Friday, August 17, 2012

Can You Hear My Cries?

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Everyone has dreams. Everyone has fears. Everyone has things they wish for or hope for. Trouble is- it feels like no prayers or dreams are being answered; or at least, not in the immediate future. Can the heavens hear our cries? Things like this motivate me to want to help others any way I'm capable of. I feel like there are a lot of things we ask for and/or work for, but the desired result or outcome doesn't become answered. Imagine not feeling wanted in a loving relationship. Imagine not having enough money or making enough money to establish a decent living. Think of wanting a good-paying job but unable to because of various circumstances. Or for less-stressful matters... imagine your favorite sports team(s) and athlete(s) not performing as well as you want them to. Imagine wanting something you wish you had enough money to get. These are just times when your greatest prayers and wishes go for nothing, or that nothing is ever going right in your life. Imagine trying to win a contest or a sweepstakes, knowing you may or may not ever win. Even imagine trying to win the lottery. Once you feel like nothing is going right, you begin to wonder...

...can anyone hear my cries?

You are praying and hoping something in your life changes for the better or for a positive or acceptable outcome. It doesn't matter if it is a need or a want- you want to feel like the Heavens will answer to your cries and help you towards reaching a positive outcome. Sometimes, you have to work to make a positive outcome come true. Some other times, luck has to be on your side. Whatever the case, we all make our cries for help and/or hope on almost anything burning within us.

My Own Cries.

I sometimes have my own cries, and they involve things in my life and things outside of my control. One thing I mentioned long ago was having interest in doing tech reviews. Someone who may come across me for the first time after seeing one of my tech reviews would probably say I'm not qualified enough... or at least, not qualified enough to do product reviews on certain interesting consumer devices. Allow me to explain- I am a bit cheap. So as I was considering doing reviews of certain portable media players. It isn't like I make money on any consistent basis to where I could afford to buy things myself in order to prepare reviews. The only money I make is based on AdSense material as well as certain affiliate programs I'm involved with. And for as much traffic as I get, it's not enough to feel any sort of long-term security.

Also, I do wish I could better feel like I am getting actual support and respect from readers and visitors. One thing I have noticed is that more loyal types will respond in kind to my latest posts. I am having a somewhat more consistent commenting audience, and I am very sure I can get more people to respond despite the various topics I try to feature. This also pertains to getting more Facebook fans and more Twitter followers. I have various links linking to all of my online material, but I don't feel I'm popular enough or loved enough to get more fans.

It is a sad fact of life here. No matter what kinds of cries you send out to try to better your life, there isn't exactly someone willing to help you immediately. Not many people are fortunate to open up about things deep inside of them that they want to share with others. I think it's understandable with the Internet. You may have certain strangers show up and pretend to be your friend when what they are really doing is trying to screw you in some way. As far as I'm concerned, I care more about people who actually care about trying to make life better for others, even if others don't ask for certain kinds of [otherwise much appreciated] help.

Sometimes, I like when some people open up about things. I feel like I could do someone a HUGE difference if I could help someone in the best way I could resolve someone's matters whether serious or not-so-serious. I think the best way to make someone happy and to show you are a friend is to contribute to or offer something that would make that person very happy. Here is an example- one person you're friends with dreams of wanting to be the next best music producer, and you provide him/her a music studio and some high-end music software and hardware. Someone may dream of becoming a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, and you cheer on and help that person to become a celebrated music star. Or maybe someone wants something he/she has wanted for a long while, and you end up buying that thing for him/her. I think the best way to show your friendship for someone is to help them with their burning desires. You don't have to do or offer assistance to help someone out, but at least it would be nice to know you did something very nice for them.

So when someone has things within himself/herself that he/she wishes would change for the better, can you hear that person's cries? Can you do something to help that person? This whole post was just something to think about when trying to make yourself a better person around others. Become a champion in someone's life by offering your kindness and your generosity to help others who may or may not need help.

As I say about these motivational and inspirational posts, I don't really care about views. I just provide this stuff because I know someone will likely need some motivation or uplifting words. It's there if you need it. Take my advice or leave it. I hope this post- as well as my others in the respective categories- motivated you in some sort of way. Thank you for reading!

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