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Kevin MacLeod

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I regard Kevin MacLeod as an inspiration to me because of his royalty-free music. He stepped up to provide music for others to use who are so frustrated with the copyright issues involved in playing certain songs in videos, such as with the likes of the Warner Music Group. A number of different videos and shows (not just YouTube) have featured some of Kevin MacLeod's many songs. It has been said that over 800K attributions of Kevin MacLeod's music have been featured in various videos! So you can very well say his music has helped provide quality and variety in offering any number of songs to others.

You hear in a number of videos (let's be honest) some of the same songs in Audioswapped songs. I personally love "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan, but it does get old when several other people post the same song. I get tired of hearing "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" from Drowning Pool, but nobody says a damn thing about this song being played often. It always has to be those who listen to music other than hip-hop or any variety of electronic dance music that always get hated on. Like every song in the world has to be the trashiest, loudest, hardcore rock music to be worth listening to. News flash- not every song has to be hardcore to be worth listening to! There are other kinds of music out there!

Okay... I'm veering too far off topic with this rant. Time to get back ON topic. Anyhow- let me offer some insight on Mr. Kevin MacLeod. Read on, enthused ones.

--- Kevin MacLeod ---

This bloke is Mr. Kevin MacLeod:
Kevin MacLeod
^ from: (links to page, and best I could find) - Music composer Kevin MacLeod.

Here is a brief introduction to Kevin MacLeod. Kevin MacLeod was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. He is best known for providing royalty-free music for others to use in any number of projects and videos. You may have heard of some of his different songs. His music is about as popular in many videos about as much as certain iMovie/iLife songs have been featured in Apple-made videos.

There are people whom have seen Kevin MacLeod as an inspiration because he provides royalty-free music for those who don't want to fiddle around with licensed music from licensed artists and groups. There are times on YouTube when certain videos were muted because they used songs from certain music record labels. One of the biggest to get silenced from videos were songs from the Warner Music Group. The majority of this took form in 2009 on YouTube, as Warner Music Group and YouTube once had a sort of strategic deal going.

When people were upset that their videos were pulled or muted because of copyright issues from certain music labels, this led most people to look for other kinds of sources to feature music in their videos. Enter Kevin MacLeod and his many different royalty-free songs. For him to offer so many different songs for so many people makes him such an inspiration and a hero for video-makers worldwide. You DON'T have to always seek licensed songs and artists if you want to add music to your videos!

Inspiration Kevin MacLeod Provides.

So where, then, is the inspiration Kevin MacLeod provides? Simple- make your own music if you want to showcase music in your works! What I respect about Kevin MacLeod is music from a variety of genres. It is not just rock or electronic dance music or more cinematic music- he provides many genres of music. You can visit his website to check out some of his many songs. His songs are even categorized by mood.

His inspiration to make royalty-free music actually inspires me and makes me proud to make music using a music tracker and a handful of VST instruments and instrument samples. It should also be of inspiration to make music using popular programs like the vastly-respected FL Studio. I have the patience and the motivation to make my own music. Because of my experience making tracker music, I feel I can make my own music for a video rather than look for any real-world songs. Then again, I don't really care too much about music since I am very old-fashioned. I save music for introductions and other things.

What good is it to mention someone's music without offering some samples of one's work? The next section will address this situation.

--- Kevin MacLeod Music Samples ---

It is imperative I include samples of his music so you can get to see what he brings to the masses. You may either listen to these YouTube video samples or click on the links to visit YouTube. The main point here is to demonstrate Kevin MacLeod's music to you all. I personally selected these songs to demonstrate the diverse array of songs and song types offered by Kevin MacLeod. Have a listen to these and get an idea for what Kevin MacLeod brings:

Here is a peaceful tune:

^ "Kevin MacLeod - Snowdrop (Royalty-Free Music)"

This one is more like an electro-pop song for you all:

^ "Kevin MacLeod - Cut and Dry (Royalty-Free Music)"

Happy and peppy best describe this one. This is kind of like something you'd hear in one of those silent movies from WAY back when:

^ "Kevin MacLeod - Merry Go (Royalty-Free Music)"

If you fancy suspense and horror, this is your song from Kevin MacLeod:

^ "Kevin MacLeod - The House of Leaves (Royalty-Free Music)"

This song would be great for video coverage of a car review or certain hot parties:

^ Kevin MacLeod - Rocket (Royalty-Free Music)

In Case You're Interested...

There was a very long video featuring Kevin MacLeod in a Google Hangout. If you want to watch this long video interview featuring Kevin MacLeod, view this YouTube video: Interview with legendary composer Kevin MacLeod.

Now on to some final thoughts I'd like to share.

--- Kevin MacLeod: Final Thoughts ---

Kevin MacLeod has been inspirational in helping people find royalty-free music to feature in videos rather than always seek music from licensed musicians. I usually don't care for music in videos unless for certain introductions or whatever. However, there are many others who prefer to use music in their videos. And for Kevin MacLeod to feature royalty-free music, there is no need to worry about songs being muted because of some sort of copyright issues from the likes of (for example) Warner Music Group.

I personally don't care about bombarding my videos with music. I don't feel music is seriously important for my videos unless I really feel certain videos need some sort of soundtrack or musical score. But just because I don't care much for some things doesn't mean others shouldn't care either. Remember that I am a pretty old-fashioned person about a number of things.

What I Would Tell Kevin MacLeod (if he read this).

Keep providing wonderful music for others to use if they feel the need to implement music into their work. You've made a difference for a lot of people who want to have some music to feature- more importantly, royalty-free music.

Would I Want to Meet Kevin MacLeod (if given a chance)?

People whom provide opportunity or hope- even in having music featured in videos- is certainly worthy of wanting to meet someone. So I'd say it would a great honor to meet him.

For More Information...

Get more information on Kevin MacLeod by visiting these links:

Kevin MacLeod's Official Home Page
Kevin MacLeod's Official Home Page - Royalty-Free Music
Free Music Archive: Kevin MacLeod
Follow Kevin MacLeod on Twitter!
Kevin MacLeod on iTunes
Kevin MacLeod on
KevinMacLeod's stream on SoundCloud

As a famous cartoon character would say... "That's all folks!"

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about Kevin MacLeod, and I also hope you have gotten a general idea of what he brings to music and the Internet. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Great post John, I really enjoyed this post about Kevin McLeod <3 Thanks for sharing <3

John Marine said...

Nice music, very calming...yes, I too think that it is great that he does this. People are taking that copyright thing a bit too serious. If someone does a fan tribute or a cover of some band (like Metallica)...they immediately take it off you tube.

Anyway, great post and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Harija said...

Great post!!
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!
My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

John Marine said...

Thanks for sweet comments!

Harija said...

Great post

My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

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