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Hi. My name is John B. Marine. I'd like to thank you for viewing this blog. I have no one field of specialization as far as blog topics go. I'd like to discuss various things. This is not a blog on one such topic. So this means things like racing games, fashion, life issues, and more. I hope you get to enjoy this deal here.

--- About Me ---
Greetings! Welcome to my blog, John's Blog Space. I am trying to become serious about blogging, so the next step for me is to try to get traffic and win the respect of viewers and readers around the world. My words and opinions are truthful and real. I prefer getting traffic and respect without lowering myself to any degree.

Whether you like me or not, all I ask from people is this: "give me a chance." Give me and my blog and my YouTube a chance. Don't have to like me or my material, but just give me a chance.

Now get back to reading my blog already! :)

--- More About Me... ---
I was born and raised here in Houston, Texas, United States of America. I'm probably sorry for this, but the only non-school thing I've taken part in was a Spelling Bee back in 1994. I got shafted. Ended up with 4th place. My life started to go downhill. Instead of having enough intelligence and passion to pass classes, I've stumbled. I once been to three schools in one year. I eventually graduated from high school in 2001. And to my surprise, I was the Most Improved Student of my class. Sadly, I ranked 15th out of my class' lonely 15 Seniors. I would go to Houston Community College's Southeast Campus for one semester to get into Lamar University. My disappointment grew even more as I lasted only 11 weeks. So I returned to Houston Community College-Southeast to get my Associate's in the Arts. I had my tough times, and though never receiving anything since 2001, I accomplished a major goal in my life in May 2008 by getting my Associate's in the Arts. After my Associate's in the Arts triumph, then came another challenge- where to go for a Bachelor's? This only led to more questions and fewer answers. And I assured my brother that I'd stick to a major that I can get a degree in and start a career towards. Unfortunately, I became even more unsure about my life and decided to go with YouTube videos and blogging.

I had changed my major goals from Computer Animation to Graphic Design to Broadcasting and Journalism... until I eventually decided to go with blogging and concentrate also on YouTube videos. Because I don't know what I actually want to go to college to get a Bachelor's Degree in, I decided to just try and profit from the arena of online media. But I want to honestly profit and not lower myself to using sneaky online material potential of spamming my computer and hacking all of my stuff.

Apparently, I started this blog back in May 2007. I started posting material back in January 2009. I was not serious about blogging at this time. But it wasn't until I was blogging more often starting in at least September or October. Then to try to build up my online work, I went ahead to get my own bank account to apply for Google Adsense to profit from my blogging. I felt this was going nowhere, so I then went ahead and joined Amazon Associates to further monetize my blog. I even used Google Adsense to monetize one of my YouTube videos which earned me 4,000+ views in two days.

At my current age, I'm ashamed that my life could have progressed much better. Most people my current age have already moved on with their lives and probably have their own families. Happily married. I didn't know what to do with my life, so I went ahead and just do what I've wanted to commit to. I may go nowhere really positive in my life, but at least I'm doing SOMETHING with my life than play video games and sleep while life just passes me by.

So in essence... I am not a survival story. Yet, I'm nowhere near a failure. All I am is somebody trying to honestly profit and prosper in blogging and YouTube videos. My videos and blogging material isn't top-notch, but I do what I can to express things from my heart in my own language. You can love it or leave it. I don't care. But most of all, if you don't learn anything from me, just do me one favor:


--- An Important Amazon Note ---
I am an Amazon Associate. This simply means that I help refer you to products you can find on through relevant items in my blog entries. You can learn more about each product by clicking on the link/image/link+image, and if you choose, you may even order certain items that interest you if you want to do some online shopping. With each purchase and order, I earn commission based on referral fees. I am part of this service not only to monetize my blog, but more importantly to give back to everyone whom has visited my blog. I value people like you for visiting my blog. My way of saying thanks is to refer you to some products you might be interested in based on content matter in my blog entries. I want people to be able to understand content in my blog entries, and one such way is to offer things to further enhance the experience and expand upon covered points in blog entries. If you love my blog material and like some of the Amazon material I post, I would greatly appreciate your business if you check out the Amazon products I feature and feel free to order any items that may interest you. I hope I've earned your trust with my posts. This is just my way of giving back to all the wonderful people worldwide who visit my blog.

If you would like to visit my aStore, please click here: my aStore (now discontinued). You are welcome to visit and purchase anything of interest to you. Again, this is my way of giving back to all of my loyal readers and followers. I would greatly appreciate your support if you support my blog. Thank you for your continued support!

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