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TOMS shoes have become popular for two reasons- the shoes themselves and the fact that purchases of these shoes will help provide shoes for children in need. This sort of ethical chic has made these shoes trendy. Usually, TOMS shoes have become the new "it" shoes for the casual set, especially their slip-on espadrilles. These shoes usually either are seen in canvas or in glittery designs. Either way, these casual shoes have become trendy. These shoes are for both males and females, both young and old. TOMS also makes T-shirts and sunglasses among other things.

In case you don't know what TOMS shoes are like, here are some of the ever-popular TOMS:

TOMS Shoes
^ from: (best I could find) - TOMS' quote: "One pair sold = one pair donated." This Santa Monica, CA, USA-based company is all about providing shoes for needy children. All it takes is a purchase of one of their shoes.

A lot of people, however, think TOMS are incredibly ugly with truly no sense of style. There are those who would think of TOMS as the warm-weather alternative to sheepskin boots. Some people may even question if efforts are TRULY going to children most in need of shoes. You know you have a crowd that buys into one's practices, and then you have the crowd questions one's practices. I want to believe that these shoes have caught on mostly due in part to the ethical side of these shoes. You're buying a pair of TOMS to help out others who could use a pair of shoes. You aren't giving people in need a pair of designer shoes, but you are providing shoes for the less fortunate to wear. Any sort of benevolence is always in style all year long.

A TOMS Rival?

Skechers' answer to TOMS is called BOBS. These shoes are similarly styled to TOMS but share the same purpose- giving shoes to children in need. A link to BOBS will be provided later in this post if you want to learn more about BOBS.

What Do I Think About TOMS Shoes?

From a fashion perspective, I think TOMS shoes are the successor to VANS slip-on sneakers or the ubiquitous Converses. From an ethical perspective, there is one thing that will NEVER go out of style- benevolence. Knowing your money is going towards helping someone in need is always a great feeling. I am not going to go question others' practices or anything. I am not that kind of person. I am very sure that if I were to buy a pair of TOMS, that I think my purchase would go towards helping a child most in need of some shoes.

These shoes are just the latest of the comfortable and casual shoes. So whether you think these are horridly ugly or stylish, (at least from TOMS) the most important thing is that you are getting these shoes to help children in need of shoes.

--- Resources and Links ---

Here are various resources and links for you on this topic;

• TOMS official website can be found here:

• To get an idea of what TOMS is trying to accomplish, there is a campaign online called One Day Without Shoes. My vast feminine audience certainly wouldn't want to imagine a day without shoes (especially girls who love shoes). However, imagine if we didn't have any shoes to wear. Learn more by having a look at this website: One Day Without Shoes.

• I mentioned Skechers' BOBS. If you want to learn more about the BOBS collection from Skechers, please have a look at this site: BOBS Shoes by Skechers.

I may provide more material if I decide to edit this with new information. But for now, have a look at these links.

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These are really the two real blog posts really with relevance to this topic.

You can visit to learn more about TOMS. If you don't mind shopping for some TOMS, I'd like for you to look at these TOMS shoes below. I would appreciate your business and kindness if you were to support my work in this way. Consider this my way of thanking you for reading my blog post:

TOMS Shoes on Amazon

So have a look around on Amazon.

What do you think about TOMS and what all they are trying to accomplish? Please be sure to share your ideas here. Thank you for reading!

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Gabriella Cozza said...

I'd never wear them...not really my style, but I love that they donate shoes to children in need. :)  

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