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Never Give Up on Your Dreams!

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On May 17, 2008; I reached a significant accomplishment in my life- getting my Associates in the Arts. It was sunshine for me in a cloudy point of my life where I was unsure if I would ever accomplish anything special since graduating from High School. Thinking about this special day has allowed me to come up with this motivational post in remembering my significant accomplishment.

--- Never Give Up on Your Dreams! ---

I graduated from High School back in 2001 as Most Improved Student. In 2002, I considered my next goal- attending a four-year university to focus my school energy on Computer Animation. I was influenced by things like Disney/Pixar and an old 3D-animated cartoon series from the mid-1990s called Reboot. That dream of a four-year university came true. I became a student of Lamar University (Beaumont, TX, USA). As I was trying to push towards that dream career of being a computer animator, my dream lasted only 11 weeks. Thereafter, I would suffer personal heartbreak and would become immensely dissatisfied with my life.

So I returned to Houston after my Lamar dreams failed. I then wanted to get into the University of Houston. It was about the Fall 2003 semester for me as I got back into the collegiate circuit. My University of Houston dreams never materialized for me. I then changed my goals from Computer Animation to Graphic Design, then from Graphic Design to Broadcasting and Journalism. I've been going to Houston Community College - Southeast trying to get my Associates in the Arts. Previously, I had no real plan- basically taking classes just to take them and earn college credit. I also wanted to learn in certain classes to enrich my mind. It wasn't until about maybe 2005 or 2006 when I finally set up a degree plan with counselors. In 2007, two personal landmarks were set- I passed all of my classes (I failed at least one class every semester since Fall 2003 up until the Fall 2007 semester). And more importantly- I earned enough credit to get my Associates in the Arts. However, I would do one more semester just for a little extra credit because I failed to register for graduation in the Fall 2007 semester.

Fast forward to Spring 2008. I would celebrate my 25th birthday in January 2008. Most people my age then have probably gotten their Bachelors or Masters as they reached age 25. I was still wondering if I'd ever reach getting my Associates. On May 17, 2008 at Reliant Stadium; it was time for me to walk the stage and celebrate a lifelong accomplishment- getting my Associates in the Arts. I might see some of my old college friends for the last time in person. I knew one thing- a journey of ups and downs ultimately resulted in epic triumph. Could I have gotten my degree sooner and with better academic progress? Absolutely. But life is never easy. I am admittedly not a good student. If I was a better student, I would have been in better academic status to begin with. I wouldn't need to rely on community college. I may have lasted longer on the four-year university side. Because I didn't have the best life or the face the most favorable of circumstances, I had to make due with what I had and make the most out of life.

After getting my Associates Degree, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. Part of me actually wanted to go for a Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting and Journalism. One thing my brother taught me was about getting a degree in something I know I would actually utilize.

As a dark secret- I began to push more towards YouTube and blogging as I began to think about Broadcasting and Journalism would entail and if I was ready to take on the challenges involved with Broadcasting and Journalism. So much of what I've read and heard about different aspects of Broadcasting and Journalism made me feel less like it is what I always wanted to do. I actually wanted to be a sports anchor or cover sports. Because of certain aspects of mass media that I wasn't too happy with after contemplation, I began to shift my focus a bit more in different directions. Directions that would eventually lead me to think more about YouTube and blogging. Remember- I first wanted to do 3D animation! I changed my career focus twice while in college. Even while I was in college, I once admitted that blogging for money was an aspiration of mine. I would blog a lot on Myspace before eventually contributing to the blog on Blogger/Blogspot called... "John's Blog Space." I even developed interests in making YouTube videos as I started visiting YouTube a bit more often. Eventually- "JohnMarineTube" was born. And the rest... as they say... is history.

Today, I am still mostly happy where I am now. I make videos online and post blog entries like this one. Despite my struggles through college, I never gave up on hope. I wanted to impress both myself and my family/friends. I always believed in myself even when having my worst days. Times in college could have been better, but you make the most of what is given to you. At least I am doing something that I love and that keeps me occupied. Plus, I'm contributing to society with my videos and my blogging. I am contributing while also meeting certain loyal people (excluding spammers and scammers). I am happy doing videos today. I am happy posting blog posts. Could I be doing something more worthwhile and more rewarding? Sure. However, these two arenas I take part in are just as important and special to me as any other occupation. Until something much better or more promising comes my way and if I'm qualified and able to take part in those opportunities, I'm happy where I am at now.

--- Lessons Learned ---

So what is the motivational message I am trying to send? There are a few to mention:

• Never give up on your dreams.
If you know there is a goal in sight, why take yourself out of the race? Do whatever it takes to cross the finish line and do something to feel important and accomplished. I hated many of my college experiences, but what more could I do than focus on the task at hand?

• Keep Trying!
Don't feel down just because you failed previously. Move on and stay in the fight.

And this one is perhaps the most important:

• No matter how long it takes, make the most of each day to eventually accomplish whatever long-term goal(s) you have in mind.
You can't build a house from start to finish in one day. Long-term goals are NEVER accomplished in a short amount of time (unless you are EXTREMELY fortunate). Don't start getting too desperate trying to get something big accomplished in short time. Be patient and keep working towards whatever it is that you want accomplished. Remember- I was 25 when I got my Associates in the Arts. Most people were already probably done with college and were living their lives. I'm 29 years old as of this post- most other people are completely done with college and are living life, perhaps they are proud parents to a child or children at my current age of 29. Regardless, every long-term goal has one constant- a finish line. A long term goal has a finish line or a finishing point where hard work has a just reward once everything is complete. So the most important thing to remember...


Thank you for reading!

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GlamChameleon said...

You are true fighter and surviver John... this story reminds me on mine as well... but just like you said- never give up on your dreams and hope! I'm happy to hear you love where u "are" now, better times are waiting for your behind the corner, I'm sure in that!!
p.s. I knew you had some artistic "roots" inside of yourself...:)
Have a great and productive day!!!!

dreaminofme18 said...

Congrats John you are a survivor!!

Christine B said...

great message and very inspirational! thanks for commenting and visiting my blog!


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