Friday, April 22, 2011

That One Signature Item

John Marine | 4/22/2011 10:36:00 PM |
(UPDATED: March 29, 2012)

For many people, what makes for one's distinctive style is wearing a certain item that really defines their style, or makes them look cool. I appropriately named this blog post to talk about signature fashion items people wear. Do you have a signature item you wear that defines you or makes you unique? Even if you are not a fashion-savvy person, there's at least something you wear that defines your style or your character. That is the point of this blog post- that one specific accessory or garment that defines your style best.

--- That One Signature Item ---
I think everyone has something unique that they wear and wear with unique charm. It can be an item bought from a store, it can be made by somebody (including yourself), it can be something handed down to you from some other member of the family... basically something you wear that compliments your style and makes you unique. Having such an item makes you unique in looks. Examples of unique fashion items can include the following:

• a bowtie
• a scarf
• a specially-made necklace
• a specially-made bracelet
• an anklet
• certain earrings
• unique shoes
• unique belt, perhaps even with a unique belt buckle
• a certain ring
...and stuff like that.

I became interested for some time in getting a straw hat. So earlier today, I went to a Wal-Mart and bought a straw hat that I was comfortable getting. I wanted a wide-brim hat that offered cooling for my head on warm days. If you've ever been down here to the Houston/Galveston area, the heat can be brutal in the warm weather months. Wearing a straw hat on a hot day can be beneficial for my head. Even walking inside a Wal-Mart store, just the air flowing to my head was enough to cool me off as I walk by. The hat fit my head nicely and has a nice strap to keep it on my head. Also more importantly, it is an easy-adjusting strap that doesn't look dorky. It is a hat I hope to wear just as something different from the caps I wear.

(ADDED: April 30, 2011) Here is me in my straw hat. Enjoy! :)

^ Taken in La Porte, TX, USA; this is me in my new straw hat. I extend peace to all of you with this picture! :)

In a future edit, I may share some pictures of my straw hat. But when it comes to fashion, is there one certain item or items that makes your style unique? Is there something you wear that tends to define YOUR style? Feel free to comment away!

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John B. Marine said...

Signature Item? Piloti Shoes.

John B. Marine said...

Hmmm...signature item?I don t think I have one...I tend to buy and wear a looot of blazers, but I don t think that counts as a signature item.Anyway....have a great weekend, John!And Happy Easter!

John B. Marine said...

I don't think I have a signature item, I like to wear a lot of different things. I do have a gold ring with a purple stone I wear a lot of the time... Happy Easter! :)

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