Monday, January 3, 2011

Tomorrow is a New Day

John Marine | 1/03/2011 03:04:00 AM | | |
Today isn't going so well. Hope tomorrow is better for you. Today didn't go the way you were hoping for. Hope tomorrow goes better for you. Your week was bad. Hope next week goes better. You wished this month never happened. Hope next month goes better for you. This past year was terrible for you. I hope next year is much more gratifying and satisfying for you.

We always tend to believe that each day is a continuation of whatever rough aspects of life we are living in. Like if in a complicated relationship, the next day is just going to be a continuation of yesterday's transgressions. If struggling in life, subsequent days just feel like more incentive to want to die. Today may be bad for you, but think positively- tomorrow could be much better. Life is not a broken music record. Sometimes, the record player of life will play a different tune. If you treat life like nothing good will ever happen, then nothing good will ever happen. At least live life like there is a chance to make each day as incredible as you deem incredible. Life will play itself out any way possible. Just remember one thing- DON'T LOSE FAITH!

Life sometimes just doesn't go your way for a certain day. You have visions of great success and great fortune, but it can all crash on you. I know these experiences myself. There are times when I hope to have a great day. Turns out... that may or may not happen. That's why I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. Life plays itself out, and I've come to a point where you stop caring about what you really want to accomplish for a given year and just life live, and make your New Year Resolutions in real-time. The most important thing is that while life can get progressively worse, it can conversely get progressively better. You don't give up on hope for one instance. If we didn't care so much as to having happy visions of the future, we would all be moping and feeling bad, making our eventual dying days feel a lot closer. Life live proudly and always hope for bigger and better. Each day doesn't have to be a continuation of something bad in your life. In fact, a continuation of bad times could present you a much-needed break tomorrow or in the future. It may not be anything immediate to help you feel better and right the ship (so to speak), but at least having some sort of good break is better than not even acknowledging the fact that life can get better (even at unexpected times).

So always remember- tomorrow is a new day! Next week is a new week! Next month is a new month! Next year is a new year! Never give up faith. If tomorrow, this week, this month, or this year aren't going well... hope the next day/week/month/year goes much better for you. My best wishes are with all of you to feel better and have happier travels if your current progress is going poorly.

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