Friday, December 27, 2013

Think Before You Post!

John Marine | 12/27/2013 01:16:00 AM |
What seems like common sense is often times forgotten or disregarded by most people. You hear of Facebook posts and tweets on Twitter posted by people who think they will never get caught. Anyone can post anything and can look like a fool for posting it, especially if it is something bad. Freedom of speech is not the issue at hand here. Instead, it is knowing that what we post online could end up circulating online forever and may ultimately drive us to being ridiculed or admonished for our tomfoolery. This is a brief blog post that shares my thoughts in regards to what I often times hear watching the news.

I am a blogger. Even I know what I post could be used against me in any capacity. However, even I know my words may rub people in certain ways. On Twitter, I only delete tweets if a copy of an updated blog post is unnecessarily updated or if I post some inaccurate information. Same goes on Facebook. Also, I am aware my material will circulate online and can be accessed by almost anyone anywhere in the world. I may even go as far as to say people in space could probably even access my content. Of great importance is the ability to share material for all to see. Even still, certain things I post could either get me trouble or be misinterpreted. As a blogger and as a YouTube video maker, I am mostly responsible for myself.

People don't just post whatever they want- they have a certain confidence that what they post will go unnoticed. It reminds me of those guys who *play with themselves* on Chatroulette, thinking we're not going to see them grabbing their genitals for the world to see. People who post such questionable content online do so in hopes they won't get noticed or that they don't stir up controversy. Even saying something like "lol" or "j/k" to go with questionable content doesn't entirely save one from potentially getting negative publicity or facing certain consequences.

So what's the point of all of this? If you know something you are about to post is wrong and that backlash is going to be expected (even if you don't initially expect backlash), DON'T POST IT!!! It is a matter of common sense and responsibility to know what to share and what not to share. But if you're willing to try to sneak something absurd online, then go right ahead. Just be ready to accept whatever consequences may come your way for posting something you probably shouldn't have posted to begin with. Otherwise...


Remember that what you post in text or in videos could get you in trouble. To avoid being another statistic, just think before you post. Just saying...

People just need to be more careful choosing their words or performing certain actions. Some have blatant disregard, and some others simply don't care. That "simply don't care" could get you in trouble with certain posts. So make sure you be careful choosing your words and your actions. That concludes another post to "John's Blog Space." I do what I can to share my opinions my way for the world to either agree or disagree with. Thank you for reading!

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