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Humble Beginnings

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(UPDATED: February 18, 2012)

Sometimes, for fun, I like looking at the very first items posted in blogs and YouTube channels. I just become interested in how certain blogs and YouTube channels start out. Especially when you have blogs or YouTube channels that have a good number of followers, you sometimes want to know how such material started out. My first post was back in January 2009. However, I've somehow been a Blogger/Blogspot user since (reportedly) May 2007. I made my first YouTube video one week after I joined YouTube in November 2008. This blog post is all about those humble beginnings and the curiosity of wondering how a blog or YouTube channel started out.

--- Humble Beginnings ---

Why do you look back in time on blogs and YouTube channels? The main reason to me is to see how your favorite blogs and YouTube channels started out. It helps you to appreciate how far the material has come up to this point. Especially if people are still producing content for a blog or a YouTube channel, you learn about humble beginnings.

Usually, when I start up something up, I set up an introduction. I find it important because I feel people have to have an idea as to what kind of material you are actually visiting. The content can tell you what a blog or YouTube channel is about, but I prefer a proper introduction.

Humble Beginnings: With Blogs.

I usually learn why people started certain blogs when I look at some of the oldest posts on them. In the case of fashion blogs (for example), I get some insight as to how certain people look way back then compared to now. You have nothing to really be ashamed of if you post something from the past and still have it in your blog. You may have a very successful blog but have some sort of post that helps define the tone of the blog. Many blogs that have some very old posts may have a post that introduces the blog creator and what it is about. Some people don't know what to blog about as a first post, so they decide to introduce themselves and what the blog hopes to be about. I knew I had my own thoughts and dreams for "John's Blog Space" when I released my first post in January 2009.

Some blogs have been around for much longer. The oldest blog I've encountered here on Blogger/Blogspot is Xiaxue (featured in my Southeastern Asian Beauties blog post), where its first post was released back on April 23, 2003! Some fashion bloggers look radically different then compared to recent posts. Some even were as beautiful then as they are now. It all depends on some of the past pictures and how they looked then compared to now. You really note the evolution of people in their respective mindsets and how much they've learned and evolved as bloggers. Some people blogged about only so many things. Some people just post one or two blog posts... and almost never come back with a new post! Those who stick to blogging and continually contribute to their blogs allow you a chance to see how much certain bloggers (especially successful/popular ones) have changed and evolved over time. And when you see some of their oldest posts, it makes you appreciate just how far they've come and how much times have changed. You gain a new sense of respect from such bloggers when doing this and seeing how they've come up.

So are there any bloggers that have very old posts? Ever looked back at some of their oldest posts to see how they started off? Ever wondered what their first posts were like? Go ahead- look back into the archives of your favorite bloggers! :D You can even see archives of my past posts by looking at the "Blog Archive" section in the sidebar. Please note that many of my old posts may be edited, or they may get deleted and replaced with new versions.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: You can check out the aforementioned Xiaxue blog here: " - Everyone's reading it.." Since I have her as one of many Southeast Asian beauties, check out "Southeast Asian Beauties" on John's Blog Space to see many more Southeast Asian beauties.

This was the very first post on "John's Blog Space," and it may have been edited at one point by me: "This Blog Site in General" - John's Blog Space.

Humble Beginnings: With Videos.

Believe it or not, I actually considered a blog post in late 2009 regarding becoming a YouTube success. What I tried to do was focus on how some of YouTube's premier channels started out and how far they've come since then. I have since canceled that project long ago. The real important point, though, was in seeing how certain YouTube channels started out. I think you should keep some of your very first videos for archiving purposes. Especially if you become popular, you want people to take a look back in time to see what you were like back then.

YouTube is a curious case because technology was different. Video formats were different. I still remember when things like High Quality and HD were far-fetched concepts when I started out. Let me tell you about my experience. My first video was called "Introducing Myself," where I simply introduced myself to all of you. Then began one of my most-viewed videos, which would also be one of my most controversial. I did a video talking about college football at historically-black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The point was to talk about black college football, and some of YouTube's racist-happy people found this as the perfect opportunity to lash out at me. I later did another video about college football at historically-black schools many months later. At that point, I learned an important lesson- don't make ANY videos regarding a certain race or ethnicity because some people are too trigger-happy to lash out at you.

From a technology standpoint, I was using a webcam at 320×200 resolution. I was not confident enough to use 640×480 resolution. Anyone who watches "JohnMarineTube" know that my videos are more about efficiency rather than just going for balls-out incredible videos. If my computer can't handle certain things, I'm not going to spend time editing and releasing material online. I am still like this to an extent.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: My YouTube channel is JohnMarineTube. Visit it at, and don't forget to subscribe if you love my YouTube material!

Some material doesn't have any sort of backtracking on the past, so you may not be able to see any first posted material on some sites.

This was a Just for Fun post. Do any of you sometimes look back in time to see how a certain blog or YouTube channel was like with the very first videos? Have you really noted a certain kind of evolution in your favorite blogs and YouTube channels? Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

It is always interesting to see how other blogs started out.

John B. Marine said...

Hello my dear John, I hope u had lovely Valentine's day fulfilled with love!:)  First of all thank u so much for all beautiful comments u leave me on the blog, they melt my heart each time I read them!:) I was trying before to leave u a comment here, but without success, simply it would block me without any chance to write a single word!!!
When it comes to other blogs, I love as well to check the posts from the beginning, cause it's so great to see how much one blog can evolve and grow along with its owner. Or maybe how much is the same, or worst...


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