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Finding "That One"

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It can be tough looking for that one person whom you love more than anything. And with Valentine's Day coming up, it will be a chance to talk about love. I don't believe in Valentine's Day (if you must know). However, finding that one person whom you love most can be a hassle, especially if you know many special people in your life. This blog entry debuts a new label for my blog- Love and Relationships. Now I want you to note something. Love and Relationships does not mean this is exclusively for finding love. This can involve maintaining friendships, getting along better with parents, getting along better with co-workers, etc. Now on to the main point of this blog entry.

--- Inspiration from Me ---
I guess I should offer my own inspiration to set the mood. I've known many people from many points around the world. I have never honestly had a girlfriend. I tend to think that having a loved one in your life means that you are together with someone you love. It means you go out on dates and do fun things together. Having said this (don't confuse the terminology here)... I've had many special girl friends. But, I've never had a true girlfriend. Maybe it's a problem with me that I've never shared numbers and wanted to go take girls to places and have fun. It's not that I've been stubborn in not wanting to go out with people. It's just that I've never been really thinking of one person to be my future wife and possible mother of my children.

The main point to extract is that I've had many special ones in my past. I've never had a date in my life. Don't get the idea that I'm a player because I'm not a player. Players actually try to commit to others, but dump them (or cheat) in favor of some other lover. I'm not like that.

--- How Do You Find "That One?" ---
If there was an easy answer for that, then we'd all be better off and happy together. What I would probably suggest is to think about someone whom you feel happiest with. Who is that person? It depends on what that person means to you. Does someone mean so much to you that he/she is worth developing a close bond with that person? Do you value someone as a special person and would gladly die to protect the one you love most? Do you see someone as a person in which you are strong, but feel stronger when in love with your lover?

I think if you feel like wanting to start a relationship with someone special, these are things you have to consider. Also think of what you look for in someone. The person who is closest to who you envision as your partner is the one you go for. If no one is close to what you look for (or if they're taken), then you go looking for someone new you're happiest with.

--- Is There Ever "That One" for Everyone? ---
I watch a lot of Maury. Something I am compelled is in how someone can be truthful to one person, then go ahead and cheat. A big part of love is commitment. The classic case of infidelity is when a guy, bored with his girl, decides to start an affair with someone who is much younger and maybe more appealing.

While I think there is that person for all of us that makes us happy, there's never that specific one that fulfills all aspects of what we look for in a lover. Everyone is as perfect as we deem perfect. You're never going to meet that truly special person. And when I say that, I'm talking about a casual person looking for someone who is completely perfect- unconditionally loves you, supports you, cares about you, can't live without you... things like that. Things happen over time to test relationships,

The mindset I hate most is when people just give up on trying to meet someone special and loving. It's that feeling of "nobody loves me or cares about me." Let me tell you something. There have been friends in my life whom have mattered to me very much. There have been times in my life where I felt like only certain friends of mine can help me feel better when I'm having my worst days. While I've never had a true girlfriend, at least I know there are those out there whom I'd most love to be with for when I'm really wanting to think about whom I most want to be with and love for a long time.

Some people, Heaven forbid, just don't have any luck having or keeping lovers. It just doesn't work out for some people. I think the best thing is just to keep on going and hopefully get to find someone who really matters to you and loves you as much as you love her/him.

--- Trust Dating Sites? ---
I am single. I wouldn't be so desperate as to just go online to find someone. I don't believe in love at first sight. I'd want to meet a certain lover in person. There's more credibility to meeting someone in person than with a certain face on the Internet. I usually hate looking at some of these spam banners where if you accomplish some task, you get ringtones, learn your secret crush, or any bullcrap like that. I don't believe in online dating sites. If online dating sites are your way of looking for someone special, fine. I'm just not like this or want to sign up for something like this. I'd rather just look for someone I'd know in person rather than look online for someone completely genuine.

Finding "that one" can be a tedious process, but it's very possible to meet that special someone whom you feel connected and loved being with. Sometimes, that dream person can come at a time when you least expect it. That person can come from someone who just somehow magically connects with you. It doesn't matter if you're heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual... that special someone is out there for you possibly willing to meet you at long last. So keep trying to find that special someone!
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