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Fictional Character - Suzie LeMarie

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From high fashion to high turmoil, Suzie LeMarie is a young college student in an all-female fighting tournament. Suzie loves charity work more than fashion. She moved from her native Paris, France to study fashion design at New York University. What has transpired since has been nothing but depression and turmoil. A friend of hers suggested she try out fighting. And ever since, she is reluctant to try to win this tournament while also getting people to donate to viable charities. With Suzie's life going out of control, there is a dark rumor circulating that she will kill herself if she fails to win the tournament (or finish strong in the tournament). Suzie is a fictional character from my MUGEN project I discussed in my MUGEN project.

NOTE: The following is a conceptual image of my fictional character using Meez. This image will be used as a placeholder until I create a proper image to share online.

^ Suzie LeMarie (conceptual image), a fictional MUGEN character idea of mine

--- Basic Details ---
Name: Suzie LeMarie
Full Name: Suzanna Elise LeMarie
Nickname: Suzie
Birthplace: Paris, France
Current Home: New York City, New York, USA
Born: May 15, 1989
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Body Type: slim and slender
Heritage: 100% French
Occupation: College Student (New York University)

Thinks of Herself As: kind and gentle, but often lacks self-esteem and feeling personally happy with herself

--- About This Character ---
Suzie loves fashion, but loves charity work even more. She signed a deal with a well-known French shoe designer to help fund a special charity through her matches. Suzie urges all viewers of the tournament to donate to charity.

Suzie was born Susanna Elise LeMarie. The native of Paris, France commonly wants to be referred to as Suzie. Her family is spread apart France. The only family member of hers not in France is her cousin, who lives in London, England. She knew she wanted to be a fashion designer since seeing her first fashion show at the age of six. Her mother, Elizabeth, would teach her how to sew and how to knit. Suzie entered a beauty pageant at age 12 and won with the stunning designs her and her mother have created. Suzie would move to New York City to further her quest of haute couture after graduating from high school. Suzie is now an international student at New York University as she tries to start her own clothing line.

Recently, Suzie's world has been turned upside down when her grandmother, Cecilia, passed away. Suzie's grades were slipping, and she would constantly be in her room trembling in fear and crying heavily. She even wanted to return to Paris as her life was beginning to fall apart. She made friends with a classmate named Louise at NYU who helped her ease her pain. This friend somehow convinced her to try something outside of fashion and school to ease her mind and enhance her image. Suzie turned to fighting. She enrolled in yoga and in tai chi classes. Her conditioning became so impressive that she tried out martial arts. Suzie's concentrated attacks and sheer finesse have made her quite tough to challenge to a fight. Feeling confident, she tried out a few martial arts tournaments and won. Suzie became happier and more confident about herself.

Then later, more sadness arose. Because of her slumping grades and depressed life, she was dropped from her fashion design class. Suzie became so disheartened and felt like nothing EVER works in her favor. Each depressing day has led her to thinking of something she never would have considered- suicide. Friends have helped her to subside her suicidal thoughts. Even her friend told her to take part in a fighting tournament qualifier held in New York City. So Suzie signed up for the tournament and tested her skill against other local talent. Since Suzie became so hateful of herself, she wouldn't have been surprised if she failed to advance. Unfortunately, she did advance. She even became one of eight finalists to compete for the title of Grand Champion for this championship.

She became confident, but still thinks her success is superficial. There was a dark rumor circulating that if she doesn't win the tournament or finishes strong in the tournament... she will kill herself.

--- Style of Suzie LeMarie ---
An aspect of this fighting game concept is fashion. It's a convergence of personalities and styles in one package.

Primary Look.
Suzie's look emphasizes lovely legs and chic clothes. She wears a white short-sleeve blouse with a dark gray vest worn over it. A matching dark gray pair of trouser-like short-shorts are worn. The look is topped off with a cute pair of black suede wedge booties.

Secondary Looks and Variations.
There are only variations of her look, mostly wearing colored tights along with her boots. Another variation is a cropped vest worn with her button-down blouse, only that her blouse is open to show her navel.

--- The Tournament ---
Since my character is a fighter from my MUGEN project, this pertains to her history as a fighter.

The tournament is somewhat a make-or-break deal for Suzie LeMarie. Scouts say that she lacks power or any kind of fierceness, but makes up for it with swift and precise attacks. A big deterrent of her fighting ability lies in if Suzie lets her depression get in the way of her.

Winning the grand prize means very little to her. If anything, this is a test to see if Suzie can survive in a rough world. Her fighting is more towards donating to charity rather than trying to become rich. She would like to return to the fashion design class she was dropped from at NYU if she wins.

Extra Notes
* I do not know of any proper French last names. So what I did was base Suzie's last name on race car driver, Patrick LeMarie.

* I alternated between her wearing open-toe booties and open-toe slingback booties. I was inspired to think of her with booties to be consistent with a fashion trend of wearing short-shorts with ankle boots.

* She is really the only character I've visualized who looks the most classy. That's even with short-shorts and fierce booties.

Again, I may update these blog entries with pictures. Any of my art work can be found on my Myspace page. Halfway through this batch of characters. There are eight more from my MUGEN project.
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