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A Happier World?

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This world can be a sad world to live in. A lot of things in life and society make it seem as if you can't do anything anymore. Or at least... do without fear of the unknown. These feelings help make life unenjoyable to some people. Negative influences are overexposed, often leaving us forget or neglect the positive life has to offer. This leaves us feeling like life can't be enjoyed as much as it could be. I am not going to solve all of the world's problems with just one blog post or a video. What I CAN do, however, is offer this blog post to hopefully share some thoughts and offer something that I think will be of help and of positivity. That is what I hope to do with this blog post.

As someone who has experienced moments of weakness, I am not providing this information as any sort of of professional at handling depression. The reason why I am providing this post and this advice is to help others who may not be as happy or content help feel better. I especially have put full effort in trying to provide something very useful and positive. The thoughts expressed stem from personal thoughts and even personal experiences.

Having said all of this, I hope you enjoy this post. Now let's begin.

--- A Happier World? ---

Ever wish there was something you wish you could change? What about something you could either change or influence change? Everyone has at least something they wish they could change about the world or how we live in life and society. For me, this relates to trying to have control over lots of things that lead us to feeling down. You won't have full control of your life. You are even going to worry over things you have no control over. However, there are a number of things that can help you feel happier and more in control than with a lot of other things.

Effects of Negativity.

What happens when it seems as if all you are truly exposed to is negativity? Among other things, you give into such negativity to where it takes over your life. You begin to lose interest in doing things you love. Some things that make you happy sometimes don't work as effectively when you're down. You sometimes may try to find anything to help bring happiness and harmony into your life, and those measures may not even work often times.

Negativity can lead to many disparaging things. Among others- depression, hopelessness, low self-esteem, anti-social behavior, health ailments, etc. So many different negative influences bring us down. Some of these negative influences can even be self-inflicted. These can involve things within our control or outside of our control. The important thing to remember from the latter part of the last sentence is that you have to be ready to deal with and accept certain things even if you can't control them. Regardless, a lot of things really rack our brains in trying to maintain happiness.

What would a happier world be like? Visit the next section.

--- What a Happier World Entails ---

Here are elements to help produce some positivity...


Another element of social media is in being appreciated by others. Often when I visit blogs or comment, I usually wonder if I am appreciated or welcomed. I sometimes don't want to feel like I am just another anonymous figure posting comments to blog posts and other things. It feels good knowing you are appreciated by others. I know a lot of people will say in their blogs that they appreciate comments and views, but I want to personally let certain entities know I personally enjoy their work. If I feel like I am not appreciated when I visit someone's material, I almost seem like just another talking head or (even worse)... a stalker, at least, according to the party(-ies) in question. Doesn't it feel good knowing you are appreciated for your work rather than be disrespected or feel like you are unwelcome?


When someone praises you for what you do, it helps you to do better and be better. As someone who mostly follows fashion blogs, you can imagine what it is like when someone praises one for their looks rather than make all sorts of insults and destructive criticism. Being encouraged allows you to remain positive and helps you stay focused and confident. When I offered compliments to certain individuals on how they look, some people even tell me that they feel encouraged or motivated to keep posting outfits and pictures. It was my honest kindness helping others feel better and feel encouraged.

Uplifting Spirits.

People sometimes just need a lift. It is tough to do tasks or live life if you feel down all the time. So people need their spirits uplifted in weak times. Sometimes, people have already had such high spirits, all to have their spirits broken because of some incident or series of incidents. For example, think of a sports team that loses a game on a last minute score by the other team. If we can uplift other peoples' spirits, they can feel better about themselves and feel loved even when things go wrong. I certainly feel great knowing I've positively impacted someone's life.

Knowing People Care.

There ARE people out there who care about others. There ARE still people with great hearts doing great things for people. Chivalry isn't dead. I think what gets a lot of people is that we don't really care about other people caring (or attempting to care) about us because of a certain lack of trust. It is true that you can't trust everybody. Likewise, it is at least nice to know someone cares about you and has your best interests in mind. I don't think you should rely on people, but it does feel wonderful knowing somebody cares about you. Be thankful if someone does care about you and for you.

