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For many people, nothing beats a traditional salad. Having lots of lettuce, tomatoes, and things like that help make a usual salad. Some people usually add all sort of condiments and other items. For me, I would take a usual salad and add things like chicken breast pieces and add some shredded cheese and some buttermilk ranch dressing. Other people would add things like raisins, carrot slices, bacon bits, and other items to their own salads.

No matter how you dress up a salad, at least you know you're eating something healthy and light. Only thing I'd be careful of is making sure you're eating healthy salad. Just be sure the greens and fresh vegetables are clean and doesn't have any sort of contaminants in them. You can either buy salad from a grocery store and improvise with your own items, or you could always buy salad from a restaurant. You're still getting yourself something healthy and light.

Here's a picture to set the mood:

^ from: life123.com - This blog post concerns traditional salad.

How I Like Salad.

These are usually things that I prefer when having a salad:

• ranch dressing (buttermilk is my favorite)
• shredded cheese
• grilled chicken breast strips or chunks

So you can say I prefer a tasty chicken salad. Not that I know any health benefits of such salad, but it's a healthy fill-up for me. How do you like your salad?

Salad Resources.

Here are some online resources for you to make your own salad or for salad recipes:

Salad Recipes on Allrecipes.com
Simply Recipes - Salad
Salads - Taste of Home Recipes

More links may be provided in any possible edits. I want to properly service all of my readers and visitors properly.

Do you like salad? How do your like your salad? Be sure to share your ideas and your thoughts in this post or in any of my others. Thank you for reading!

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myblissisthisway said...

I do love me a good salad, recently I've been eating a lot of chicken salad and then this weekend my bf and I made some chicken souvlaki that we put over some salad.. threw on some feta.. made it a little greek...

Salad's one of those foods I didn't appreciate until I got older and I always blame my Asian heritage for being a poor salad maker but nowadays.. I can make a pretty mean salad :)


GlamChameleon said...

If you ever come to visit me in Greece, I will make you some chicken salad!:) I barely eat meat (I don't like it so much) so salads are always my option! Even dough I must to confess I prefer cooked vegetables! I'm so complicated!:D Happy Wednesday John!!

GlamKitten88 said...

I love salads.  I hate dressing and all of the extra crap they put on it.  I am a plain lettuce, tomato, carrots girl.


Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Gabriella Cozza said...

I love salads, especially ones with chicken, and oil and balsamic vinegar.  Caesar salads are another of my favorites, but they're not as healthy so I try not to eat them too often.    I also love making new and different salads (because I get bored easily...lol, I hate to eat the same thing all the time, so I'm always trying new recipes.) with things like spinach leaves, arugula, fruits like strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, or apples, pecans, etc.  There are so many different ways t make a salad so you never get bored.  :) 

♥  Principessa

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