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Fictional Character - A.J. Garcia

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Meet one of my fictional characters- A.J. Garcia. She is a fictional character from my MUGEN project I discussed in my MUGEN project. A.J. is one of eight different finalists in an all-female fighting tournament.

NOTE: The following is a conceptual image of my fictional character using Meez. This image will be used as a placeholder until I create a proper image to share online.

^ Abbie Jessica (A.J.) Garcia (conceptual image), a fictional MUGEN character idea of mine

--- Basic Details ---
Name: A.J. Garcia
Full Name: Abbie (Abigail) Jessica Garcia
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, USA
Born: April 11, 1987
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Body Type: Plus Size/Full-Figure/Curvy
Heritage: 100% Salvadoran
Occupation: College Student (St. John's University in Jamaica, NY)

Thinks of herself as: an absolutely girly-girl, sweet, genuine, kind, respectful, cute

--- About This Character ---
A.J. Garcia was born and raised in Manhattan. Her birth certificate says "Abbie," but some do call her "Abigail," which she doesn't like. A.J. is pure Salvadoran as both of her parents were born in San Salvador, El Salvador. She was born a few years since becoming United States citizens. She always envisioned herself as a beautiful princess in her childhood. A.J. would one day dream a handsome prince asks to dance with her (ballroom style) and ask to marry her. She's always loved cute and girly things and enjoys life.

As a person, A.J. is very sweet and friendly. Abbie doesn't follow fashion trends- she just wears what makes her comfortable and happy. That's even if discontinued trends are involved. A.J. isn't disappointed if she isn't as stylish as some other New York City women her age. She also isn't discouraged about being curvy. She's fabulously curvy and loves the skin she's in as well as not being doubtful of her appearance. She has a beautiful face and lovely shoulder-length hair. A.J. is an absolute girly-girl. She is a great fan of shopping, cute clothes, hanging out with friends, watching movies, doing random things, and most of all... having fun. She even likes going to the nightclub and partying with her friends. Most of her kindness has come from the fact that she used to be a babysitter. She's not really an animal lover, but she used to have a dog.

While her life has seemed sugary, there was a time where A.J. had to fight to defend herself. This resulted in multiple confrontations she's had to fight for herself in rough times. She has lived in New York City most of her life, but had to move to Los Angeles with her mother for a business deal. It wasn't until her high school years where she and her family moved back to New York City. This is where A.J. would later graduate from high school. A.J. moved from Manhattan to Queens to attend St. John's University. Abbie is soon to graduate with her Bachelor's in Communications. She is in no way belligerent- A.J. is very well disciplined in knowing there are certain times to fight.

Abbie used to have a boyfriend, but she dumped him for being a pervert. Abbie has a major dream- become married to a handsome gentleman. She even loves flirting with guys to try to land that Prince Charming. A.J. also likes cooking, and she feels the quickest way to a man's heart is to make delicious food, dessert, and sweets for him. So she sometimes looks to make delicious sweets for guys she meets and loves.

--- Style of A.J. Garcia ---
An aspect of this fighting game concept is fashion. It's a convergence of personalities and styles in one package.

Primary Look.

A.J.'s style of dress is "comfy cute." She's stylish while also feeling comfy. Her style is comfy while not being overly lazy. She wears a dark pink bolero jacket, a white satin camisole, and a pair of dark brown gaucho pants that extend to about mid-calf. Her choice of footwear is a pair of dark pink sneaker-like mary jane wedges that are comfortable and cute.

Secondary Looks.
I had a casual outfit in mind for A.J. besides the one mentioned above. An alternate look I had for her was a dark pink T-shirt that says in white cursive letters, "Pretty in Pink." A shorter denim bolero [in medium wash] is worn along with some medium wash jeans and a cute pair of black peep-toe pumps.

A nightclub look of hers is this sapphire blue satin shirtdress paired with some strappy silver sandals. Another nightclub look is a purple/violet palazzo jumpsuit with a halter top design. Those are paired with white peep-toe pumps.

--- The Tournament ---
Since my character is a fighter from my MUGEN project, this pertains to her history as a fighter.

Abbie learned of a fighting tournament going on. She went ahead to participate in the tournament. Madison Square Garden was converted to a fighting arena where many tournament hopefuls would compete to be among the eight finalists. She did very well in the first series of matches. She even made friends with an Ohio native named Debbie Denton (whom she fought against). Abbie attended the second (and final) heat to determine who all would make the field for the tournament. This is where she would get to meet a lovely go-go dancer from Texas. This go-go dancer was obviously A.J.'s biggest fan, even though she hasn't even been declared a finalist yet. Abbie didn't fight against the go-go dancer in the one-on-one matches, but she was elated when she got good marks about her fighting ability.

Her motivation to win the tournament comes from what she wrote in a journal once:

"I am but one New York City girl. In a city of millions of people, my primary motivation is to be one in a million to become a champion."

Having said this, she's reluctant to win this tournament to represent her city and even to become a positive inspiration to others. She's told to be the most well-equipped and well-versed contender in this tournament. Her skills and techniques are purely average, making her the best all-around talent in the competition.

As a fighter in this tournament, Abbie is one cutie that's not afraid to knuckle up when it's time to fight. The amount of discipline and class she possesses is incredible. It is almost as if nothing or no one can break her. She is truly sweet and genuine to all she comes in contact with (excluding any of her would-be enemies).
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