These are among many different things to help people feel better and happier. When people feel better and when there is lots of positive to look to, people live better and feel better. Surroundings and other factors sometimes allow us to not feel as confident or as happy as we could be.

--- Inspiration for this Post ---

Really, I've been thinking about a lot of things in my life and in the lives of others. A terrible thing is that we all have certain aspects of life that really just bring us to shame and make us feel sad. Some things just really make us feel like we live in a sad world with no possible way to improve our positive mood. I certainly can't help make the world a better place, nor am I able to work miracles. However, I can still make some sort of contributions either to myself or to others to help make life happier for myself and others.

Some people basically need certain things to be happy about. Not everyone is willing to share a laugh or truly feel positive each day. What CAN be done is maybe find ways we can make our society and our world a happier place. It is tough to feel happy when things in your life bring you down so much. Some people sort of wait for something positive to come along to draw happiness into one's life. Some others attempt certain things just to try to make something happy happen.

Whatever the case, I think there are too many things that break us down rather than keep us up. I am not making excuses or anything- it's the truth. Some people just have certain tough times or certain feelings which make us feel depressed and unable to enjoy what good there is in the world.

--- A Happier World: Final Thoughts ---

The world we live in can be a hodgepodge of things that bring us down and make us unable to enjoy life. Whether self-inflicted or brought on by countless influences within and outside of our control, life isn't enjoyable when we are surrounded by so many negative things. We sometimes bring unhappiness on ourselves in having certain feelings that prevent us from feeling our best and feeling happy. Whatever the case, there are too many negative influences that bring us to unhappiness. It is really unfortunate that there aren't enough influences to help us fell happier about ourselves, the lives we live, the people we are around, our own health conditions, and countless other things. If we can find ways to help bring happiness into the world and have it outweigh the negative burdens we life with, this world can be a happier place. Feeling happy inside and out even with countless negative influences within and outside is the key here.

Having a more positive life and having more positive influences can help us live and feel better. Too much negative leads to many poor things- depression, low self-esteem, health ailments, pessimism, hopelessness, and the like. Even people who seem normal and happy may have lingering issues that help prevent them from completely feeling happy.

If even to make yourself a better person, do whatever you can to try to work with people to help them feel better. I feel being able to help one person feel better is enough to spark a movement of helping people feel better about themselves and offer happiness. If we can help some people feel happier about themselves or do things to help make life better for others, it will help make the world a happier place regardless of the various issues that plague our world. We can make the world a happier place and live happier lives if we work to make things happen rather than pile on more doom and gloom. Take it from someone whom has had multiple episodes of depression- we need to do whatever it takes to help others feel happy. Sometimes, making others feel happy makes yourself feel happy- you certainly want this if you yourself are experiencing some sort of unhappiness or feel like times can be much better.

Negative influences can be internal or external. They can stem from things within our control or outside out of our control. They can be things we can prevent or things forced onto us. No matter what negative influences there are, we still need to remain as happy and as hopeful as possible to prevent lives spiraling out of control to where there is no chance of recovery. So go ahead- let's try to make life and times happier for others, and let's try to reduce the many negative elements that bring down our society and our world.

A Music Video Influence.

All I got to say is... it may be tough, not every day is a great one. At least from one person, here is a message to take to heart- don't worry, be happy!

^ "Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy"

Best wishes to all of you with all of your various situations.

Get ready to sound off. Here's the discussion:

Do we live in a negative world? Is it possible to reverse the negatives that impact our lives and our world? Of what importance is being and feeling happy to you? Is it possible we can make the world a happier place and our society a happier society?

That concludes this blog post. I hope you enjoyed this post and found something useful. Make sure to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) to keep up with my material. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

We are something not even aware of what power we have in everyday life...we all have the power- at least to some extent - to make our own decisions.

We are in many depended on one another- for we are all social creatures. By helping others, we often help ourselves...and by giving our love, we let the love flow from our hearth more freely...

There are moments of depression in everyone's life, time when we feel like we don't matter...but no one really knows what positive effect we might have had on someone else's life.

There is one thing that often comes to my mind- you may be somebody's angel and not even know it...there might be a time in one's life when one has really made a difference for someone, inspired someone, been in one way somebody's angel...

...and with every day one has a chance to do that again...

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