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Year of the Rabbit :-)

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(UPDATED: April 20, 2014)

Since 2011 marks the Chinese Year of the Hare, I figure my Easter weekend contribution involves a bunch of material featuring bunnies and rabbits. Here is a chance for me to have a little fun sharing material featuring these delightful little creatures. I've never owned any pets of any kind, including bunnies. The post you are about to read is a just-for-fun deal regarding rabbits. I hope you enjoy this post!

Before I begin, happy Easter to all of you (since it's Easter as of this post)! I'll be using rabbits and bunnies interchangeably.


APR 20 2014 - simply edited look and feel of the post

--- Bunnies and my Past with Them ---

Besides cats, I've always loved bunnies. These herbivores are mostly modest and loveable creatures. They aren't any kind of noisy creatures (mostly silent unless being attacked). The only harm they really do is if you have a garden or something. Since rabbits are herbivores, they often enjoy eating plants. Other than that, these are some adorable creatures. The kinds of rabbits I've become fond of are Holland lop bunnies. These bunnies have cute lop ears that kind of frame their faces. It's just something adorable about these lop-eared bunnies that make them so cute.

Equally adorable are their actions. Seeing a rabbit hop around or something is cute to watch. Seeing bunnies eat is cute too. They do a lot of eating and trying to find food. It's adorable just watching them eat. A popular song about how rabbits eat was popularized by Parry Gripp called "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom," also called "The Bunny Song." You will get to hear this song in a video later in this blog post.

Even though rabbits are animals of prey, something I get sick of on YouTube is when people talk about bunnies like they should all be eaten on the spot. Almost as if rabbits are so adorable that they wish some animal would come along and kill them. In rabbits' defense, at least rabbits aren't always in the news for killing people or damaing property like pitbulls and rottweilers (and other vicious or potentially vicious animals) usually are. It wasn't until I saw certain videos of rabbits being attacked by snakes to where I learned that rabbits are not always quiet creatures. They shriek almost like little kids when attacked or harmed. I sometimes can't find a decent rabbit video without seeing someone post a comment about seeing a rabbit killed. Another potential problem with rabbits is how they overpopulate. So many offspring can be given off from a mother bunny.

Rabbits are very wonderful creatures! That is, unless you have to deal with rabbits always eating your plants.

--- Rabbit/Bunny Videos ---

These pictures will set the mood. I have to warn you- it is not recommended that you rub your monitor or your mobile device trying to pet these rabbits. ;) Picture time:

cute bunny
^ from: - "I are cute bunny!" :)

lop-eared bunny
^ from: - this lop-eared bunny just wants to make friends.

bunny love
^ from: - Bunnies in love! Isn't it cute seeing two bunnies together? :)

Want to see rabbits in action? Some of these videos may be the same kind of cuteness I've posted in an old blog post called "Cute Animal Behaviors!" So here are some videos to showcase how wonderful rabbits are. You don't have to see all of them, but they are there in case you want to check them out...

Love to be Loved.

This was the most heartwarming and cute video I've ever seen featuring a rabbit. The rabbit's name is Whiskers, and he is a handsome bunny. It is a very long video (8:15), but this will warm your heart in showcasing how affectionate he is. If you have time, check out this bunny video. Watch around the 2:14 mark. Guaranteed to warm your heart:

This dark rabbit shows affection to someone in this video:

This bunny is getting special treatment from two girls:

SILENT Bunnies?

Do rabbits make any noise? If you think bunnies are silent creatures, here are some videos to help you think otherwise. Both are from the same YouTube channel and feature the same rabbit. Her name is Midow, and in the first video, Midow is sleeping. She is snoring in the second video:


Let's begin by showing you some cute bunnies when they are newborn. Both of these videos showcase newborn bunnies. Have a look at these newly-born cuties in these videos:

^ This video was featured by the Sante D'Or Foundation. It is a Los Angeles, CA, USA-based non-profit (or not-for-profit) dedicated in adopting and rescuing animals. To learn more about this cause or to help donate to their cause, please visit their official website at:

Bunnies at Play.

This is one of the cutest bunnies on YouTube. Meet Midow. She will provide insight on how fast bunnies can run:

Here's another video of Midow. Bunnies don't make noises unless threatened or sick, but the video maker makes this video fun by pretending Midow is singing. This bunny should be on American Idol or X-Factor! :)

This bunny notes a camera and decides to play with it. Get a look at it, and the bunny even gives you some bunny kisses. :) xoxo, right?

More Bunny Love. :)

You thought the very first video was cute? Here are two bunnies that obviously love each other:

Here are two more furballs in love with each other:

Bunnies Eating.

This adorable bunny is named Dudu. She adorably eats celery in this video. Isn't she cute?

By the way, I read that if you feed rabbits celery without chopping it up into pieces, the rabbit could get sick from the strings from celery and could possibly die. This was still a cute video, but this is something to be careful of if feeding your rabbit celery.

Bonus Videos!

Speaking of eating... As promised, Parry Gripp's "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom" song:

And here's another video... because cute Japanese girls with bunny ears equal cute! :) This is my tomodachi (friend) Yuki singing a cover song of "Baby, I Love You!" Have a look and a listen (you may need to turn down the volume):

^ This video was a creation of roconamente. This is the combination of Yuki (the singer) and Masato. I am a fan of Yuki since she introduced me to her YouTube channel. To check out my blog post on this very cool duo, please read "roconamente" on John's Blog Space!

You'll have to wait another 12 years for the next Year of the Rabbit/Hare, so the next year of the Hare will be in 2023. Again, happy Easter and happy Easter weekend! I hope you enjoyed this fun blog post on rabbits. Thank you for reading! I may add some resources to this blog post in the future depending on how much traffic I get for this post.

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