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Sara Lazarus

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Sara Lazarus is a jazz singer whom I've grown to like as I was diagnosing my PC issues. I've listened to an audio-only music channel and heard some of her songs. I listened to this artist and began to appreciate her work. Sara Lazarus is the main focus of this blog post. I'll introduce you to her music. Maybe, and just maybe... you might appreciate her singing as well.


I have mostly resolved my PC audio issues. I may launch another "John's Corner" announcing that I've gotten over my PC issues that have impacted me for a month and a half. But you just read it- I'm back to full strength blogging!

--- Sara Lazarus ---

This is Sara Lazarus, the lady whose music you will be listening to in this blog post:

Sara Lazarus
^ from: (best I could find) - Jazz singer Sara Lazarus.

(Some information here provided by the Wikipedia entry on Sara Lazarus)

Some of the songs I've heard of (born: April 1, 1962)-year old Sara Lazarus are very good and very fun. Sara was born in Wilmington, DE, USA and mostly performs in France. What drawn me most to her is her wonderful and sultry singing, and some of her songs themselves are peppy and upbeat. One of her first biggest breaks was in 1980 performing in the Montreux Jazz Festival as part of the American Youth Jazz Band.

Now that you have a little insight on Sara Lazarus, up next is a look at her music.

--- Music of Sara Lazarus ---

Here is a look at some of her music. You will get to hear her sing. I think you'll like her music. I would like to thank everyone who allowed for these videos to be embedded.

Gypsy in my Soul.

This first song features great singing done at a fun, happy pace. It combines her singing along with a nice guitar piece. The end result is this song:

^ "Gypsy in my soul Sara Lazarus"

Told you this one has a fun pace to it.


Here is another song from Sara Lazarus. This is a more jazzy piece than "Gypsy in my Soul." This video showcases Sara Lazarus with a great-sounding jazz song complimented by Sara's vocals:

^ "Sara Lazarus - Morning"

This one is surely an enjoyable piece if you enjoy jazzy numbers.

What a Little Moonlight Can Do.

Here is another fun piece from Sara Lazarus. This is another upbeat and happy piece. A song like this may be something for fun fashion photo shoots or some fun fashion videos. Have a listen to this one:

^ "Sara Lazarus-What a Little Moonlight Can Do"

Give Me the Simple Life.

This song has variations in speed and some interesting lyrics. Ironic this song is about having a simple life, but this song is complex in its nature. Hear for yourself:

^ "Sara Lazarus-'Give Me the Simple Life'"

Some of My Best Friends are the Blues

This is the final piece of Sara Lazarus musical lovin' I'll provide to you all. Have a listen to this bold song. This number is more a blues-type song than any traditional jazz song. If you ask me, this is very cool (WARNING: this video has some not safe for work images):

^ "Sara Lazarus - Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues"

These videos give you some perspective on her music and her style.

--- What I Would Tell Sara Lazarus (if she read this) ---

You have a great voice and some amazing music. Keep up the great work with all that you do!

Would I Want to Meet Sara Lazarus?

When you like someone's music, you certainly would want to meet that someone. So my answer is yes.

That's all about this jazz singer. For more on Sara Lazarus and her music, visit the following sites:

Sara Lazarus' official page
Sara Lazarus - Facebook Fan Page
Sara Lazarus on Amazon entry on Sara Lazarus
Sara Lazarus on

Thank you for reading, everyone!

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