Dirty South" girl born in the hip-hop hotbed of Atlanta, Georgia. Keisha is quite fit and active. Because of her amazing dancing moves, her friends have called her "Crazy Legs." Those legs became even crazier when she took up fighting. A very special fan of hers needs her help most. So when Keisha joined this fighting tournament, she knew who she'd most love to fight to save someone's life... her ailing mother. Crazy Legs is a fictional character from my MUGEN project I discussed in my MUGEN project.

NOTE: The following is a conceptual image of my fictional character using Meez. This image will be used as a placeholder until I create a proper image to share online.

^ Keisha "Crazy Legs" Kirkpatrick (conceptual image), a fictional MUGEN character idea of mine

--- Basic Details ---
Name: Keisha "Crazy Legs" Kirkpatrick
Full Name: Keisha Janelle Kirkpatrick
Nickname: Crazy Legs (sometimes "Krazy Legs," and sometimes "Krazy Legz")
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Current City: Atlanta, Georgia USA, but previously lived in Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Born: August 25, 1986
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Body Type: Athletic build
Heritage: Black American, some Nigerian descent
Occupation: Recording Artist

Thinks of Herself As: friendly and genuine. She's strong-willed and determined as well.

--- About This Character ---
Keisha was the kind of girl who could put on a show anywhere she's out. She loves hip-hop and R&B, but also likes pop music and some electronica. She goes out to do hip-hop dancing dance at clubs and sometimes does breakdancing (or as breakdancing girls are often called, B-Girls) and even goes to raves. Very successful in school, she always loved basketball. She helped win a State Championship for her high school basketball team. She could have taken a scholarship to play basketball at Alabama A&M, but she declined to focus on a career in music. A month since graduating from Alabama A&M, Keisha learned that her mother is battling breast cancer. To help her mother win her fight against breast cancer, she moved back to Atlanta to check on her mother. With her family strapped for cash, she feels the best way to raise enough money to help her mother win her fight against breast cancer, Keisha entered a fighting tournament to fight for her mother's life. Keisha will donate all or most of her winnings to help her mother fight breast cancer as well as help out others who are battling breast cancer.

Keisha was born Keisha Janelle Kirkpatrick in 1986. Even as a child, she always would always dance to music that was fun to listen to. She's mostly a Black American, but her father and grandfather had Nigerian blood in them. Keisha consistently made the Honor Roll in middle school. When her grades stumbled a bit, she wanted to challenge herself by going to high school and playing for her girls' basketball team. Keisha played point guard and played it quite well. One time in the state playoffs in Georgia, it was her high school vs. a rival for the state championship. Down 17 points at halftime, Keisha electrified the audience with a shooting performance for the ages. A late layup by Keisha helped her high school to win the state championship.

Keisha was so proud of her accomplishments that she was granted scholarship offers to go to some big name colleges. However, she chose to move to Birmingham, Alabama. She was admitted to Alabama A&M University, where she concentrated on her studies and in her musical aspirations. Keisha lived on campus, but sometimes would return to her Birmingham home on the weekends. Keisha sometimes competed in dancing competitions. Keisha's moves were so awesome that even the hip-hop boys took notice. She loves that she was able to "throw them bows" about as good as any hip-hop boy dancers. Keisha had vibes too. The people in Birmingham were pleased as how one girl was able to take part in aggressive dances and also be able to sing beautifully. Keisha even laid down a few freestyle raps, again, captivating the audience.

One girl who attended Keisha's college turned out to be her primary rival, both as a dancing rival and as a physical rival. Her name was Chrissy Di Marco from San Diego, California. Keisha became rivals with her. It began as a friendly rivalry on the dance floor. But later, it became a physical rivalry when Chrissy attacked Keisha after losing a dance battle against her. Chrissy started to dress more like Keisha wearing a cropped hoodie, fleece cargo pants, and some all-white sneakers. She started emulating Keisha's style to extend their rivalry. When Chrissy couldn't fit in and compete against Keisha, she transferred to another school. Keisha eventually graduated from Alabama A&M as she aimed to be the next best thing in American music.

Keisha moved back to Atlanta to check on her old friends and her family. The one thing she was unaware of was her mother having breast cancer. Her mother, Caroline was born in Detroit and became a fixture in MoTown and in Atlanta. Keisha's family was unable to help get her mother to a hospital to help her in her fight against breast cancer. A good friend of Caroline named Charles invited her to San Francisco to help her in her fight against breast cancer. Funny enough, a fighting tournament will give away the ultimate prize- lots of money, two sweet cars, and a brand-new mansion south of downtown San Francisco. Keisha feels this is a great way to help raise money to help her mother win her battle against breast cancer.

Keisha went ahead and bought a magenta cropped hoodie. She, with the help of some of her friends, added some graphics to the back of her hoodie. The back of her hoodie has "MOM" sewn on the back and with a big design similar to the pink ribbon that signifies breast cancer awareness. She aims to wear this cropped hoodie as part of her outfit to represent her mother in the tournament.

--- Style of Crazy Legs ---
An aspect of this fighting game concept is fashion. It's a convergence of personalities and styles in one package.

Primary Look.
Keisha's look is a sporty hip-hop girl. She wears a black sports bra, but underneath her cropped hoodie. Keisha proudly shows off her sculpted abs and built body. She wears army green cargo capri pants and a pair of hip-hop appropriate white sneakers.

Secondary Looks and Variations.
An alternate look for her is a cropped white hoodie with "MOM" and the breast cancer ribbon in pink. When not fighting, she sometimes wears a pair of fleece cargo pants along with her sneakers. She really doesn't wear sneakers too often, as you can usually find her in some cute ballet flats or any of her dressy pumps.

--- The Tournament ---
Since my character is a fighter from my MUGEN project, this pertains to her history as a fighter.

Crazy Legs knows how to deliver pain. Her punches and arm attacks are powerful, but the majority of her offense can be found with her legs. Keisha is amazingly flexible with her legs. Various kicking attacks are available in Keisha's arsenal. Some people, however, think Keisha relies too much on her legs for offense and wishes she would utilize more punching attacks. She is very athletic and fit, almost like her rival nicknamed "LOVE."

Keisha wants to win this tournament to help finance her mother's fight against breast cancer. She will donate all or most of her winnings to help her mother fight breast cancer in San Francisco. Her mother is her biggest fan, and she will fight to save her mother's life.

Because of her love of hip-hop, she grew a rivalry with Sandy Gonzalez as Sandy was rubbed the wrong way being in a tournament with someone like Keisha. Keisha can't stand Sandy's music, and Sandy couldn't stand Keisha's music. And so... a rivalry was born. Keisha became friends with A.J. Garcia and Candy Love as well as help out Suzie LeMarie with her problems.

Extra Notes
* I almost wanted to name Keisha as Keisha Jessica Kirkpatrick, as I once known a girl named Jessica Kirkpatrick. But I've decided to change her middle name up to something different.

Again, I may update these blog entries with pictures. Any of my art work can be found on my Myspace page. Thanks for reading!
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