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SWV stands for "Sisters With Voices" (I actually didn't know that until I looked on Wikipedia preparing this blog post). This trio consisted of three sisters with voices- Cheryl "Coko" Clemons, Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George, and Leanne "Lelee" Lyons. And together, these three were one of different groups to set the tone and establish themselves as one of the best rhythm and blues groups of the 1990s. This blog post features various songs from SWV. This is your chance to hear and see SWV if you have never heard their music before. And if you do remember their songs, this is your chance to relive the old days.

Sisters With Voices. This group formed back in 1990 in New York City. Their origins were in Gospel before getting into the realm of rhythm and blues. I was not any real fanatic of their music (much like with TLC). They do, however, have some favorites that will resonate with me when I think of SWV. You are about to be introduced to some of them in this blog post. I will even consider sharing a few other SWV songs to help sweeten this post.

Let me begin with two personal favorites of mine from SWV:


"Weak" is one of my favorite songs. Why do I like this song? I don't need to say/type anything- just listen:

On, this is the most popular song from SWV according to the many people who are members of that site. So its popularity is immense.

Right Here.

In 1992, "Right Here" from SWV was released. This was surely the jam for me back then. Both the music and the singing were on point. Have a listen to this one:

Now for some more songs just to showcase SWV's music in general:

I'm So Into You.

Time to go old school again! There are many ways a girl can say she's into a guy, but only SWV can say it beautifully in a song. Don't be surprised if you jam to this- it's perfectly normal. :)

These are some of the many songs I decided to feature in this blog post. Hope you enjoyed my video retrospective on SWV! These are truly sisters with voices- GREAT voices.

Here are more ways to get social with SWV:

SWV Online (a fan site)
TLC on YouTube (a VEVO channel)
SWV on

(more links may be added in future edits)

SWV on Amazon:

If you loved the music from SWV I've showcased, why not get some MP3s of these songs (and more)? Use this:

Thank you for reading!

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