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When Colors Trend

John Marine | 3/27/2012 11:28:00 AM | |
(UPDATED: April 5, 2012)

Regardless of the latest clothing trends, colors themselves sometimes trend as easily the clothes they appear on or in. It doesn't take too much to sense when certain colors become trendy. Certain outfits and posts are noted more for certain colors rather than the clothes themselves. These color trends are not only restricted to color blocking. When it comes to fashion, color sometimes is as trendy (or more so) than certain fashion pieces themselves. This blog post is a brief one offering some thoughts on color trends as well as highlighting three trendy colors as of this blog post. I want to know how you feel about when colors trend, so please be sure to comment on this topic if it interests you.

--- When Colors Trend ---

There are lots of colors out there, and fashion designers usually dictate the pace of what is a trendy color. Some fashion shows basically have fashion items of a certain color. When the same sort of color appears on fashion runways or during a Fashion Week, it usually means it is a must-wear color for those who follow such shows and collections. For example, if one show features multiple designers with red as a common color, it means that more fashionable types will want to wear red items inspired by the certain fashion designs and collections. Multiple designers showcasing multiple shades of blue usually will note how trendy blue will be. Sometimes, even fashion bloggers try to generate trends.

Sometimes, it isn't so much about specific colors, but often times TYPES of colors. Pastel colors, for example, may become trendy during certain seasons or just overall. Neutral colors can also be trendy, as they are now.

I actually created this blog post based on how trendy coral, mint green, and aqua blue have become in the blogosphere. Almost as if I NEEDED to create a blog post to highlight on color trends. I swear I've seen a number of different posts where ladies have worn some sort of mint-colored items and accessories, for instance.

AN ADMITTANCE: I wanted to blog about neutral colors as part of my Fashion and Style series of posts. But because I don't KNOW about neutral colors much, I didn't blog about this topic. I don't blog about anything unless I want to know more about something or have enough understanding to post a quality post on something.

--- Color Trend Samples ---

Here are some recent color trends coupled with some examples. Some of these are the best ones I could find, so I may have to edit this post in case there are some images I can not use:

• Coral - sort of a pale, somewhat neutral pink color.
coral fashion
^ from: thisnext.com - Coral is like a medium of light pink and dark pink. It has become a VERY popular color as of late among fashionable types and fashion bloggers.

• Mint Green - a bold, popping green (almost blue) color that is a bit pale.
mint green fashion
^ from: www.dailydoseoflies.com - Not only is mint green famous for clothing, it is also trendy for nail polish (among many other things). Another popular color of late.

• Aqua - a bright blue color midway between blue and green.
aqua blue fashion
^ from: bryllupe.com (best I could find) - The blue alternative for mint is aqua. It has a bold, almost pastel-like hue to it. It can be a beautiful color ranging from a dark sky blue or a more teal-like blue.

Coral, mint, and aqua have become three of the trendiest colors of late. Those who try to go with these colors often try to incorporate them into their wardrobe by coming up with some nice outfits. A lot of fashion bloggers I follow sometimes go for certain colors or color types. Advance to the next section to get some examples of certain bloggers wearing certain trendy colors and trendy types of color.

--- Trendy Colors Across the Blogopshere ---

Want some examples of these colors? Here are some bloggers wearing the colors I mentioned above. I'll try to mention different blogs rather than show more than one post from the same blogger:

Of course, subscribe and follow these blogs if their work interests you.

• Coral Example: "OOTD: Its far from over" - Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles

• Mint Green Example: "THE MINT LONG DRESS WITH LACE - new at www.hauteandrebellious.com" - HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS

• Aqua Example: "Aqua Sensation." - Maytedoll

• Pastel Example: Fun with Fashion: Playing Dress Up! - Principessa Gabriella (Outfit 1)

• Neutral Example: "Flower Child" - Deconstruction (couldn't really find anything better)

And there you go. See how trendy certain colors can be?

Should You Focus on Color Trends?

By virtue of saying that colors are more important than most fashion items, you note that you mostly get a certain garment or fashion accessory just for its color. It is always best to find garments and styles that suit you best. Trendy colors usually come and go. It may be colors like Army Green or Navy Blue at one point, then the trendy color becomes something like brown or orange. So color trends are almost as much as any other fashion trend.

--- Final Thoughts on Color Trends ---

It is often times colors that can be more trendy than individual fashion pieces themselves. Just like any trend, color trends come and go. It is still best to simply find clothes, accessories, beauty products, etc. that suit you best regardless of its color. So don't just buy something of a certain color just to keep up with any trends.

Some items do become trendy and classic thanks in part to a certain color. One such example of late has been white jeans. Certain specific items often are trendy because of a certain unique color.

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What do you think about certain colors or certain types of colors trending in fashion? Thank you for reading!

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dreaminofme18 said...

I love color so I never buy a color JUST because it's trending unless the items actually suits my figure. Great post!

dreaminofme18 said...


Gabriella Cozza said...

I think colors trending as well as anything else trending is fun and only that. I can't stand people who buy or wear something just because it's trendy.  If I happen to like a certain style or color that is trending, then I'll wear/buy it, but never will I wear something purely because it is in style at the time.  I love the coral and mint colors that are trending right now; they're pretty and fun for spring.  Interesting post, John.  :)

♥ Check out my blog: Principessa

Gabriella Cozza said...

Thanks for including one of my posts too. :)

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