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HKS Racing Controller for the PS3

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Some people just want something a bit different. What if you don't want a standard racing wheel, though? Not too many options. Well, check THIS out. A company called Eagle3 created perhaps the most unique-looking gamepad for racing. Think of your DualShock 3 and how it's arranged when you play racing games. Now... study THIS controller:

HKS Racing Controller PS3
^ from: www.motorworldhype.com - HKS Racing Controller for the PlayStation 3.

Can you spot the differences? Where the D-Pad is replaced with a kind of thumbwheel somehow allowing for precision shifting. Where the D-Pad usually is on the DualShock is now where the right analog stick would be. The X button and Square buttons are the two pedals (so to speak). The triangle and circle buttons are to the side of the X "pedal." Apparentely, the controller even comes with a digital pressure gauge to actually gauge your pressure readout in pressing the pedals and such.

This controller would greatly suit me because I don't usually use Manual/Standard transmission in games. I usually use something like the R2 trigger to upshift and L2 to downshift. I usually set up my DualShock controllers (especially those with analog sticks) for my right analog stick to serve as my acceleration and brakes. I tilt the right analog stick downwards to accelerate and upwards to brake. One time, I think I even tried using the right analog stick as my manual transmission shifting (down to upshift, up to downshift). So that would be just as good as a car with paddle shifting. The controller is made by Eagle3 in collaboration with HKS. It is certainly one of the most unusual racing games.

My PS3 racing experience is very limited (though I am still working on finally getting a PS3 and Gran Turismo 5). However, I would want to use this racing wheel in quite a few racing games just to play-test this deal and see if it is any bit better than using a proper racing wheel. The racing purists would STILL fancy a proper steering wheel over ANY gamepad. But what do you make of this HKS Racing Controller?

Here is a video demonstrating this controller and its features:

More information on Eagle3: Eagl3
More information on the HKS Racing Controller: HKS Racing Controller for the PS3 (eagl3.com)

To all of my PlayStation gamers who love to race... would you race with this, or rather prefer a proper steering wheel? I would like to see simracingtonght on YouTube cover this thing! One YouTube channel HAS reviewed this before, though. If you want a review of this controller from a YouTube channel, check out this 7-minute long review (rather detailed):

Oh, lo and behold... it's on Amazon! Learn more about and buy this controller on Amazon by clicking on the item below!

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