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John's Corner: A New Ambition?

I blog. I do videos. I do artwork. I made music before with tracker software. I briefly designed items in Cafepress. I've done so many things, but is a new ambition on the way? This edition of "John's Corner" is a possible outlook on something that may also serve in the future for cyberspace. Is there something I've sort of been interested in as of late? In fact, yes. That ambition is (or could be)...

[Amateur] Music Producer.

You see, I've been playing around with Linux MultiMedia Studio (which I blogged about recently) a lot. I felt a new sort of talent in making music with this music sequencer. LMMS has given me a different sort of confidence in making music. And considering this program offers a free experience with loads of control unlike the commercially-available FL Studio, I felt a possible desire to create and offer music to others via the Internet. In no way am I expecting to be "the next best thing." I am not looking to be the next best thing in music as much as I don't really think I'm "the next best thing" in blogging. I do, however, want to make quality material that I think people will enjoy. I also am doing this in the spirit of "making quality material and perhaps profiting from it." I even try the "anything and everything" appeal in offering something for everyone- or for as many people as possible. So let me detail my ambitions further. But first...

Johns Corner
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A Note Before I Continue:

A link to [my ambition] may be added in this part of the blog post in a future edit to this post. So stay tuned to this section of my blog post to see if I offer my link to all of you. If I do include it, it will be featured towards the end of this post in addition to here in this area.

--- Explaining My (Possible) New Ambition ---

I may consider joining Bandcamp in hopes of making music for others for enjoyment. I do NOT have any singing talent, nor do I intend on using my voice through my music. So I am staying within instrumental-type music.

Music Style.

I mostly make music along the realm of electronic dance music. In a surprising twist these days, I've made a few different hip-hop style songs. I consider my strength to be in making unconventional beats and beat loops. So while I may make certain songs of certain genres, I try to make songs in beats and in instrumentals that are a bit different from most other common songs.

The instrumental part of my music usually is very related to harmonious flow and even a dose of ambient style instrumentals. I'm too "nice" to try making something dark or edgy. What I do try to do is make music based on various other songs I've heard before. I draw inspiration from other songs and melodies while being careful not to plagiarize songs.

My Inspirators.

Two individuals inspired me to want to be a music producer- C418 and Kevin MacLeod. If you are familiar with Minecraft, C418 should be familiar to you because he produced the music that can be heard while playing Minecraft. Kevin MacLeod is also an inspiration of mine because of his diverse styles of music (especially royalty-free music) to offer to other people for all sorts of online works. If you combine these two, you get the two single inspirations for me to make and offer music of various kinds.

Samples of My Music.

Believe it or not, I quietly returned to YouTube by posting two sample songs. They were two simple loops I created. These two videos will give you a little sample of my music and music style:

My Hip-Hop Sample:

^ "Sample Hip-Hop Loop Using LMMS"

My Trance Sample:

^ "Sample Trance Loop Using LMMS"

So those two samples should give you an idea of what I could provide in music. You have a little insight into some of my music and music style.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: My YouTube channel is "JohnMarineTube," and you YouTube fans can visit my channel at to see more of my videos.

Remember- I am still in the consideration stage in joining yet another service. This one to produce and sell music. I invite some of you newcomers to my blog to see some of my past blog posts. So here are some past posts similar to this topic:

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Thank you for reading this blog and another edition of "John's Corner!"

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Ah, how exciting! I love this idea. The hip-hop beat is super cool and confident while the trance loop is a perfect dance beat or I could totally see it as a music track in racing video games. Awesome job! Can't wait to see where this goes!


Good luck if you decide to pursue music production! How fun and exciting! It's always brave and life creating to be open to change and new ventures!



All the very best for this new ambition of yours!! It's always good to pursue thing in which one is interested!


NICE... my new post


I love your trance sample. Its great! All the best with your ambition!

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