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Deli Sandwiches

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Deli sandwiches are healthy and tasty ways to fill up. They can range from simple sandwiches to your half-foot and foot-long sandwiches. My inspiration for this post is on sub sandwiches from Subway or Quiznos. However, you know I have to cover multiple bases. There are some deli sandwiches that aren't like the long sandwiches that inspired this post. Some deli sandwiches can just be some basic loaf of bread sandwiches or even sandwich wraps. Whatever the case, this blog post is a look at deli sandwiches of many kinds from various delicatessens.

--- Deli Sandwiches ---

You don't have to be Jared Fogle to know how healthy and filling deli sandwiches can be. Jared Fogle has become an icon for going on Subway sandwiches and exercise to go from big to slim. The appeal of deli sandwiches is that they are healthy and filling sandwiches to eat. Going beyond what a plain sandwich is like, most deli sandwiches are made on a number of different breads and with a variety of different ingredients. Different styles of bread and certain items added to deli sandwiches can help make for a tasty experience once a proper deli sandwich is complete.

Sub Sandwiches.

submarine or sub sandwich
^ from: - Feel free to dig into a sub sandwich! Restaurants may allow you full control over what you want on your sub sandwich.

Submarine sandwiches, or better known as sub sandwiches, are among the most popular deli sandwiches. They are also called hoagies or grinders (according to Wikipedia). When going to a deli or deli restaurant (such as Subway), you usually have control over what kind of sandwich you want made for you. A sandwich usually begins with whatever kind of bread you want. Certain breads can be pretty good for your health. I found wheat bread to be good for you. At some deli restaurants, you have some options like white bread, wheat bread, jalepeño bread, Italian herb bread, and other options depending on what the deli offers. Many delis give you control over what kind of ingredients you want on it. Personally, I usually don't have deli sandwiches with tomatoes or onions- just my own preference. For those who are not lactose intolerant, there are many different cheese choices including American cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, and other cheeses like that. Dressing is also offered. I tend to prefer my sandwiches to have mayonnaise and mustard- especially honey mustard. But sometimes, I even like deli mustard. Some mustard can be a bit strong, so I usually avoid these.

For myself, personally, I like a combination of Subway and Quiznos. I usually would get a Cold Cut Combo from Subway. Some of the sandwiches I usually have from Subway these days is usually something with chicken. So I would nowadays have a Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt. The combination of chicken and bacon is a delicious combination. To keep the sandwich fresh, I even prefer a toasted Subway sandwich. From Quiznos, I become enamored with the Mesquite Chicken. It is a delicious and tasty sandwich to have with chicken and bacon along with some tasty mayo and mustard. I think Quiznos offered (or do they?) a Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich that was also good. I usually prefer not to have tomatoes or onions on my sub sandwiches. I certainly want mayo and mustard. I usually like honey mustard. How do you like your sub sandwich?

The sub sandwich has multiple origins but is otherwise American to the core. If you want to learn more about sub sandwiches, visit this Wikipedia page: "Submarine Sandwich" - Wikipedia.

Other Deli Sandwiches.

deli sandwich
^ from: - Short deli sandwiches can be just as tasty and as enjoyable as any sub sandwich.

What if you want a deli sandwich that isn't long? No problem! Some restaurants (and even some grocery stores) offer short deli sandwiches that are still much more delicious than your average homemade sandwich. Many of these sandwiches are made with basic loaves of bread and dressed up with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, any variety of meats, any variety of cheeses, various dressings, and more. Some simple deli sandwiches even are made on toasted bread, Ciabatta bread, and other breads.

Two different deli-style sandwiches I've had before are panini sandwiches and muffulettas. Back in my community college days, the deli across the street of Houston Community College - Southeast (represent! :D) once offered a Grilled Chicken Romano Panini. It was delicious! My parents have even made some panini sandwiches before for us and our family.

Some grocery stores offer deli sandwiches if you don't fancy going to any proper delicatessens. They are all ready-made and available for you to enjoy at home. Some grocery stores even offer party packs complete with many small sandwiches and other party favors. For my own American audience, you can visit places like a Kroger, the grocery sections of Wal-Mart and Target stores, and places like that to enjoy deli sandwiches from grocery stores and grocery sections of major retailers.

Other Items to Go Along With Deli Sandwiches.

While you're enjoying a deli sandwich, what else is there to enjoy with a deli sandwich? The most common other food item is usually potato chips. Some people even have themselves a cookie or maybe some iced tea to go with a deli sandwich. I usually have chips and sometimes a pickle.

--- Deli Sandwiches Online ---

So do you want your own deli sandwiches? Maybe you want to make your own deli sandwiches? Allow me to help by providing these links. Most of these links are mostly meant for my American audience, but some may have international sites. So please have a look around!

Delis and Deli Sandwiches.

SUBWAY Restaurants
Quiznos Sandwich Restaurants
Jason's Deli « mostly Texas-based chain of deli restaurants, but other locations around America
Schlotzsky's « Texas-based deli chain.
Panera Bread
McAlister's Deli

Deli Sandwich Recipes.

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Jared Fogle's SUBWAY Diet (Honorable Mention!).

Here is something you can read since I mentioned Jared Fogle earlier. Learn more about his radical diet routine... on SUBWAY sandwiches!

Jared's Journey

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed researching and putting it all together. I really hope you have enjoyed my work. How do you like deli sandwiches? Do you have any favorites? Don't spam me or send me any suspicious comments- just comment properly. Thank you for reading!

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