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Motorcycle Style - The 2010 Yamaha VMAX

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The Yamaha VMAX is one of the most head-turning cruiser-type motorcycles anywhere. This is an aggressively-styled motorcycle with PLENTY of style.

--- Motorcycle Style: The Yamaha VMAX ---
The bike: Yamaha VMAX (recommend you right-click on the link and open either in a new tab or a new window)

This is a very tough bike. A big, yet smooth headlight lights the road ahead. There's lots of chrome and lots of stylish accents. There are circular scoops that are situated around the dummy tank feeding air into this mean bike. A big radiator is situated near the front wheel. The VMAX features a strange-looking muffler, but not as lovely a rear muffler as the VMAX I remember from "Tourist Trophy." All the bodywork on this bike is both exceptional. A nice taillight cluster compliments the rear of this cruiser. Its overall design is made for style and meanness. Who says mean can't look good?

When riding, you get a nice set of chrome handle bars. A big tachometer along with a shift light compliment the view ahead of the handle bars. This tachometer includes a digital speedometer encased within the tachometer. Closer to you when riding is a digital instrument panel. So while the outside is pretty mean, the instrument panel is pretty technical.

The VMAX is simply a wicked awesome bike. It has been ridiculed, however, for its handling. This is a very mean motorcycle from Yamaha. It begs to be ridden hard down the highway. Go turn some heads on this lovely Yamaha.

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