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Ballet Flats

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(UPDATED: September 4, 2017)

Cute, simple, and fun... ballet flats are very basic and very cute. Many of which are very inexpensive as well. Ballet flats are more the shoe alternative to flip-flops. The right kind of ballet flats can make an entire look cute. I personally find ballet flats to be lovely on the feet of femmes. These offer simple style. Just slip them on and enjoy the style. Even if you aren't going to dance to Swan Lake, at least enjoy these for their casual charm. This blog post takes a look at ballet flats.


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Outdated Post...

This post is mostly outdated. If you would like a [recently updated] post on this topic in my proper fashion blog, you are invited to visit the link below. Otherwise, enjoy your time here on "John's Blog Space!"

"Ballet Flats" (StyleSpace by JBM)

Ballet Flats at a Glance

While there's nothing wrong going with shoes that have a platform or a well-defined heel, some favor a simple pair of flat shoes. Ballet flats deliver this. What I like most about seeing ballet flats is just how a simple pair of flats can make a femme lovely. I've seen a good number of ballet flats on everyone ranging from little girls to teen girls to women. I best tend to like ballet flats with a cute bow at the front. Here are a few pairs of ballet flats just to get you interested:

American Eagle Millie ballet flats
^ from: - American Eagle "Millie" ballet flats. The ribbon detail and stitching makes these absolutely beautiful.

These American Eagle Millie bow flats are perhaps my favorites. Note the beautiful ribbon detail not only at the toes, but through the sides of the flats. I find this very cute and really provides a beautiful look to any such outfit.

While ballet flats are very simplistic, some designers make ballet flats for unreal prices. For example I've seen a simple pair of ballet flats from Louboutin that cost $500+ USD! It sometimes depends on the shoe maker as far as how much you want to actually pay for a simple pair of ballet flats.

--- What's the Difference Between Ballet Flats and Ballet Slippers? ---

Ballet slippers, while beautiful, are made specifically for dancing, and are not really recommended to wear walking around the mall or whatever. I interpret ballet flats as a fashion alternative to ballet-style slippers. There's a little more cushioning and support for ballet flats than ballet slippers. These ballet flats are more like ballet slippers you can actually wear around and with your favorite looks or outfits.

How to Style Ballet Flats?

There are many choices to wear ballet flats. I've seen a cute combination of a simple T-shirt, skinny jeans, and some flats. Perfectly fine. Maybe you have a tunic and some leggings to wear with ballet flats. No problem! Maybe you work for a business and wear a blouse and some career pants, and you choose to wear ballet flats. Perfectly fine. You have a number of options to wear these with. Only thing I'm uncertain of is that I don't think they make great evening shoes to wear (unless it's a semi-formal occasion).

Cross-Promotion, Other Reading, and Others

If you like ballet flats or want to find a pair of ballet flats for yourself, I want to help you. It's time for me to show you around on Amazon for some ballet flats. Please remember that if you see something you like and want to buy (I don't make you buy anything. It's your call), be sure to click on the images I provide. You've helped me a great deal by visiting my blog and reading my blog posts. I want to thank you in return by showing you ballet flats you can purchase on Amazon if you want to do some shopping. I would feel incomplete to talk about a certain fashion and not give you the ability to get your own fashion items. So have a look at these ballet flats that I think are lovely.

Ballet flats on Amazon can be found with these items below. With this (and other) blog entries being made over to include more Amazon content, you can now visit my secondary blog to shop and buy more ballet flats!


Here are some ballet flats I found for you all that may interest you. Check these out:

Find MORE ballet flats here:

• ballet flats

I even discussed ballet flats in an old YouTube video. Check this out: John Talks Ballet Flats. When I did a search on Amazon, the most expensive ballet flats I saw (just for fun) was a pair of Dolce and Gabbana flats selling for about $865 USD!

"Tunic with Leggings and Ballet Flats" - John's Blog Space
^ A cute look with ballet flats is to pair tunics with leggings and ballet flats. This blog post takes a look at this outfit.

"Ballet" - John's Blog Space
^ For actual ballet fans, this post talks about ballet.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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